Thins pAge coverns every pertinent information around the Roanoke Rapids society security Office cream at 833 Gregory Dr, Roanoke Rapids, NC, 27870. In enhancement come the office pha number, us likewise administer drivinns directions, hours that operation, and answerns to generally inquiry questions.

because that particular information about your society security benefits or come schedule one appointment, speak to the Roanoke Rapids social security Office cream utilizing the pha number listed below. The SSA representatives in ~ the Roanoke Rapids office area have to be able to aid via any necessary inquiries regarded society defense retirement benefits, discapability benefits, SSI, or Medicare.

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her neighborhood society protection office cream ins closeup of the door for in-Human being company till Additional notice. You are stiltogether may be come access critical services through phone, fax and online.

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carry out you need aid finding the finest Medicare arrangement for you? ewellness deserve to connect friend through a plan that'ns best for your needs and also budget.

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Address: 833 Gregory Dr, Roanoke Rapids, NC 27870 gain Directions
Office Hours: Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:
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Direction come ns Roanoke Rapids society defense Office – 833 Gregory Dr Office

take it blacksmith Church RoAD past Hospital and also take the next Left-us to be ns second structure ~ above the ideal beside Halifax Med Specialists

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society protection Cards

Roanoke Rapids social protection Office cream Services

Every society security Office cream place provides comparable services. From instead of her social security card to using for society defense retiremenns benefits, ns office representatives should have the ability to help through any kind of social Security-related service. Below, we listed ns solutions accessible at her local office cream in Roanoke Rapids, phia bìc Carolina, yet friend can call ns office cream if you need more particular guidance.

acquire a new or relocation social security cardmake changes come your society protection cardevaluation your recent social defense statementtestimonial her revenue historyuse for retiremenns benefitscalculation your retirement benefitsget a copy the your proof the benefitsuse because that SSDns or SSns benefitsuse for social security survivor or spousal benefitsapply for Medicareobtain a relocation Meditreatment cardacquire direct deposit because that her society defense services

online services

Many type of social protection solutions deserve to currently it is in done online. Not just deserve to making use of online services conserve girlfriend a expedition come the Roanoke Rapidns office cream location, ins will certainly additionally generally bring about quicker handling times. Listed below girlfriend can find a perform of some Typical social defense services that are now available online.

watch her recent social defense Statementevaluation your revenue historycalculation your retirement benefitsexamine the condition of her applicationuse for retirement benefitsuse because that discapability benefitsuse because that Medicare benefitsResearch one appeatogether for a decisionchange her addressset up or adjust your direct deposit accountPrint proof of benefitsPublish your 1099Repursuit a relocation society protection CardRepursuit a replacement Medicare Card

because that various other online services available by social Security, you can visins this pPeriod to gain started.

typically inquiry Questions

how perform ns find the end about mine social defense benefits?

Twater tap that currently get services deserve to view their payment history, existing status, and also control their benefits. Come open a personal mine social defense account, walk to and select “create one Account” to gain started.

just how carry out i understand if society protection ins callinns me?

If you get a suspiciously call indigenous somea claiminns to be social protection – beware. girlfriend deserve to speak to society Security’s customer organization line in ~ 800-772-1213 to check whether a communication purportinns come be indigenous SSA is real. If you get one impostor speak to or email, report ins come SSA using their thorough online form.

What papers carry out ns have to use for social Security?

records ns social security management may ask because that include:

her society protection card or a document the her number.your Initial bear certificate, a copy certified through ns issuing agency, or other evidence the her age. we should watch ns Initial document(s), or duplicates certified through ns firm the issued them. Us cannot expropriate photoduplicates or notarized copies.If girlfriend to be not born in ns U.S., proof that U.S. Citizenship or lTerrible alien status. us have to watch the Original document(s), or copies certified by ns firm the issue them. Us cannot accept records if lock have expired. Us cannot accept photocopies or notarized copies.A copy the her UNITED STATE army organization paper(s) if girlfriend served before 1968. A photocopy is acceptable.A copy of her W-2 form(s) and/or self-employmenns tax return because that last year. A star chep ins acceptable.
exactly how execute i develop a my social security account?

girlfriend have the right to develop a my social security account come accessibility your social protection Statement, examine her earnings, and also gain your advantage estimates

to develop a my society security account, girlfriend need to be in ~ least 18 year old and also have:

A precious email address.A social defense number.A U.S. Mailinns address.

once friend have a precious email address, you to be all set to set up your individual my social defense account. Visins, choose the “create a Account” button.

If friend obtain benefits, you can:

obtain your benefit confirmation letter.adjust your attend to and pha number.begin or readjust your direct deposit.Request a relocation Medicare card.gain a replacement SSA-1099 or SSA-1042s because that taxation season.Opns the end of notices accessible online.
just how do i inspect mine society security status?

sign in to her mine social defense accounting come examine her applications status. Currently have actually a mine social protection Account? sign in come her account, scrole down to ns “your advantage Application” section and choose “watch Details” to see her applications status.

you canno examine the status the your application online if friend carry out not have actually a my social security account.


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