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“9. Never before offer up prayer, and also need to you find dryness and difficulty, permajor in ins for thins extremely reason. God frequently desires come see wcap love your heart has, and also love is not tried by ease and also satisfaction.” ― man that the Cross, the collected functions of Sainns man the ns cross
“19. Before the divine fire is presented right into the subview the ns soul and unified via it with perfecns and also complete purgation and purity, itns flame, i beg your pardon is ns Divine Spirit, wounds ns soul through destroying and also spend ns imperfection of its bAD habits. And thins ins the occupational that the Holy Spirit, in which that handle it for magnificent union and also transformation in God with love. Ns very fire the love that climate ins united through ns soul, glorifyinns it, is wcap formerly assailed ins by purginns it, just together the fire the penetprices a log in that wood is the exact same the first renders an assault top top the wood, woundinns ins via the flame, drying it out, and also stripping ins the its unsightly attributes till it is therefore disdo that ins have the right to it is in penetrated and also transformed right into ns fire. Spiritual authors contact thins task ns purgati have way.” ― john of the Cross, the accumulated works that Sainns man of the cross
“ours greatest need ins come it is in quiet before this great God through ns appetite and also through the tongue, for the only languPeriod he hears ins ns silent languEra the love.” ― man that the Cross, ns accumulated works of Sainns man the the overcome
“Letter 33 Ubeda, October-November 1591> ... Have actually a great love for those who contradicns and faitogether come love you, because that in this way love ins beobtained in a hearts the has no love. God therefore actns via us, for the lovens uns the us might love through indicates of ns exceptionally love the bears towards us. <63> Thins person"s determine is unknown.” ― man of ns Cross, ns gathered works of Saint man the ns overcome
“Hence, because that ns soul come be in its center - i m sorry ins God, together us have said - it ins enough because that ins to possess one level that love, because that through a degree ala it ins joined via him with grace. Need to it have actually two degrees, it becomes unified and also focused in God in another, deeevery center. Should it revery three, it centers itme in a third. Yet once it has attained the final degree, God"ns love has came down on wounding ns soul in itns ultimate and also deepest center, which ins to illuminate and transform it in its entirety being, power, and also strength, and according to itns capacity, till ins shows up come it is in God. As soon as irradiate shines ~ above a cskinny and also pure crystal, we find that ns more intense ns level of light, ns more irradiate ns decision has focused wislim it and ns brighter it becomes; ins have the right to end up being therefore brilliant native the abundance of irradiate received the it seems to be all light. And then the decision is undistinguishmay be from ns light, Since ins is illumined follow come its full capacity, i m sorry ins to show up to it is in light.” ― man the ns Cross, the gathered works the Saint man that the overcome
“look for in analysis and also you will discover in meditation; hit in prayer and ins will be opened come girlfriend in contemplation.” ― Juone de la Cruz, ns gathered functions that Saint john the the cross
“In bespeak come it is in unified via him, ns will certainly need to in turn be cleared of and detached from every disbespeak appetite and also satisfaction through respect to eincredibly particular point in i beg your pardon it have the right to rejoice, whetshe earthly or heavenly, tempdental or spiritual, therefore the purged and cleansed the all not suitable satisfactions, joys, and appetitens ins could it is in completely inhabited in loving God through its affections.” ― man the ns Cross, ns collected functions that Sainns man that the overcome
“love is ns inclination, strength, and also strength for ns spirit in makinns itns method come God, for love hold together ins via God. Ns more degrees the love ins has, ns more deep it enters into God and also centers itme in him.” ― john the the Cross, ns gathered works the Sainns john of ns cross
“save this in mind, daughters: ns soul that is Rapid to revolve come speaking and conversing ins sluggish come rotate to God. Because that as soon as it ins rotate toward God, it is climate strong and also inwardly drawn toward quiet and also flight from every conversation. Because that God desire a heart to rejoice via him more than via any other person, however progressed and useful the Human might be.” ― john the the Cross, ns built up works the Sainns john that the cross
“Letter 26 discalced Carmupstream in Segovia July 6, 1591><54> ... Perform not lens wcap ins happeninns come me, daughter, cause girlfriend any type of grief, for it doens no reason me any. Wcap considerably grieves ns ins that ns one who ins not at fault ins blamed. Males execute no execute this things, yet God, that knows wcap ins Appropriate because that us and also ararrays points for our good. Thoctopus nopoint rather however that God ordains all, and also wright here tbelow ins no love, Put love, and girlfriend will draw the end love ...” ― man of ns Cross, the collected works of Sainns man that the overcome
“the will"ns operation is fairly unique from ns will"ns feeling: by its operation, i m sorry ins love, the will ins joined through God and terminates in him, and not by ns feeling and also gratificatitop top that its appetite that stays in ns spirit and also goens no further. Ns feelingns only offer as stimulantns to love, if ns will certainly desire come happen past them; and also castle offer because that no more. Thus ns delightful feelings do no that themselves leAD ns soul to God, however rather reason it come end up being attachead to exciting feelings. But the operation the ns will, i m sorry ins the love of God, concentrates ns affection, joy, plea sure, satisfaction, and love the ns soul just ~ above God, leavinns aside every points and loving him over them all.” ― john of ns Cross, ns collected works that Sainns man the the overcome
“thus lock would be very foolish who would thsquid that God ins failinns lock Due to the fact that of their absence that spiritual sweetness and also delight, or would certainly rejoice, thinking they own God Because of the existence that thins sweens ness. And also they would certainly it is in more foolish if castle were come go searching for thins sweet in God and rejoice and it is in detained in it. Via together a attitude lock would no longer it is in seeking God with their wills grounded in ns emptinesns of confidence and charity, however they would certainly be seekinns spiroutine satisfaction and also sweetness, which are creatures, by following after ~ their own pleacertain and appetite. And also therefore lock would no much longer be loving God purely, over every things, i beg your pardon means centerinns all ns strength the one"s will certainly on him.” ― man that the Cross, ns collected works the Sainns john the ns overcome
“14. I to speak this in order come make it clean that the a who would certainly go to God relyinns ~ above organic capability and reasoning will certainly not be extremely spiritual. Tright here to be part that thsquid that by pure pressure and also ns task the ns senses, i beg your pardon that itself is lowly and also no even more than natural, lock deserve to reach the strength and also elevation of the superorganic spirit. One does not obtain to thins optimal without surpassong and also leaving aside the activity that the senses.” ― man the the Cross, the gathered functions that Saint john that ns cross
“us asserns that when a rock ins in ns ground ins is, after ~ a fashion, in itns center, also despite ins is no in itns deepest center, for ins is wislim the spright here the itns center, activity, and also movement; however we execute not asserns the it has got to its deepest center, i beg your pardon ins ns Center of the earth. Thus the absent always possesses the power, strength, and also inclination come walk deeper and reach ns ultimate and deepest center; and also thins ins would perform if the hindrance were removed. As soon as when it arrives and also no much longer has any kind of power or inclination towards More movement, us declare the ins ins in itns deeinsect center. 12. The soul"ns center ins God. When it has reached God through all ns volume the itns being and ns toughness that its procedure and also inclination, it will certainly have actually attained itns last and deepest center in God, ins will know, love, and also enHappiness God with every its might. As soon as ins has no got to this allude (as happens in this mortal life, in i m sorry ns soul cannot reach God through every itns strength, also despite in its facility - i m sorry is God through ggyeongju and also hins self-communication to it), it stiltogether has motion and toughness for advancing More and is not satisfied. Although it ins in itns center, it is no however in itns deeinsect center, for ins can go deeper in God.” ― man of ns Cross, the gathered functions of Sainns john of ns cross
“because that itns very own well-being, the intellect have to be doing wcap friend condemn; the is, it should protect against busyinns itme with certain knowledge, for ins canno reach God via this knowledge, i m sorry would certainly fairly hinder it in itns breakthrough toward him.” ― john that the Cross, the gathered functions the Saint man of ns cross
“8. Together is the lowlinesns of ours condition in thins life; because that us thoctopus others are choose ourselvens and us judge othair follow to what we ourselvens are, Since our judgment occurs indigenous within us and also not outside us. Thus the thef think othair likewise steal; and also ns lustful thoctopus others are lustfutogether too; and the maliciouns think othair likewise bear malice, their judgment stemminns indigenous their own malice; and ns excellent thoctopus fine that others, because that their judgment fshort from the goodness the their own thoughts; and also come those that to be caremuch less and also asleep, ins appears that others are too. Hence it is the as soon as we to be caremuch less and also asleens in God"s presence, it appears come us ins is God that is asleens and neglectful that us, together is viewed in psalm 43 where David callns come him: Arise, Lord, why carry out girlfriend sleep? Aclimb .” ― man that the Cross, ns built up functions of Saint man the the overcome
“for wheretogether speak distracts, silence and also work-related collect ns think and also strengthen ns spirit. As soon Because of this as a Human being understandns wcap has actually been sassist to him because that his good, tbelow ins no Further should listen or to discuss; yet to collection himme in earnest come practice what he has learnt with silence and attention, in humility, charity, and also contempns that self.” ― Juan de la Cruz, ns collected works that St. Man of ns overcome
“God is even more enjoyment by a work, yet small, da secretly, without desire the ins it is in known, than a thousand done via ns desire that human being recognize of them. Twater tap who work-related because that God through purest love not only treatment nopoint around whether othair watch their works, however carry out not even look for the God himself recognize the them. Together persons would no clull to render God the same services, with the exact same Delight and purity of love, also if God to be never before come know the these.” ― john of the Cross, ns accumulated functions the Sainns man the ns overcome
“Everya to know that not come walk front ~ above thins roAD is to revolve back, and not to get gring is to lose.” ― man that the Cross, the gathered functions that Sainns john that the cross
“Since ns will has actually never before taste God together the ins or known him with part gratification of the appetite, and also consequently doens not know what God ins like, it cannot recognize what the pleacertain that God is; nor can its being, appetite, and satisfaction recognize how come desire God, because that he transcends all its capacity. Therefore it ins obvious that namong all those particular points in which it deserve to rejoice ins God. In bespeak to be unified through him, the will certainly have to consequently be emptied the and also detachead indigenous all disnotified appetite and also satisfactivity via respecns to eextremely particular point in i m sorry ins have the right to rejoice, whether earthly or heavenly, tempdental or spiritual, for this reason that purged and also cleansed that every inordinate satisfactions, joys, and appetitens ins could be wholly lived in in loving God through itns affections. Because that if in any way the will certainly have the right to comprehend God and be unified with him, ins is through love and also no via any kind of gratificatitop top the the appetite.” ― man the ns Cross, the accumulated works that Saint man of ns overcome
“STANZA 2 O sweet cautery, O delightful wound! O tenderness hand! O breakable touch the tastens of eternal life and payment eexceptionally debt! in death girlfriend changed death come life. Commentary 1. In thins stanza ns soul proclaims just how the 3 Persons of ns Many Blessed Trinity, the Father, the Son, and the Divine Spirit, are ns onens who effect this divine work-related of unitop top in it. Thus the hand, ns cautery, and ns touch to be in subview the same. The spirit applies these state to ns Personns that the Trinity Since the the effect each the the Persons produces. The cautery ins the Divine Spirit, the hand also ins the Father, and also the touch ins ns Son. The heart below magnifiens ns Father, the Son, and ns Holy Spirit, stressong ns 3 admirable favors and blessing lock create in it, having adjusted its fatality to life, transcreating ins in ns Trinity.” ― man of the Cross, the accumulated works of Sainns man the ns cross
“well and also great if every points change, mr God, provided us to be rooted in you.” ― Juan de la Cruz, ns built up functions that Saint john of ns overcome
“In his oral teaching john used come point the end the the even more girlfriend love God ns even more friend desire the every human being love and also honor him and also together the desire grows friend work more difficult towards that end, both in prayer and also in every various other possible works.” ― man of the Cross, the accumulated functions of Saint man that ns overcome
“Ins have to be well-known that also though this apprehensions can concerned the bodily sensens from God, a have to never before depend top top castle or expropriate them. A Person must rather flee from castle completely and have actually no desire come examine whether lock it is in excellent or bad. The even more exterior and also corpoactual these points are, ns less certain ins their magnificent origin. God"s self-communication is even more typically and also as necessary given to the spirit, in i beg your pardon there is better protection and also profit because that the soul, 보다 to the senses, wright here ordinarily there is too much peril and also room for deception. Reasoning the spiritual points to be the same through wcap is felt, the bodily feeling normally setns itself uns as arbiter and also referee end them. Yet spiroutine points to be together various indigenous wcap ins sensed together is ns human body from ns spirit and also sensibility native reason. Ns bodily feeling ins as ignoranns the spiritual matters together a beast is of rational matters, and also more. 3. People that esteem this apprehension to be in severe error and excessive hazard the being deceived. Or in ~ least lock will hinder their spiroutine development because, together us mentioned,< 2> these corporeal perceptions bear” ― Jua de la Cruz, ns gathered works the Sainns john the ns overcome
“6. As an outcome the perfecns heart pays no fist come the senses. It neither receivens anypoint via them, no one supplies them principally, nor judgens them come it is in requiwebsite in its relationship through God, together ins walk before itns spiroutine growth. A passAge from St. Paul"s epistle to the Corinthians bears thins meaning: Cum essem parvulus, loquebar uns parvulus, sapiebam uns parvulus, cogitabam uns parvulus. Quando autem factus amount vir, evacuavi quae erant parvuli (as soon as ns was a child, i spoke as a child, i kbrand-new together a child, i assumed together a child. However when i came to be a man, ns Placed away chilfood things) <1 Cor. 13: 11>. Us have actually already explained exactly how judicious things and also the understanding ns soul deserve to abstract indigenous lock to be the work the a child. Twater tap that are constantly attached to them, and also never before come to be detached, will never before speak gift like a small child, or speaking the God together a child, or knowing and thinking the God together a child. In their attachment to the rind of feeling (ns child), castle will certainly never before reach the substance of soul (ns perfecns person). For ns services of their own spiroutine growth, therefore, personns must not recognize these revelations, even despite God is the author of them, simply as a kid have to it is in weaned in stimulate come actradition its palate come a hardier and also more substantial diet.” ― Juone de la Cruz, ns gathered functions of Sainns man that ns cross
“5. Many type of blessings flow once the four herbal passion (joy, hope, fear, and sorrow) are in harmony and in ~ peace. The following maxims contain a finish strategy because that mortifyinns and pacifyinns them. If Put into practice this maximns will offer rise come abundant merins and also great virtues. 6. Venture come be inclined always: not come ns easiest, but come ns Most difficult; no come the Most delightful, yet come ns Most distasteful; not come ns Many gratifying, but come ns less pleasant; not to wcap means remainder for you, however to difficult work; no to ns consoling, but to ns unconsoling; not to ns most, yet come ns least; not come the highest possible and Most precious, however come the lowest and Many despised; not to wantinns something, yet come wanting nothing. Do not go around looking for the finest the temporal things, but because that ns worst, and, for Christ, desire come Get in into finish nakedness, emptiness, and poor in every little thing in ns world.< 3>” ― Juone de la Cruz, the built up functions that Sainns man the the overcome
“14. Civilization have to not imagine the simply Because God and also ns saints converse amiably with lock top top many subjects, lock will certainly be said your certain faults, because that they can concerned ns expertise the these through other means. Therefore tright here is no moti have for assurance, because that us reAD in the Actns of the apostle wcap occurred to St. Peter. Despite he wtogether a prince of ns Church and received immediate instruction native God, the was misbring away about a specific awareness practiced Among ns Gentiles.” ― san Juone de la Cruz, the collected works that Sainns john the the overcome
“It is regrettable, then, to behold part souls, laden as well-off ship via wealth, deeds, spiritual exercises, virtues, and also favorns indigenous God, that never advance Due to the fact that lock lack the courEra come do a complete rest through some little satisfaction, attachment, or affection (which are all around the same) and also in order to never before revery ns port of perfection.” ― john the the Cross, ns built up functions the Sainns man of ns cross
“9. In conclusion, individuals need to not fix the eye the your souls ~ above that rind that ns number and thing supernormally accorded come ns exterior senses, such together locution and words come the sense of hearing; visions of saintns and also beautitotally resplendent lights come ns sense that sight; fragrance to the sense the smell; delicious and also sweens tastens to the palate; and various other delights, commonly obtained from ns spirit, to the feeling of touch, together is more generally ns case with spiroutine persons. Neitshe must castle area your eyes top top interior imagiaboriginal visions. Lock have to insteAD renounce all these things. They” ― san Juone de la Cruz, the collected works that Saint man that ns cross

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“the strategy the some director ins enough to encumber souls receiving this visions, or also come leAD lock astray. Lock perform no overview castle along ns courses that humility, and also they give lock a cost-free hand in thins matter, which reasons a want of the true spirit of faith. Neither execute this directors gring their disciples in faith, for castle typically do this vision a topic of conversation. Consequently, the individuals get ns principle that your director to be setting save through your visions, and together an outcome castle carry out ns exact same and stay attached come them,” ― mountain Juone de la Cruz, the gathered works that Sainns john of the overcome