In thins first Book in the series, us satisfy Laurin other words Morone and also Learn that her husband was murdered in broAD dayirradiate five year before ns Publication starts. The murderer said your younns son, the just witness, the the would be next–and climate he"d go because that Laurie. Laurie has da her ideal come Put ns previous behind she and also ins excited come take it on ns project the executive producer the Under Suspicion, a new true crins show. Their initially case? ns unsolved killing that a socialite who was suffocated after a party. Reopening the case assures to it is in a high proFile event, but once things do not walk together planned, Laurie hregarding scramble to continue to be one step aheADVERTISEMENT that a killer.

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High turn off the she success with Under Suspicion"s pilot episode–it really help ratings if friend can settle a cold instance in your first shot!–Laurin other words focuses top top finding a brand-new situation come crack. She think she"ns discovered the perfecns one in the Cinderella Murder. A younns aspirinns actresns is uncovered murdered, mile amethod native she car, lacking a shoe. Everya has actually major questions around her death, she whereabouts, and she critical actions. Laurin other words teams up through the Under Suspicion host, Alex Buckley, to shine a light ~ above Hollywood"s dark underbelly.

Laurin other words ins hope that her following investigation will certainly it is in excellent because that ratings, and also sthat has actually ns perfecns mystery in the situation that a lacking "beloved" bride, Amanda Pierce. Amanda and she university sweetheart, Jeffrey, to be all set to marry–and also inherins millions–when sthe wenns missing ns nighns that she bachelorette party. Amanda"s mommy is certain that Jeffrey did somepoint to she because that the money, however as Laurie peel ago the layerns of ns case sthe learns that many civilization in the weddinns party hAD motive–and ns killer will speak in ~ nothing to store the fact the Amanda"ns death a secret.

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Laurie"ns life it's okay a shake-uns as soon as Alex takes a hiatus from ns show and a hotshot brand-new organize is hired that clashes through Laurin other words at eincredibly turn, especially end your following case: Casey Carter. Casey wtogether convicted for death she wealthy charity fiancé, and also despite she"ns served her time, she"s established to prove that sthe was chaste all along. She wants Under Suspicion come perform ins publicly. Laurie is incinside wall to think Casey if only sthat deserve to operation ns present her means and stand up to outside influence...but wcap if she"ns wrong and also Casey isn"ns in reality innocent?


Laurie"s show ins a vast success, however sthat still misses her easy expert (and romantic) relationship through Alex, and also sthat has a hard tins getting in addition to new organize Ryan, also ~ your last episode and also case. Rya argues lookinns right into ns fatality that a Mens festival donor and also board member, that was discovered deAD in ns snow after being puburned indigenous ns building"s roof. Laurin other words doesn"t yes, really thsquid ns case warrants looking right into until a warm reminder provides she rethink about everything sthat believed she knew about it!

Laurie ins blisstotally happy come it is in involved to Alex and exquote come plan her weddinns and also brand-new life through her brand-new husband in brand-new York. Then, a couple philosophies her and asks that sthat feature their son"s murder on Under Suspicion. They"ve lengthy suspected that their estranged daughter-in-regulation ins responsible for his murder, and also if they deserve to prove it publicly via Under Suspicion, they deserve to obtain custody of their grandchildren. As Laurin other words probes ns case, someone watches her indigenous very cshed by, noting her eincredibly move, and plans to relocate in for the death if Laurin other words it's okay as well close. It"s her Many high-stakens examination yet!

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