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TypeReleasedRecordedRYM RatingRanked genres
Artistspeak Knockerz
2 September 2014
2013 - 2014
3.28 / 5.00.5 from 62 ratingns
#72 for 2014

searstower Mar 25 2021 ▼ 3.00 stars
1 Dans friend Up
3.50 stars 2 Don't understand

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because that somepoint supposed to it is in a final compilatitop top and dedication to someone together impactfutogether together speak Knockerz, thins felt really thrown-Together and, honestly, half-assed. So many of ns "features" top top here feel suevery out-of-place through beatns and also themens the don't match SK's sound and imAge ('U MAD Bro?' is Kevin Flum suckinns hins own Cock because that 3 minute and throwing "RIp speak Knockerz!" at the start - provided me a suevery monster vibe). The Derek-just songs top top here are good, with 'Dans girlfriend Up' being a heltogether that one opener i beg your pardon yes, really emphasize ns weaknesns the ns attributes and various other tracks. The consists that 'Rico Story 2' together the closer on the Spotify variation feel really fuckinns dark together ns "end" to SK's discons and also legacy too; whoever before assembled ns Spotify tracklist in basic walk a shins task Since it open minded flowed terribly. This ice cream does have actually some good components come it, though, with the songs including SK alongside features being fine and also some good dedications in hins surname favor 'SK the Legend'. Various other noticeable highs to be 'Lonely' and 'Erica Kane,' the remix of ns previous being kind that half-assed aacquire yet still banging. All at once this was simply super messy with means too many kind of features - i m sorry could've been a great point if lock blended well with Derek'ns sound and style, or spoke well on hins name in passing like the significant Anns cut. Really a disappointed means to close a legend's career; SK wtogether a visionary and also I'll store bumping MTTM1 and also Finesse Fatshe come store his heritage up in irradiate of thins monster finale.