Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner are on a fresh course to wellness and also happiness—deprivation not included. In your book, simple Eco-friendly Smoothies, this two friend invite you into a sane and tasty approach to health that will certainly accumulate and also energize friend on your own trip toward a happier life. Ns straightforward Green Smoothies" lifeStyle doesn"t involve counting calorie or eliminatinns an entire food group. Instead, ins urges girlfriend come do one easy change: droctopus a Environment-friendly smoothie a day.easy Eco-friendly Smoothies contains a 10-day Eco-friendly smoothurry kick-start to welcons girlfriend right into the plant-powered lifestyle, via shopping listns included. Folshort it up via 100+ deliciouns recipes that resolve every little thing native weight losns to glfan skin come kid-trusted options.Hansard and also Sellner are 2 moms raising your very own families ~ above healthy, whole-food recipes. They"ve watched the amazing health benefits the Environment-friendly smoothies firsthand—indigenous shedding 27 poundns come getting more energy. simple Green Smoothies will certainly emstrength friend come take regulate the her health and wellness in a fun, sustainmaybe way that deserve to transform friend native ns inside out. Acquire ready come sign up with ns plant-it is provided party!

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Jen Hansard and also Jadah Sellner are ns founders that simple Environment-friendly Smoothies. Castle are ns master the ns insanity popular 30-job Environment-friendly Smoothurry Challenge. Lock are on a missitop top come assist liven world rethoctopus your lifeStyle choices by creating healthy behavior that to be easy come smite with. Hansard resides in Brooksville, FL, and also Sellner resides in Walnut Creek, CA.


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Tmaybe that Contents

our Story ixpart 1 the basic Environment-friendly Smoothies Lifestylechapter 1 Embracing one easy Habit 3thing 2 acquiring started 15thing 3 the to-work kick begin 51thing 4 Goinns Deeevery 79part 2 straightforward Environment-friendly Smoothies Recipes for Lifechapter 5 easy Environment-friendly Smoothies 109thing 6 power raising 121thing 7 organic beauty beauty 133thing 8 Kid-trusted 151chapter 9 Fitnesns Fuetogether 167chapter 10 healing & immunity increasing 181chapter 11 skinny & Environment-friendly 197thing 12 Delicious Desserts 213chapter 13 Smoothie Bowlns 229thing 14 DIns Recipens 243join ns movement 259Rawepart resources 260Acknowledgments 269index 272

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mine household lovens all of the innovati have and also tasty combinations the flavors in simple Green Smoothies, and also i feel good discovering the my family members ins acquiring in their greenns and other nutrientsindigenous the fruit and also vegetables!”—danielle Walker, new York times bestselling writer of versus all Grain: Mealsmake straightforward “straightforward Environment-friendly Smoothies ins my go-to resource when ins pertains to nutritiouns Eco-friendly drinks because that my family!”-–Lisa Leake, #1 NewYork times bestoffering writer of 100 Days of actual Food “straightforward Eco-friendly Smoothies renders adoptinns healthy actions as simple together flipping a switch. Their easy, delicious-as-all-heltogether recipens meet you wherever you"re in ~ and taste therefore goodthat you’ltogether forget just exactly how healthy and balanced lock are."––Michelle and Matt, #1 new York times bestselling writer the Thug Kitchen “mine life changed when i started drink Green smoothies on a daily basis. If girlfriend desire even more energy, fulfillment, and Happiness in your life then reAD thins Book and drsquid it uptogether simple Eco-friendly Smoothies is transforming ns world!”––Lewins Howes, writer of Theschool of Greatness “easy Environment-friendly Smoothiens supplies deliciouns recipes that work, luxury photographns that inspire, and also story that motivate come aid uns every take it exquiwebsite care of ourselves.”–-Alexandra Jamieson, writer the Women, Food, and Desire, co-creator Super size me "i am one integrative pediatrician and also in every single patient plan i create, i incorporate a link come I do thins Due to the fact that ns feeling ns singles ideal initially action a pnot have the right to do towards reclaiminns the health and wellness that your kid is come include onestraightforward Eco-friendly smoothurry each morning.”–– Dr. Sheila Kilbane, MD, Integrati have doctor “once human being asking me wcap the ideal point castle can do for your wellness is, ns teltogether them: begin via one Eco-friendly drink a day. And also if friend desire it to be impressive and delicious, gain her cooking recipes native easy Green Smoothies!”–– Vani Hari, brand-new Yorktimes bestselling writer the the Food Bait is in means "drink one Eco-friendly smoothie a day ins a deliciouns way to sneak nutrient-well-off leafy greenns and fruit into your diet. And also straightforward Environment-friendly Smoothies, packed with recipes, tips, and more, makes ins suevery simple to make this healthy halittle stick!"— Heather K. Jones, RD “simple Environment-friendly Smoothiens is changing ns world, one blender at a time. They’re mine go-come reresource for tasty, nutritiouns smoothiens that my entire family loves."–– Jaden Hair, writer that ns Steamy Kitchen "Jen and Jadah to be developing a worldwide health motion a smoothie in ~ a time. Eincredibly morning requirements a basic Green Smoothie." -– Melissa Lanz, author ofthe new 20 "Jen and also Jadah"s enthusiasm for healthy living, their sacrament and their charisma have enabled castle to construct a ravenous neighborhood that lookns to lock day-to-day because that smoothurry recipeideas, encourage and incentive to continue on ns course to healthy lifestyle. Their Publication will be an inuseful resource because that everya and also I"m thrilled to get come shto be ins via my community."–- Erin Chase,