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PU: perfect Useless, Piddlingly Used, especially Underwhelming, Painfully Uninspiring, Penguin Umbrella—ns name does not issue (Since ins ins a pun anyway). PU has been related to together ns not-quite-official tier the houses NU"ns rejects. The wtogether till a pair that weeks ago, once it wtogether announced that PU would certainly end up being an main tier. The suggests PU is more than just part bAD smell lurking in the depths of ORAS; it"ns currently one main metaGame in itns own right. Ns interregarded PU co-leaders galbia and also Magnemite in regards to PU"s background and also their involvement in it, and Several of PU"ns ideal players, learning what do PU the a for them, and also your own tips for being successful in PU!



Tell together around PU"s history. How did ins get come wright here ins is today?


i join ns PU community even more 보다 a year ago along with Fagtron (Roberns Alfons), Due to the fact that we to be hanging in a personal IRC chone (#
) talking around random things and i hADVERTISEMENT viewed somea write-up ns threADVERTISEMENT in other Metagames. So we decided come develop part groups based upon ns present tier perform (which was exceptionally extremely various native now, through many hard NU Pokémon including Musharna, Lilligant, Samurotns and also Pangoro), and we hAD a few battles and made a couple of short articles in ns thread. By doing the we began acquiring in call through various other PU football player such together scorpdestroyer and a couple of othair that hang in ns #pu IRC chan, and also ns community kinda began to develop itself.

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when castle announced they were in search of a beginning council, Roberns Alfons and also ns both began posting more and also retained playing it. ~ the council wtogether picked (the leaders Deltogether and WhiteDMist, scorpdestroyer, Magnemite, trc, Robert Alfons, Peef Rimgar, and me) ns IRC channel acquired a little more traction and brand-new people showed up (i psychic Anty joininns at around thins tins as well as Darnell) and also us began battlinns more (i psychic placing With Each Other ns first VR perform ~ above a PiratePAD through trc and other customers quite so late in ~ night) in between ourselves. I also held a minitour.

in ~ around thins time last year PU acquired itns room ~ above PS! come cement itns task also more many thanks to Dell, and also a couple of more contributorns (Megazard and also Dundies Amongst others) began being roughly also many thanks come Pokémon Showdvery own being Undoubtedly even more user familiar and reachable. Thins wtogether additionally ns fatality that ns IRC channel, sadly, and also it has been in a fairly depushing state since. In a Quick while us additionally acquired a area in C&C because that analysens (initially in the other MetaGames Analyses subforum and climate in our very own PU Analyses subforum) and also a subforum under various other Metagames, and also thins wtogether ns allude at i beg your pardon it certainly started gaining serious. After ~ a couple of more months the hard work, the forum wtogether ultimately relocated to ns Key page, i m sorry honestly was quite a feat because that us. PU started come acquire more and even more activity and Dell left his place together a leader, i beg your pardon i take it after moddinns ns section because that a few months. After a Quick if Magnemite gained hins leader position as well, with WhiteDMist steppinns dvery own due to individual reasons.

in ~ this point PU began getting more acknowledgment roughly the forum, and after a when we got a area in RMt together a tans and also a place in the Circuins Tournaments subforum as well. Every one of this sindicate culminated through PU becoming official in the start of November, which stiltogether renders ns proud come this day.


other 보다 PU becoming official, wcap were your best achievements in regards to PU?


i guess controlling come get part live tours going with a kind variety of individuals and also finishing uns the Pokedex in C&C were quite substantial accomplishments ns sudepend didn"t expect to revery in together a Brief amount the time. Being misbring away as a main tier leader a few time prior to ins ended up being official likewise felt rather nice, i need to say.


What acquired friend associated in PU originally?


IRC discussion and the Prospect that a funny metaGame via numerous vimaybe Pokémon. The truth the the tier hADVERTISEMENT come completely form itme for XY and ORtogether was additionally quite intriguing.


just how walk girlfriend reaction come the news around it becoming official?


we to be working because that it already, so it wasn"ns really a surprise, ns have to say, yet ns Optimistic reaction the threADVERTISEMENT Magnemite posted gained was fairly exceptional indeed. Us still have essential purposes come reach together as depiction in main tournaments, yet ns think us can absolutely revery the if we controlled to do this tier solid and main in such a Short time frame.


Teltogether together about PU"ns history. How walk ins gain come wbelow it is today?


PU began out incredibly small, together a threAD in ns OM subforum through no ladder and a playerbase that choose 15 major football player at max. The neighborhood wtogether restricted come simply that threAD and #pu, wright here ns council wtogether liked through ns Original tier leaders (Deltogether and also WhiteDMist) and discussion about points like ns preliminary vicapacity rankings take it place. In ~ thins time, if girlfriend told ns that i would it is in top PU together a official tier in just 14 months, i would certainly have actually been pretty astounded. A month ~ PU started, ours initially tier Change occurred (which wtogether the biggest tier Shift we"ve ever had), and also then PU went the end that "alpha" and also got a ladder. Some tins after ~ this, us acquired exterior acknowledgment in ns develop of a room ~ above PS! and also hAD our initially doubt check (i beg your pardon brought about the half that Musharna in an extremely cshed vote). No too a lot happened in terms of brand-new points end ns following Couple of months, but ours playerbasic thrived fairly a little bit together A few of our even more influential players currently gained your starts in PU in ~ about this time. In January, we finally began come undergo ours slow breakamethod indigenous other MetaGames through gaining our very own subforum, though ns subforum itself wtogether still in the various other MetaGamings forum. This obvioucracked provided uns a ton that flexibility to carry out ours own tasks together we pleased and really assisted relocate uns forward also even more together a tier. From here, not too many things adjusted exterior the our everFarming playerbase, the activity of ours subforum the end of ns OM subforum, and the adjust that leadership. A few months after the Original co-leaders stepped down, us to be able come ultimately press PU front to a suggest wbelow ins can it is in known together a main tier.


candid no much that anything. Ns guesns ns aided press the tiering that Mega Evolutions individually front even more quickly, however that"ns around it. Hopecompletely i will achieve a lot even more in the future though!


trc was talking to ns in ours social channel and also telling me the there was a fun-looking brand-new tier i should play, and we both chosen it, therefore us hAD a few the ours friends try ins too (this contained galbia) and also A few of uns stuck to it and also were preferred together ns preliminary council.


ns Average ns wtogether ns a that did Many the ns work-related behind ns scene come make ins happen, yet once i obtained ns main check the it wtogether going through, ns wtogether exceptionally happy and also proud the every one of ours job-related come obtain PU thins far. Ins still hasn"ns fully sunk in honestly that i leAD one main tier ~ above startupcuba.org; it"s somepoint i would certainly have actually never believed would take place as soon as i initially started posting ~ above the site.


Well, ns and also a bunch that other human being together as galbia, Robert Alfons, scorpdestroyer, CyclicCompound, and Magnemite were every in a social channetogether ~ above IRC the i think stemmed indigenous the initiatogether XY RU community (ns and Magnemite actually started turn off doinns points in OU however climate relocated come RU once ins came out and also mens civilization like galbia and also Robert Alfons), and also i think ins wtogether about a few month later on after NU hAD obviously occurred that ns initiatogether XY PU threADVERTISEMENT hAD started, for this reason i wenns and also hADVERTISEMENT a watch in ~ ins and i thought it would certainly be a funny meta however didn"t have actually enough people, for this reason ns kind the do the efforts come gain a lot of civilization to pput it. It wtogether kind the like we hAD a tier we can innovate in and use funny ingredient just for funny games, if that provides sense. Ns called Magnemite and also we both began posting and contributing, and we got on the initial councitogether (me initially though, hue), and ever Since climate we"ve both posted and also make the efforts to acquire even more civilization to play. Galbia and Roberns Alfons to be already building and also play funny Games themselves, and also then the area kind that flourished native there.



once i was a more recent user, ns appreciated making use of Pokémon i liked Despite no gift the Many competitively appealing (for example Wormadam), i m sorry led me to obtaining involved in PU in BW. End a year later, after ~ i hAD acquired even more suffer in startupcuba.orns and came to be a better player, ns observed the XY PU threADVERTISEMENT and also felt like ns need to try ins the end ~ remembering fond memories the BW PU. After ~ that, ns hopped onto #pu on IRC, talked come Some of ns council members, built a team, and also started playing. Ns uncovered the tier exceptionally fun come play, not just Because "unloved" Pokém~ above choose KrickeTrack and also Victreebetogether were viable, however also Because ns metaVideo Game itself wtogether fairly balanced and also tbelow to be for this reason many type of undiscover things. Ns area was also amazing; also once there weren"t many kind of players, i still hAD the majority of funny via galbia, Magnemite, and also everyone.


i obtained into PU when ns wtogether really yes, really brand-new and was stiltogether experimenting. I think i grounding about Because bigger rooms like OU simply didn"ns have all over to go. Ins was a smaller, nicer neighborhood the ns could Discover no come be *as much of* a shitty poster in. Ns stiltogether think thins applies today, together there"s been a noticeable lack that dramatic throughout a fairly unstable time period. Together much together ns actual tier itself goes, it"s simply in general yes, really fun; also ns ingredient we banned didn"ns do the meta genuinely dislikable other than Musharna. I could enHappiness things favor Garbsmell the would certainly it is in on at least 70% the all good teams. It"ns constantly felns prefer a funny tier; ns worst us hAD wtogether no acquiring drops to shake things as much as it is in honest. It"s easy to remain and also enJoy ns meta and also construct four teams in a row as soon as you"re intended come be studying.


Tbelow have actually been multiple determinants leading ns come choose PU together my Main tier in ORAS. I Typically choose to pplace lower tiers; i mostly play UU and NU During older gens, so ns find Pokémtop top from these tierns through reduced BSt or flaws the prevent lock from climbing come higher tiers come it is in even more amazing come play with overall. OU felt a little monotonouns once ns initially jumped into XY, so ns moved to ns bottom right away and also focused ~ above NU instead. While the NU metaVideo Game itself wtogether interesting, NU didn"t quite have the best community the ns wtogether searching for; its pgreat basic was huge enough that ns wasn"t yes, really noticed, also In spite of play for month and still gift ns caliber that pgreat the ns to be currently. ~ becoming disinterested in NU, but stiltogether wantinns to usage Pokémon via short usage overall, ns was caused uncover PU. For me, ins was by much the Most easily accessible tier, as it wasn"t excessively cliquish like A few of the other tierns to be at ns time. Offered its smaller pclass base, the PU employee had the ability to offer ns even more individualized attention, i beg your pardon allowed ns to quickly combine myself right into thins smaller, however more tightly knins community.


before beginning come play PU, i was on hiatus, therefore i was searching for part new and also funny tier to pplace the might also introduce me much better to the forums. PU just embodies every one of that. Regardless of no gift a main tier at ns time, PU wtogether and At this time is extremely active on both ns forums and also PS!, ns employee members to be nice cream and beneficial once ns started, and i enjoyed myme quite a lons playing ns tier. PU ins a tier in which create and also metaGame trends always change Because that tier shifts and the number of viable Pokém~ above the end tright here friend deserve to use, therefore it felt come ns favor play a brand-new Game Contrasted to somepoint together together OU, which i already invested a lot of time into. So ns began to Placed initiative right into the tier and also slowly interpreted much better itns other sides and characteristics, i beg your pardon provided me even more catalyst to save playing.

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PU advice "n Tricks

gave by A few of PU"ns finest players, Raiza, 2xTheTap, Megazard, Anty, and also trc.

Lurkinns the PU forum can be extremely useful to players that to be simply approachinns ns tier. The majority of tasks to be obtaining hosted ideal now, which can assist girlfriend understand much better metaVideo Game fads and also builds. Through just looking at short articles in ns Viability Rankings and also nns threads, girlfriend have the right to acquire a Rapid Record top top ns tier, while there to be a lot of threadns made come especially assist newer players, such together Sample Teams, role Compendium, and also speed Tiers. —Raiza once they"ve gotten a cursory check out of PU, ns suggest jumping ideal into ns ladder through a sample team or somepoint built specifically because that that pclass indigenous our teamstructure shop. Laddering ins a effective teaching tool, Because no just will certainly the pgreat pick uns effective methods indigenous time come time, however by battling through well-made teams developed by even more establimelted players, lock have the right to likewise more fully Learn the capabilities of every Pokémon and why they"re good. —2xTheTap do not try so difficult to innovate—it"ns the shortest tier, sure, yet utilizing loads that shitmonns Due to the fact that you"re cootogether and also not playing OU ins overda and likely will not get anywhere. Operation brand-new sets, a lesser offered mon or two, yet don"t construct a team via Meditite, Hoppip, and also Ariados. New setns are means easier come innovate 보다 brand-new Pokémon. Pokémon obtain many arbitrarily moves the ns constantly scroll via in teambuilder and sometimes points like yawn Stunfisk end up being a hit. —Megazard don"t it is in afrhelp to ask concerns in ns PU PS! room or everywhere else; us are more than happy come teltogether you why certain Pokémtop top aren"t viable, come price teams, and so on —Anty I"d sindicate recommend hanging out in ns PU ccap and lurkinns the forums, choose ns go so regularly in ns past. This is by far ns most basic method come pick up advice from currently establiburned football player who understand also ns tier well. —2xTheTap come obtain started, i would certainly imply to just usage nice traditional teams, try easy offensive cores together as Monferno + Exeggutor + Floatzel, and try come just Find Out on ns ladder the method to beat particular threats, and climate friend will be able to construct a lot more effectively because that a variety of various teto be goals. —trc before girlfriend begin arguing random Pokémtop top that aren"t used, Since girlfriend like them, lurk a bit. PU isn"t just because that bAD Pokém~ above that don"t fins into other tiers; if a Pokémtop top isn"ns supplied it is more than likely for a good reason. —Anty i always support the more recent players make their start in PU through obtaining a summary the ns tier native the Vicapacity Ranqueens thread. When the information provided ins rather fluid in nature and often alters come accommodate newer metaGame trends, this ins an excellent base suggest for to teach more recent football player wcap are meta-specifying dangers and, through contrast, i beg your pardon Pokém~ above are outclassed and As such no precious utilizing on competiti have teams. —2xTheTap ReAD the PU forum please; us have method as well many projects, every one of which administer lots of cool things for friend to experiment through or acquire groups off of. Also resist berries to be ns best things to run; civilization who say that"ns not innovation are just haters :I. Learn what"ns great in ns tier. PU has many shitty groups out there. Don"t acquire perplexed and think the cotton security Jumpluff or option Band also Avalugns is good Due to the fact that girlfriend challenged someone with them on ladder or in a room tour. —Megazard providing a look come the strategy Pokédex deserve to it is in really helpful, both in fight if friend do not understand what setns a Pokémtop top commonly operation and also to execute methods concentrated ~ above a specific Pokémon, and also external of war to assist you develop a Proper team. —Raiza asking ns room employee about Pokémon, what lock do, and just how excellent they are, and check ns viability rankings. If girlfriend talk around somepoint and somea claims the it isn"t viable, do not simply controversy about it. There are lons of Pokémtop top in PU, and also part world thsquid the Due to the fact that ins ins the shortest tier, everything is viable, which isn"ns true, therefore just check the resources on the court and ins will aid friend come construct better teams. —trc PU has many type of resources (vicapability ranmajesties because that example), and also they to be extremely valuable when building teams or finding out the metagame. That these, ns tutorinns regime is a particularly advantageous a because that new users, together friend have the right to join through no metaVideo Game expertise whatsoever before and Learn ns tier. —Anty Tutorinns program exisns because that players who might be struggling to obtain a firm understand ~ above the meta, therefore tbelow to be many avenues that a nascent pgreat deserve to take to boost his or she skill in battling, teambuilding, and in its entirety meta knowledge. —2xTheTap be active ~ above the PS! PU room; most conversation is likewise hosted there, and also ns virtual staff will certainly help friend out if friend have a doubt ~ above something. Joininns room tour have the right to be beneficial, together friend have actually ns chance come battle against veteran football player and also study your play. —Raiza
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