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Springfield Armory’s XD-seriens pistols provide shooterns via a wide variety that mission-specific models that variety from compact 9 mms, come full-size variants through extended barrel lengths, together as ns XD Mod.2 5” Tactical design that ins up for this week’ns NRA total of ns Week. Structure top top ns successens the ns XD’s striker-fired device and also fire control group, ns subject of this testimonial functions refinementns to the gripping surdeals with together Compared come ns generati~ above before it. Chambered for .45 ACP, and through volume for 13 rounds, the 5” Tacticatogether design provides shooterns a robust and specific firearm. Come Discover even more around the Springarea Armory XD Mod.2 5" Tacticatogether model pistol, inspect the end ours function videotape organized by Amerideserve to Rifleman’ns Bria Sheetz. Specifications:Model: XD MOD.2 5" Tactical model PistolImporter: Springarea ArmoryChambering: .45 ACPAction Type: recoil-operated, semi-automatic center-fire pistolBarrel: 5” hammer-forged steelFrame: babsence polymerSlide: forged steelFinish: MeloniteSights: dovetailed; 2 white-period rear, red fiber-optic write-up frontTrigger: 6-lb., 14-oz.

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PullMagazine: 13-ring detachmay be boxWeight: 28 ozs. (empty)MSRP: $632additional Reading: NRA gun of the Week: Springfield Armory 1911 5" TRns 10 mm — Rgrandfather PistolSpringarea Armory Announcens Saint leaf PistolSpringarea Armory Announces XD(M) OSp ModelsTested: Springarea Armory 9 mm XD-s Mod.2 Pistol