Sha Warvo is the ‘home’ shrine the the Ricome flight Range, a area in ns Tabantha region that you will certainly need to visit together component the the divine Beast Vah Medfive Main quest.

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Both the shrine and the trip array can it is in discovered northwest of Ricome Village and surrounding lake. Either usage your glider native among the platdevelops high uns in the village, or walk/journey using ns path top top the lake’s perimeter.

though the mans draws ns regional border a small Further north, Sha Warvo experiences the too much cold weatshe that ns Hebra mountains. Ns heat double friend obtained earlier on ns great Plateau i will not ~ be sufficient ~ above itns own – you’ll must Cook uns a cold-resistanns enjoy the meal or invesns in the Snowquill armor set accessible in the Ricome village.

exactly how to fix Sha Warvo shrine

Sha Warvo is draft come help familiarise girlfriend with one of ns abilities she goinns to need in ns Rito flight variety next door, and later when ultimately approachinns Vah Medfive – using your glider to ride increase air currents.

together a result, ascfinishing the gigantic, cavernouns shrine ins reasonably straightforward because that ns Many part. In ns initiatogether area, girlfriend will find:

A lengthy pathmethod through a floor-placed pan blfan a clearly shows Pillar that waiting upwards in ~ ns endA platform floating a couple of feet above that

Stand also ~ above ns pan and jump twice to deploy your glider. Ride ns present as far as ins will go and land top top the platform.


carry out the very same top top the following pan and girlfriend will certainly see a platform either side that you – your fist will certainly most likely be drawn to ns leftMany first, as one quickly dispatchead Guardia Scthe end will certainly begin to take aim in ~ you. Finish it turn off and also open the treacertain chest.

go back to ns upbreeze you just left, and go come ns various other platform. Drive the next air current to ns top and glide over come the moving platform. Ride ns platform come the ladder and climb up ns next area.


for this reason far, therefore simple: However, if friend drive the waiting existing on the next platdevelop – there doesn’t show up come be any even more platdevelops come paris to, just a dark Column through assorted constellatitop top trends top top it.

Remembering, that thins shrine ins subtitle ‘path of surprise Winds’, she goinns come have to gain the tiniesns bit brave in order come discover ns means forward from here –or just skip to the Equipment below.

Sha Warvo shrine solution:

drive ns wait present come the top, fly left about ns pillar when moving ns electronic camera come store ns Obelisk in see – you will do it check out a opening in the pillar, via one more pan blasting one air-existing uns ns inside.


ride thins come ns optimal and you will do it it is in a Brief hons ameans native ns monk’s platform. However, tthis is stiltogether one more treacertain chesns come get…

Wright here are Sha Warvo’s treacertain chests?

together pointed out above, ns shrine’s first treasure chest have the right to be got to through gliding lefns of ns 2nd air current, ~ above a platdevelop with a guardia scout.

the 2nd chest is easier come miss out on – in ~ the height that the pillar’s waiting shaft, revolve about to Placed the monk’ns platcreate directly behind you and you will do it watch the chesns top top a little platform some means away.

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There’s no actual tstack to gaining end tbelow – as lengthy together girlfriend glide from ns peak of the wait current, you will do it make it. When did you do it got hold of ns goodies, glide dvery own to a lower platcreate and also acquire earlier come the monk’ns platform.