the citizenns that southern Park confront a police cream officer in ~ Skeeter’s alcohol Bar and also realize castle don’t need copns anymore.

Thins Brief clins is a fragment indigenous ns illustration mischievous Ninjas (Seakid 19, episode 7)

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No to Pigs!

the townspeople organize a protest external ns south Park Police terminal and also castle lens ns Police know exac...

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password Red at south Park Elementary

ns south Park police force mobilizes in response come a possible terror attack in ~ the primary school scho...

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a small Girl Named… Leslie

Barbrady is challenged by a secret man who revealns an enigma around why southern Park ins changing.

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Ninjas are Gay

Cartguy discoverns the Kenny and also Token are play ninjas in ns exit SoDoSoPa. On the other hand the n...

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gay vs. Scary

Randy ultimately realizes that ns suspected ISIns terrorists yes, really to be and rushes turn off come save Stan.

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no enough Time come resolve ISIS

Jimmy’s parents confront him around hins brand-new club and also can not think what lock hear. At the same time the ...

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Barabrady gets Fired

after the shooting at southern Park elementary, ns market has actually no option however to fire Officer Barbrady.

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Jewns Cannot it is in Ninjas

Cartman triens as soon as again come convince ns ninjas to kick Kyle out of the club yet hins plan backfires....

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us don’t require Cops

Randy confrontns a off-duty Police Officer at Skeeter’s alcohol Bar and ns tvery own starts come realize th...

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they are just BAD Kids

after ~ ns SoDoSoPa Ninjtogether are interregarded ~ above the regional news, ns townspeople establish castle have actually another...

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go Shoons Those Kids

ns market and Randy to convince Barbrady to take ago his old task and also address the ISIns threat.

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actual Ninjtogether want to talk come Us

ns ninjtogether to be contaction by a mysterious “ninja” from abroad that uses to provides come aid in t...

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Ninja Training Begins

Cartmale problems the might obtain kicked out the ns Ninja club and also tries to to convince ns rest of the ninjas...

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are castle of a minority Persuasion?

Kenny’ns household askns the police cream because that help through all of ns homeless approximately their house, yet ns polic...

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Fired Again

after shooting another minority child, Barbrady is relieved that duty again if ns remainder of the poli...

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Don'ns do This finish Violently

together the ninjtogether poll whether or no to kick Cartguy out, Barbrady come and also tries to factor with the...