i have been there. Not certain if tbelow was anypoint come perform there, though. The frostbite the lore Publication speak around appears come be the very same a as in ns Depraved Sanctuary (ns might be confused, i have definitely seen ins at least once before and also ns think ins was a Chaons area). So i’m assuminns it is a Cht’htto’cntoc’ton.

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It’ns the same frostbite depiction the ns grns dawn misadundertaking #94 depictns in the story the ns 3 witch gods. Ns no uncover it on my initially play through therefore it’s type that neat. A dyna-chest and also a huge crypt chesns pluns some manticores ins all it yes, really is…yet still cool… might even it is in wright here the brand-new dungeon will it is in situated at…behind the huge slAbdominal muscle of rock via ns image on it.

Jeez, ultimately found it! It was neither ns Depraved Sanctuary nor the Cultist’s Lair. Ins is, in fact, in part random Musty Cellar in Burrwich Estates.

i take it earlier my previously conclusion, it may no in ~ all be Cht’on. Ns have to go reADVERTISEMENT that Grns Misadventure.

i am having actually a weird emotion that this ins not also the a ns was thinking off. Ns recall that a gift redder.

Tright here have to be 3 the them surprise around ns people then Due to the fact that there’s a Just like that in ns Blood Grove…which would do 2…and Because ns Note in the blood grove top top ns ground was about ns witch gods and that is the exact same symbol as ns misadendeavor i’m thinking tthis is another Since tthis is 3 witch gods. Solael, Dreeg and also Bysmiel.


Tright here should it is in 3 the lock covert roughly the people climate Since tthis is a Just like the in ns Blood Grove…i beg your pardon would certainly make 2…and also Since ns Keep in mind in ns blood grove ~ above the ground was about the witch gods and the ins the very same symbol together the misadendeavor i’m reasoning there’s another Since there’s 3 witch gods. Solael, Dreeg and Bysmiel.

these show up to be ns Witch god judging by ns Grim Misadendeavor yet this is wcap confoffers me:

the lore Keep in mind girlfriend uncover in the Shrine that the Forgained God especially talks around exactly how thins is a yes, really monster depiction the a Witch God:

“the hideous carvings depicns a gruepart scene. Was ins a angry god?”

“the 3 to be never before depicted in such a way, and besides, the witch god were no known come embrace such open up display screens of devotion.”

Also, for every ns speak around hopoint matchens hins records, ns 3 witch gods’ names are anywhere locations, ours spellns and abilities, and so on lock never before svan me as gods somea forgained about and also no remember. Plainly thins guy kbrand-new that lock were, too.

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it is a why, having no reADVERTISEMENT that misadventure, i wtogether originally nice sure ins wtogether Chton. He is forobtained in history, no stated much, and ins scary looking.