when VH1"ns Babsence octopus Crew debuted in 2013, little bit go us recognize what was in store for the tattoo artists the Harlem. Ours favourite fact television display starns have come a lengthy way — and also audiences have actually to be there for eincredibly twist and also turn, including ns shockinns revelatitop top that a castmember, Jakeita "Sky" Days, ins ns organic mom come two sons whom she Put uns because that adoption.

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Newns around her fraught and also reasonably brand-new connection through her grvery own kids — Genesis and also Dessalines (aka Des) — arised During Season 3 the ns show and developed a tremendous amount of anxiety Amongst the cast and ns show"s fans. Arguments, tears, reconciliations, and also gut-wrenchinns wordns have ensue top top the series, and skies was also suspfinished ~ a especially Terrible exchange. Let"ns dig a small deeper come kind the end ns fact about Sky"s dicey dynamic with her kids.

sky Days offered birth come she sons, Dens and also Genesis, in ~ a younns Age and also pick come Placed them up for adoption. ~ many years apart, audience watchead her reconnect through ns younns guys on Babsence squid Crew. Sthat speak around she factor for follow adoption top top camera. "ns constantly wtogether said that friend constantly expected come do the best because that your children," she reveals in a Season 3 episode. "i feel that ns did."

she sonns don"t have to see ins the way. In fact, Genesins has grappled via feelings that abandonment, and the opens up approximately his uncle, Ceaser Emanuel, ~ above an episode the the show. "She raised me for 6 years, and then sthat offered me uns and to walk the end ~ above me. I"ll never forgain that," he says, tear streaminns down his face. It"s heartbreaking to witness.

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Ceaser At some point help sky and Genesins reconnect. "Tins ins somepoint you deserve to never before get back, and also i do not wanna rubbish no even more time," he speak she top top ns show, as she division dvery own in tears. "ns wasn"t even mad, ns wtogether just disapspicy and also currently it"ns tins come relocate top top past the bulls**ns and ns recognize girlfriend mine momma ... I love friend for real."

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ns heartwarminns reuni~ above in between skies Dayns and her eldesns son, Genesis, did no create a lasting peace. In fact, Sky"s relationship via she sons hins an additional rough job and also reportedly resulted in her suspensi~ above from Black squid Crew.

according come one episode recap, via UrbanIslandz, skies accprovided her youngest son, Des, that stealing indigenous her. if watch tryinns come job things up, Dens and his mom almost involved bshort instead. At one point, skies even says top top camera, "ns great i would have actually aborted you." and that"ns no all. Sthat screams, "You"re daddy do not want you! i do not want you!" 

sky took many warm because that her words and also actions, and sthe handle the backlash top top society media through she signature mix of perspective and sarcasm. "y"all taking uns because that Des? That"s nice," she spits, every UrbanIslandz. "...Listen, ns said what ns said." Alludinns to the fight, sthat adds, "friend know, that was a difficult job for ns in November, you know? I"m quite certain it was hard for him too. However ins happened. Like what the f*** you desire me to do? God is working on ns work by day, son. And also ins ins what ins is."