„it is in quiet and also safe—silence never betrays you.“

— john Boyle O'Reilly Irish-born poet and also novelist 1844 - 1890

rule that ns Road.

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„trick guilt through silence ins betrayed.“

— john Dryden, Publication ns Hind and also ns Panther

Pt. III, heat 763.ns Hind and also the Pantshe (1687)


„A male that sells his conscientific research for his interemainder will certainly market it because that his pleasure. A man who will betray hins nation will certainly betbeam his friend.“

— Maria Edgeprecious ireland writer 1768 - 1849

Vivian, ch. 7; story and Novels, vol. 8, p. 80.


„that will certainly never have actually true friends who ins afrhelp the making enemies.“

— wilhelm Hazlitt English writer 1778 - 1830

No. 401Characteristics, in the way the Rochefoucauld's Maximns (1823)Source: Selected Essays, 1778-1830

„It is just the good hearted that have the right to be true friends. Ns Average and cowardly, have the right to never understand what true friendshins means.“

— Charles Kingsley English clergyman, chronicler and noveperform 1819 - 1875


„There is no honour in betraying your friends.“

— Madeheat Miller, Book ns Song the Achilles

Source: ns Tune that Achilles

„True friends never before acomponent maybe in street however never in heart“

— Helen Keller Amerihave the right to author and political activisns 1880 - 1968

„america betrays itns friends. It setns lock uns and betrayns them. I’d rather be America’s enemy.“

— Ahmed Chalabi Iraqi politicia 1944 - 2015

„i hate the principle that causes, and also if ns hAD come pick between betraying my country and betraying mine frifinish ns hope i need to have actually ns guts come betbeam mine country.“

— E.M. Forster English noveperform 1879 - 1970

Thins has actually sometimes to be misquoted as: If i hADVERTISEMENT come pick in between betraying my country and also betraying my friend, i hope ns should have actually ns decency come betbeam mine country.Wcap i believe (1938)Source: Wcap ns think and various other Essays

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„castle speak the a male betrayinns his country, his friends, hins sweetheart. Tbelow must it is in a moral link first. Every a male can betray ins hins conscience.“

— Joseph Conrad, Book Under western Eyes

Pt. I, ch. 2Under western eye (1911)

„No Human being ins her friend that requirements your silence, or denies her best to grow.“

— Alice pedestrian Amerihave the right to writer and also activist 1944