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Retrinight detailed indevelopment about ns services accessible in mountain Mateo County.

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Thins task ins constructed usingOhana API,one open up resource app because that neighborhood services. We are additionally component of theBenetech service network pilot,a participation task on solutions information in the just Area.

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emerged through ns 2013 mountain Mateo county teto be ofcode for Americafellows.

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society that St. Vincent de Paul County, phia bìc area Homemuch less assist center (SVdP's north area Homemuch less help Center)

Person Services

society of St. Vincenns de Paul County, north county Homemuch less assist facility (SVdP'ns phia bìc county Homemuch less aid Center)

society that St. Vincenns de Pautogether the san Mateo County 589-9039voiceparticular ContactCarolynn GhiorsoConference Presidentspecific ContactLisa CollinsDirectorphysical Address344 Grand Avenuesouthern mountain Francisco,CA94080Mailinns AddressSt. Vincenns de Paul Society50 phia bìc B Streetmountain Mateo,CA94401company CategoriesGoodsClothingresidence Goodsindividual treatment Items
Food, apparel and also other solutions because that homemuch less persons.Description:provides homemuch less or low-income persons clean clothing, toiletries, maitogether and also telephone service, DMV identification, laundry framework and also transportation aid (buns fare, gasoline, etc.). Assistns via occupational needs together together uniforms, occupational boots, uni~ above dues and project referrals. Offers emergency clinical assistance, subview abusage facility fees, and referralns come psychological wellness and other resources. Distributens vouchers to area shelters or sleeping bagns when shelters are full. A totally free having lunch is offered weekdayns (10 to be come noon) and also breakRapid Saturdayns (10-11) in ~ cafe St. Vincent.Location
organization OptionsLanguages Spoken:Spanishaccess Options:WheelchairServicesservice #1organization Description:offers homeless or low-earnings persons cskinny clothing, toiletries, maitogether and also telepha service, DMV identification, laundried infrastructure and transport help (buns fare, gasoline, etc.). Assistns through job-related needs such together uniforms, work boots, uni~ above duens and also task referrals. Provides emergency clinical assistance, subview abusage facility fees, and also referralns to psychological wellness and various other resources. Distributens vouchair come area house or sleeping bags as soon as shelters to be full. A free lunch ins served weekdays (10 to be to noon) and also breakFast Saturdayns (10-11) at coffee shop St. Vincent.Fees:None.Audience:Homeless personns or persons without food preparation facilitiesEligibility:Homemuch less Human being or Human being withthe end food preparation facilitieshow come Apply:go Wains Estimate:No Areas:BrisbaneDaly CityMillbraePacificamountain Brunosouthern san Francisco

Acode because that Americaprojectemerged in partnershins via thesan Mateo area Person solutions Agencyand also aprovide from ns Knighns Foundation.