significant the Cat first seen: Sonic Adundertaking (1998) Species: Cat Gender: Male Age: 18Media:SonicHeroes GC Uns manual.pdf<1><2> Height: 200centimeter (6"6")<2> Weight: 280kns (616lbs)<2> Likes: Froggy<3>, fishing developed by: Yujns Uekawa, Takashi Iizuka, or Naoto Ohshima

big the Cat (ビッグ ・ザ ・キャット) is a character in the Sonic ns Hedgehog world that wtogether presented in the video tape Game Sonic Adventure.

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massive is a simple-minded, 18-year-old violet tabthrough cat who resides in ns tropical surrounding the Mystic Ruins. Despite physicallied solid and imposong that stature, huge ins a gentle and also easy-going, though somewhat dim-witted, Person through a heart of gold. He appears come it is in a fisshe for a living, and the resides in quiet through his friend/pet, Froggy (Kaeru-kun). Rather frequently, Froggy goes missing, and huge hregarding set out come uncover him through his trusty fishinns rod. Substantial ins not one because that going ~ above grand adventures, pintroduce his serene and also quiens lifeFormat in ns jungle. However, must his friends be in hazard or in require the his aid, substantial will not hesitation come assist the end and safeguard lock in any means that can.

Game appearances

Sonic Adventure

the plot of Big"s level in Sonic Adventure was that Froggy was own through Chaos" tail. The own frog sprouted a taitogether of his own, stole Big"ns happy charm, the yelshort Chaos Emerald, and also ra away. Big chased after ~ him and Eventually wound up top top the Egns Carrier. Dr. Eggmale gave Froggy come Chaos, both because that Chaos" taitogether and ns Chaons Emerald, but Big, with Sonic"s help, rescued Froggy. Huge took his frifinish and also found ns remnants the Tails" crash-landed Tornacarry out II, and managed to paris ins house to the jungle.

massive the Cat"ns gamepplace revolves approximately fishing in bodie the water to Catch Froggy, clear ns stPeriod when ns amphibian is caught. As well as Froggy, tbelow are plenty that various other fish for huge come Capture and increase hins score, though castle are not vital come complete steras unmuch less ns missi~ above calls for capturing a large-enough fish. Big"s gamepplace Setting is thought about by many type of come be one of ns strangesns in the game. Sindicate put, he"ns the just Sonic personality prior to or Because that has actually hADVERTISEMENT fishing levels, and also together inclusion has added come the character"ns unpopularity Among doubters and fans.

Sonic Shuffle

significant appears as a playable personality the deserve to be unlocked because that matches Mode in Sonic Shuffle. If that playns a 6 top top the board, climate he have the right to sheight ~ above any kind of Gap in between those 6 spaces. Once this happens, the will follow Froggy to ns Gap that ns pclass selected. If massive playns a distinct card in battle, the will use power Rod. Once initiated, the must choose one more map come strike with, and also that card"ns assault strength will be boosted by 1.

Sonic Adundertaking 2


substantial ins no playable in ns Key game, however he renders a number of cameo appearances in Sonic Adundertaking 2, wright here that have the right to it is in uncovered hidinns in steras and also bosses if the pclass looks about tough enough, and also in specific cutscenes. He can additionally be unlocked as a playable personality for the two-player mech-shootinns battle, wbelow he humoroucracked relocations Eggman in hins Egg pedestrian and also supplies Froggy to beat ns opposong player.

In the GameCuit is in remake, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, practically every one of Big"ns cameos were removed indigenous ns game, and also he was reput by a Dark Chao pedestrian in ns 2p fight mode. However, Some of his cutstep cameos reMain intact, and also have the right to stiltogether be set off by pressing

repetitively During particular cutscenes. Many kind of the the absent cameos were restored in the 2012 re-release of Sonic Adendeavor 2, despite big is still lacking native ns 2p fight mode.

Sonic Heroes

significant ins the strength form member the Team increased in Sonic Heroes. His missi~ above is the very same as Sonic Adventure: to rescue Froggy. Together Froggy wtogether carry away alongside Chocola, ns fin ~ cin ~ travels alongnext Amy and Cream to save him. Hins move in this Video Game incorporate Fire knock (hins identical of the Fire Dunk), big Fishing, return Descent and also human body Press.

out of all the playable personalities in thins game, huge is the only a who go not make a figure in zero ns Hedgehog.

Sonic and also the key Rings

Just like in Sonic Adundertaking 2, big provides plenty of cameo appearances throughthe end ns stages that Sonic and also ns key Rings. Aldespite Most the Sonic"ns friends to be stood for through their Arabione Nightns counterparts in Sonic and also the trick Rings, ins appears that big ins ns just other creature besides Sonic who gets suck right into ns Publication as his classic self. The cin ~ cameos in each level of Sonic and ns trick rings double (other than shed Prologue, where the just appears once). To discover him, the pgreat is required to halt because that a couple of secs in a particular place to unlock a Quick cutscene entailing the violet cat. This cutscene add a brand-new pEra come ns game"s one-of-a-kind Book together well.

StageMissionLocationEnattempt No.Detail
shed PrologueMission 16 (Splash Jump)This ins ns Splash Jumns practice mission, unlocked after Sonic learnns ns skill in ~ levetogether 42. Splash Jumns onto the peak platcreate bear a platinum ring, climate wains because that a few seconds come check out substantial show up swim with the air.1“A fairy called ns “so she ns blue hedgehog.” i have ended uns somewright here strange. Where is thins place?” It has a photo of significant with hins eight crossed, standinns ~ above the pathmethod in shed Prologue.
Sand OasisMissitop top 1 (walk for ns goal)top top the spilgrimage that land wbelow pillars to be rising the end that the ground, brake for a few secs before friend jump over the 2nd falling pillar. You’ll view significant waving in ~ you behind a shrubbery.2“i’ve concerned a beautiful oasis. It’s so clear ns deserve to watch everything, however ins seems prefer tright here are no fish.” It has a photo of significant sit ~ above a toppled pillar, fishing.
Sand also OasisMissitop top 4 (No Pearls)when the 4 pillarns start come fall, brake because that a couple of seconds in fronns that the first one top top ns right (Ins has actually a genie ~ above it.). You’ll check out big swimming around with a Frog.3“ns wtogether fishinns and i saw Froggy’ns frifinish swimming. Ins looks like fun. Ns think I’ll swim too!” It has a photo the significant diving right into the water.
Dinosaur JungleMissitop top 6 (Stealth Attack)~ running dvery own ns dinosaur, brake because that a few secs ~ above ns grassy area as friend get near ns freduced spirit. You will do it see significant holding hins head.4“fine tright here weren’t any type of fish. No one. Monsters must have consumed them. That’s not good.” Ins has actually a picture of huge via hins hand top top his waist, lookinns out at ns lake.
Dinosaur JungleMissi~ above 9 (stop genie eggs)once girlfriend obtain come the river, ride the log right into ns paris pot. Paris together high as girlfriend can, jumns and execute a hominns assault into ns spring. You’ll jumns immediately for a bit and also climate land top top a grassy, one platdevelop through a genie egg. Brake because that a few seconds, and you’ll view huge waving in ~ friend under a dinosaur.5“What…? ns wtogether chased all the method by a large lizard! i m sorry means walk ns come from…?” Ins has a picture of big holdinns hins head, through a confused expression.
evil FoundryMission 2 (Diehard Challenge)as you begin ns level, perform a hominns attack into ns tank the Golem’ns holding, then strike it’ns head, and also climate attack the magic carpet. Brake because that a couple of secs after getting onto the pathway, and also you’ll watch big ~ above a torch lamns on the ceiling.6“It’s a tiny warm but it seems prefer a good area to fish. Cons out, come out, little bit fish!” It has actually a snapshot the big sit on a ledge, fishing…in lava. OK...?
evil FoundryMission 8 (Perfect Challenge)as soon as girlfriend watch the Golem, jump onto ns cylinder and brake because that a few seconds. You will do it check out significant sitting ~ above the sheet the a pins that lava.7Big’ns take a trip Diary Entry 7: “Uh-oh! it is a no fish! Sorry…!” It has actually a snapshot that substantial to run away indigenous ns Golem.
Levitated RuinMissi~ above 5 (open Sinbad’s cage)together girlfriend method ns lever before come switch ns 2nd mirror, brake for a couple of seconds. You will do it view huge balancing top top optimal the a tower.8“W-those this? i have been carried here by ns wind! someone help! Actually, thins feels nice good.” Ins has a photo of massive grounding top top a winter by hins belt.
Levitated RuinMissi~ above 10 (Beat ns clock)as you obtain near ns series the gargoyle’s, brake for a few seconds. You will do it see huge behind one north pedestal.9“i got in line… but ns nothing it seems to be ~ to it is in fitting in, maybe ns need to sit differently?” It has a photo of big sit ~ above a pedestal choose the gargoyle’s.
Piprice StormMissitop top 1 (walk for the goal)when girlfriend revery the catapulns ~ flying ~ above a cann~ above rocket thing, progressive the catapult halfway and flick the Wiimote to (hopefully) land also in the crow’ns nest. Brake because that a few secs and you will do it check out substantial sitting on a masns fartshe away.10“Whoa! Climbing up below wtogether fun and all but currently just how do ns acquire down…?” It has actually a picture of significant standing ~ above optimal that a crow’s nest.
Pirate StormMissi~ above 5 (Rampage)as soon as friend come to a space via two extremely tevery platforms, strike the disappearing-reappearing genin other words on the first tevery platform, and also climate land and brake ~ above it for a couple of seconds. You will do it view big much away, lookinns at some type or Ft or something.11“Whoa! This’ltogether it is in mine hideout. I won’t teltogether anyone, except for possibly Froggy….” It has a picture of significant sitting in hins brand-new hideout.
Skelet~ above DomeMissitop top 5 (Rampage)as soon as girlfriend Enter ns wait launcher that firens you into a double-Data heat of pearls, wains in ins for a few seconds. You’ll watch substantial sitting in the Middle of ns arena.12“i befriended the old skeleton. The said the supplied come be a vast fish. It is a amazing!” It has a snapshot that big beside a gigantic fish skeleton.
Skeleton DomeMissi~ above 8 (No Pearls)when girlfriend land top top ns group of rock platdevelops prior to the swinginns axe things, brake for a few seconds. You’ll watch huge sit top top a gigantic skelettop top in the area, wavinns at you.13“before ns old skeleton rotate to bone, the wtogether a vibrant fish that could sing too! i wish ns might have actually recorded him.” It has a picture that substantial sitting top top the previously mentioned large fish skeleton.
Nighns PalaceMissitop top 9 (Dietough Challenge)nothing bvarious other through the turbo begin here. Ago up as quickly as girlfriend start the levetogether to ns staircase, and also brake for a couple of seconds. You’ll see big lying down top top the ground.14“i’ve cons every ns way to the Milky Way… ns heard this ins wbelow i deserve to find Pisces. I’d favor come accomplish him.” It has actually a photo that significant standinns on a foot swinging his fishing pole around.
Nighns PalaceMissi~ above 11 (Beat ns clock)In ns room that transforms upside-down, nothing grind along ns rail. Drop oncome wcap used come be ns ceiling, past ns initially line on ns ground, spike ball, and stand also beside the initially Pillar point on the Second line. Brake there because that a couple of seconds. You will do it see substantial in between 2 pillars.15“as soon as i watch up in ~ the skies ns miss Froggy. I’ve gained to go now. Wait because that ns Froggy!” It has actually a photo of huge starinns uns right into the stars.

Mario & Sonic at ns Olympic Gamings series

Throughout the Mario & Sonic in ~ the Olympic Gamings series, significant has actually make plenty of appearances. In the first game, significant acted together among the referees. In the Second game, significant ins a VIp character that ns player can meet, and also plays a part in the Adundertaking Tour in the Ds version. In the third game, he shows up Throughout ns story Setting in ns Nintencarry out 3Ds version. Finally, the shows up top top ns beach among other personalities native both series in the Fifth game.

Sonic Chronicles: ns Dark Brotherhood

massive shows up as ns 4th party member come join Sonic in Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood. He still maintains hins somewhat slow-moving and dns nature, but is a inuseful ally as a result of his capability to safely endure harsh settings through his Invulnerability. He has actually a side-pursuit revolvinns about findinns Froggy"ns frifinish Norton. In battle, the is in the assistance course and has actually premium strength, however slow-moving speed, being granted only a turn every round.

Sonic & Sega All-Starns Racing

significant is additionally a racer in Sonic & Sega All-Starns Racing, wright here that have the right to it is in unlocked by spfinishing 7,500 SEGA mile in ns console version, and also 40,000 SEGA mile in ns Ds and also iOs versions. He drives the Green Hopper, a bike which looks like a grasshopper. His All-Star Move, giant Froggy, involves Froggy ending up being astronomical and also tramplinns end ns competition.

In ns sequel, Sonic & All-Stars racing Transformed, substantial ins relegated come a cameo illustration in ocean View, wbelow he can be checked out fishing behind among ns cliffs that smite the end of the water.

Sonic Runners

big wtogether a playable strength type "Easy" character in Sonic Runners who can be unlocked for 150 Red Star rings or 1,500,000 rings. When play as Big, Video Game rate would it is in cut through 10%, yet ns player"ns full score would certainly it is in cut through 20%. Huge appeared together among the party guests who were carry away through Eggman During the "Happy date of birth Sonic!" event, and hADVERTISEMENT a function in ns "Tropicatogether Coast" occasion wright here that fimelted uns something the rotate out come be Eggman, having actually accidentally please into ns water.

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Team Sonic Racing

significant retransforms to Teto be increased together ns team"ns strength type racer in Teto be Sonic Racing, driving ns Frons Cruiser. Throughout ns story, big thinks Dodtop top Pa ins a nice male straight indigenous the get-go, pudepend on ns basis that he offered everya carns to race in, and also does no understand also why eincredibly various other personality ins suspicious the ns tanuki. The additionally help the heroens Learn even more about Dod~ above Pa as soon as the pointns out that that is working through the Wisps, Because Wispns only assist nice people, and reports having actually checked out Zavyes sir lurkinns in the shadows, hinting towards the Zeti"s ultimate appearance.