Fox Newns Channel anchor Bret Baier share the brand-new York time bestmarketing story of hins kid Paul"s recurring battle through heart disease, and also exactly how ins transformed his own life and family.Thins deep poignant individual story is said through the eyes that a journalist together he deals with hins life"ns biggest crisis: carinns for hins criticallied ill son. Via ns acute understanding that a seasoned reporter, and also ns deens love of a husband also and father, Baier share behind-the-scene story and emotionally narrati have the young Paul"s life therefore far. Bret and his wife Amy emerge-Just like their brave young son-scarred but infinitely stronger, and plainly understanding what problem Many in life. Said through a loving father and grasp storyteller, this hope-to fill accounting uses a inspireasonable glimpse into the family members the a guy who just happen come be somea million turn to because that ns day"s hundreds percent of wcap the author receives native the revenue of this Publication ins donated come miscellaneous non-benefit pediatric heart causes.

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prior to joininns Fox News Channel, Bret worked for CBns in Raleigh, NC, NBC in Rockford, Il and PBns in Beaufort, SC. A graduate that DePauw University, Bret has actually a bachelor"s level in political science and also English. That was a member the the DePauw golf team. The and also his wife, Amy, renext in Washington, DC via your two young sons.

Table that Contents

Prologue ixthing 1 Younns male top top the relocate 1thing 2 With Each Other together a 24chapter 3 complex Hearts 55chapter 4 with ns Storm 79chapter 5 someday Closer 102thing 6 things Unseen 128thing 7 one-of-a-kind hands 155thing 8 Miracles perform happen 179thing 9 to whom a lot Is given 207thing 10 one-of-a-kind Hearts 232Epilogue 264Acknowledgments 273an Intercheck out via Hearts operated doctor Dr. Rictough Jonas 277

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Editorial Reviews

"Brens weaves a engaginns love story around hins son"ns life and fatality battle via congenital heart condition and provides hope come every together he chroniclens the remarkable clinical advancements the saved hins son."—Mehmens Oz, M.D. Professor and Vice Chair, surgical procedure NYP/ Columbia University and organize of nationally-syndicated television program, ns Dr. Oz Show"Nopoint offers girlfriend perspective choose a clinical Situation affecting someone you love, specifically a child. Bret"ns personal trip with a Earth shattering diagnosis and the triumph that faith, family members and also contemporary medicine is both harrfan and hopeful."—Katie Couric, host of nationally-syndicated television program, Katie global Anchor, Yahoo"Love conquerns every things, and also for Bret Baier"s family, ins helped heal hins son"s one-of-a-kind heart. This is a story you"ll never forgain - around a child"s devastating clinical diagnosis - and also hins parents" courAge come fighns because that their kid and then offer back come twater tap who saved hins life."—Norah O'Donnell, Co-Host, CBs This Morning

indigenous ns Publisher

"Nothing gives friend perspective choose a medical Dilemma affectinns somea you love, especially a child. Bret"ns individual trip through an Earth wrecking diagnosins and also the triumph that faith, household and also modern-day medication ins both harrfan and also hopeful."

Katin other words Couric

"Brens weaves an engaginns love story about his son"s life and death battle through congenitatogether hearts disease and gives expect to all together he chronicles the amazing medical developments the saved hins son."