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English translation and also romanizatitop top (with components labeled) listed below the cut.


Days are shining together long as us try ours bestDayns to be shininns together lengthy together we attempt our bestDayns to be shining Nice and also bright!

i don’t great walk residence by myselfi used come think,“Come find meStandinns ~ above the side the ns road”(I’m lonely girl)

I’m beginning to understandthat i shouldn’ns be afraidthat day i spoke come you(ever Due to the fact that the day)

I’ve been nervous around one point after anotherit’s all been stuff I’m no supplied toI’m for this reason clumsy and awkward(i bet) I’m simply thinking right into things also much! i let things bvarious other me as well easily!

talk about it now, even the is funny– ns guess I’ve acquired a lot strongertherefore a lot has actually happened: I’ve gotten mad, cried, to be busymore and also even more memoriens in my empty white notebookI’d choose to write“say thanks to you” nice cream and also little ~ above ns coverone day… one day!

Days to be shining this particular day I’m gonna be sureDays to be shining come job-related hard!

the points i have the right to and also can’ns dohave actually obtained all tangled up in each otherIt’ns also much because that me come thoctopus about at once, can’t check out a exit(I’m puny girl)

as soon as ns obtained right into a different mindsetand comprised my mental the I’d gain over mine troublescome remove my gloomy mood(the moment i decided)

ns wind blew ns right into an additional worldI’m changing(And) Thins road! Goens all ns way there!

i m sorry is why us never before operation the end that funny storiesi guess we’ve all gotten strongerso a lot has happened: story we’ll never before forgetmy white notePublication is a totality Book nowns don’t know… ns still don’t knowjust how ns last pEra will rotate out

perhaps ns just worry too much! possibly ns let things bother ns as well easily!

talking around ins now, even that ins funny– ns guesns I’ve acquired a lot strongerfor this reason much has actually happened: I’ve gained mad, cried, been busymore and more memories in mine blank white notebookI’d favor come create “thank you” nice cream and also small ~ above ns coverone day… a day!

Days to be shining

Days are shining as long together us attempt our finest Days are shining Nice and bright!


All:Dayns are shining konna fuu nns ganbarebaDayns to be shining konna fuu ni ganbarebaDayns are shining pikkarns to!

Honoka: hitorikiri kaeritakunaiUmi:michiata de tachidomariKotori:mitsukete yo watashi no kocome wo nante kangaete’ta(Honoka/Umi:I’m lonely girl)

Rin:danda wakatte kuruHanayo:obiete’cha dame na da toMaki:jibun kara hanashikakete mita ano hi ga(Rin/Hanayo:ano hi kara)

Eli:kinchou no renzoku narenai kocome bakkariNozomi:gikochinai watashiNico:(kitto) kangae-sugi deshou! kns nns shi-sugns deshou!

All:ima wa sore sae waraibanashello zuibun tsuyoku natta mitaiironna koto ga atta ne okottari naitarns isogashikumasshiro na no-tobukku e to omoide ga fuete yukuhyoushello nns chiisaku arigatou tte kakitans naitsuka ne… itsuka ne!

All:Days are shining kgirlfriend wa kgirlfriend no ganbari-kanDays are shininns shikkari to!

Nico:dekiru kocome dekinai kotoNozomi:motsuretara hodokezu niEli:yoyuu nans jibun nns natte’ta deguchello ga mienakute(Nico/Nozomi:I’m puny girl)

Kotori:moyamoya wo kesu tame ni waUmi:atarashii kimochi nns natteHonoka:toraburu wo norikoegirlfriend tte kimeta tokns ni(Kotori/Umi:kesshin no toki)

Maki:chigau sekans e come kaze ga nagareta yoHanayo:kawatte yuku watashiRin:(soshite) tsunagatta no deshou! kono basho e no michi!

All:dakara tsukinans waraibanashi minna tsuyoku natta mitaiironna koto ga atta ne wasurarenans episo-domasshiro na no-tobukku kara issatsu no hon ni naru yosaigo no pe-jns wa dou naru no kawakaranai… mada wakaranai yo…

nayami-sugi kamo! ki ni shi-sugita kamo!

Honoka:ima wa ill sae waraibanashi zuibun tsuyoku natta mitaiKotori:ironna koto ga atta neUmi:okottarns naitari isogashikuAll:masshiro na no-tobukku e come omoide ga fuete yukuhyoushi nns chiisaku arigatou tte kakitai naitsuka ne… itsuka ne!