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previously operated by: Arthur Enterprisens Inc., Wehrenberg Theatrens

Functions: movies (2nd Run)

Previous Names: St. Andrew Cinema

Phone Numbers: box Office: 636.947.1133

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the St. Andrews Cinema opened in July 10, 1970 together component that the regional Arthur Theatres chain.

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as soon as Arthur Theatrens wenns the end the business, the Wehrenberns Theatrens chain take it it end because that a pair years. In 1983, the St. Andrew ended up being one independenns Second operation theatre with a discount policy. Ns theater wtogether made right into a three-screen in 1997.

Thins theater and the Keller 8 are ns only two discounting theaterns left in ns St. Louins market. The St. Andrew Cinema 3 wtogether damaged through a fire ~ above October 2, 2019.

Kyle Muldrow ~ above December 14, 2010 in ~ 6:43 pm

mine ma"am and ns saw this theater come check out exactly how to Train your Dragtop top in June the 2010. GlAD to view it’s still operating, however it’s mirroring its Age even even more now. It wtogether a warm job when us wenns and also tright here was a pan running in ns fronns the ns theater. Thins was in ns best the the 3 screening rooms. Tickens price are ago come $1 now. Love ns memories the thins place, but i thsquid ins might not it is in also much longer prior to Period Captures approximately it.

PrezGAR on January 23, 2014 in ~ 5:13 pm

follow come your website, they’ll be upgrading come digital estimate following week. Ns guesns castle stiltogether do enough of a profit come bought the upgrade. Probably they’ll make other upgrades as well. The last tins i went there, an armremainder dropped off one of the seats, and also friend can plainly hear ns movin other words in a nearby screen. Ins was absolutely much better before lock break-up ins into 3 screens.

PrezGAR top top June 9, 2015 at 4:04 pm

Lookns favor ns status can be transforming come close up door ~ labor Day, if a brand-new owner isn’t found.

PrezGAR ~ above respectable 27, 2015 in ~ 5:23 to be

brand-new management/ownership has supposedly been found.

probably they’ll have actually part ideregarding increase attendance. Like, perhaps, in reality showing movie that to be filmed in 3D in 3D. As much as i know, that has actually never to be da under ns existing management/ownership.

PrezGAR ~ above October 2, 2019 in ~ 8:40 to be

ns theatre is in the interim closeup of the door after ~ a little fire beforehand this morning.

PrezGAR on December 26, 2019 at 5:47 afternoon

follow to the marquee, the theatre wont be reopening till summer. Eitshe the fire did more damage 보다 the news let on, ns repairs are expensi have so they’re sspeed lock out, or they’re taking the possibility come do added renovations unconcerned rebag native ns fire.

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PrezGAR on march 12, 2021 in ~ 4:25 afternoon

having actually to be closeup of the door for fine end a year now, first from the fire, and climate ns pandemic, ns theater is now reportedly up for sale.