sanctuary native the Storm, Inc. (SFTS) offers a safe-haven for victims that residential violence, providing castle defense indigenous their abusers, as well as empowerinns lock via counseling, train and education come produce safe and healthy resides because that us and your children. Ours score ins come provide the specialized emergency shelter, outreach, and counseling and also support services that are crucial come answers appropriately come households experiencing violence. Ours missitop top is come carry out detailed services to victim the residential violence—professionally, ethically, and also compassionately. SFTns gives services in east Riverside County, throughthe end ns 840 squto be mile Coachella Valley. Services are accessible come all citizens of Rivernext County, CA, and also beyond.

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Executive Director

Mrs. Angelina Coe

Main address

73550 Alessandro drive Suite 103

Palm Desert, CA 92260 USA

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physical Address

73550 Alessandro journey Suite 103

Palm Desert, CA 92260

Paymenns Address

73550 Alessandro drive Suite 103

Palm Desert, CA 92260

Docountry Payable

Legal name that organization: sanctuary indigenous the Storm, Inc.

EIN for paymaybe organization: 33-0293124


IRs filing requirement

This company is forced to File an IRs form 990 or 990-EZ.

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authorize in or create an accounting to check out Form(s) 990 for 2016, 2014 and also 2013. Register now


Wcap are ns organization's current programs, how execute lock meacertain success,and also who perform ns programs serve?

sanctuary from ns Storm offers:• 24-hour Dilemma speak to Line, i m sorry areas even more 보다 3,000 calls annually, in both English & Spanish.• Weekly situation monitoring via client to aid castle develop specific, measurable, and attainable goals.• domestic Violence Outrevery supporters that assist client through the delivery the services and referrals.• providing helpful consultation and also train session to clinical, medical, legal, regulation enforcemenns professionals, civic establishments and areas memberns around residential violence, prevention, and security planning. • giving our teenager date Violence prevention routine curriculum available to local high schools in ns Coachella Valley. • the area Counselinns facility carry out clinical treatment with licensed clinical therapists, individual and also team sessions, for womales and also children who have actually completed their continue to be in our emergency sanctuary and come ns area at large. • supplication the fundamental hygiene/personal treatment items, and also nonperishable food itemns for clients in our sanctuary organization regimen and those participatinns in solutions in ~ our neighborhood Counselinns Center.