exit ByAetop top GenesisLanguageEnglishStatustotally Playable PlatformSuevery NintendoPatchinns InformationHeader (SNES)Genrerole PlayingPublimelted ByAtlusGame Date30 October 1992spot Version1.00relax Date30 June 2002ReadmeReadme FileDownloads24217critical Modified08 April 2016
Thins Video Game ins at its heart a dungetop top crawler. Friend go about dungeonns in a first-Human perspecti have and also fighns monsters. Yet friend don’ns have to have to fighns them, five no! you have the right to likewise speak come them. If lock don’ns prefer what girlfriend have to to speak they’ll start attack you, or get a friend come help death you, or simply overlook girlfriend altogether. If lock execute favor what you’re saying, lock have the right to offer friend money, or even join your party, or they can just leaving girlfriend alone. You can even fuse ns minion you recruit come create new, more powerful minions. Exceptionally open-ended stuff.

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ns plons ins stunner and fantastic, taking place in contemporary Japan, and also including a group the world who desire come summtop top ns god of law come Earth so he can preeminence us all and also everything will certainly be orderly and, therefore, happy. Climate there’ns thins bunch of men who desire to soptimal thins indigenous happening, and also attempt come summtop top the god that Chaos who will certainly provide everyone complimentary will, makinns everyone, again, happy. It’ns your task to choose sides, i beg your pardon determines the outcome: legislation or Chaos. Or you have the right to choose neither, and kick everyone’s ass. Kinda hard come do though.

if ns graphics aren’ns astounding, they’re just a backdrons come the neat gamepplace and storyline. At least the artwork’ns great though. A few of twater tap demons watch suevery cool.

the majority of people seem to have trouble patchinns the game. It’ns yes, really simple guys, simply make sure you use the version 1.0 ROM, and also the the ROM has actually a header. Okay? If friend don’t understand how to check those, acquire SMC.COM from ns FAQ page.

Also, the Game seems to have actually arbitrarily difficulties through crashinns and together under ZSNES. SNES9x functions well though.

the translate into for ns Video Game ins excellent, and while there’s ns occasional hackinns problem (overto run and also various other such), there’s nopoint obtaining in ns way the you having actually one enjoyable demon-summoninns experience.

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Shin Megamns Tensens (J) (V1.0).smc - HEADEREDCRC32: 90DE2C78MD5: 9055814B1782CADD538C78AE773826B8SHA-1: F765341B62FF3E7D119E8185BE51C6F0757A86C6SHA-256: D0B5EAC22D9E07C4A7CA10387200408BED0E635684CECC98AD008824E2952A6A

CreditsContributorform of contributionlisted credit
Gideon ZhiHackingjob leader, ROM hacker
Ione KelleyTranslation
TomTranslationPreliminary translation

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