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ns whole universe is in ~ your fingeradvice in Starbound. Tright here are hundreds of different planetns come visit, and also ns just point holding friend ago is fuel. It's straightforward to obtain lugged amethod exploring space, forobtaining that traveling offers fuel.

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In thins guide, us to be going to speak all about Erchiuns fuel and ns two different ways come obtain it, so girlfriend can store trying out come your heart's content.

travel with Fuel

friend will certainly require fuetogether come travel.

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Eextremely time friend jump in between solar systems, girlfriend will consuns 100 fuel. In ns imPeriod above, girlfriend might alert that ins just prices 83 fuel come jump to a new system. If girlfriend have a mechanic in her crew, ns amount of fuetogether you need will certainly decrlull through 10%. Thins will certainly decrease by 15% if you have actually two mechanics, and by 17.5% through 3 mechanics. Overall, attempt to have in ~ leastern a mechanic in her crew.

If girlfriend want come travel come different planets wislim the exact same solar system, friend will certainly usage no fuel. This indicates the girlfriend are able to travel together much together girlfriend desire wislim a solar system withthe end having actually come concern around making use of up your fuel.


pclass including fuel come your ship
to use your fuel, connect via ns fuetogether tank in front of her ship. Tright here will be 6 accessible slot because that friend come location fuel, with a meter going as much as 1,000. Thins ins ns best amount that fuel you can have. Through no mechanics in her crew, thins will be enough for ten FTtogether jumps. Let's take it a look at ns 2 various kinds of Erchiuns fuel that friend deserve to location here.

liquid Erchius Fuetogether vs. Decision Erchius Fuel

when play Starbound, girlfriend will certainly cons throughout fluid Erchius fuetogether and decision Erchiuns fuel. These fuels are found in different locations yet are both provided to strength her ship.

liquid Erchius fuel has a 1:1 proportion for fuel, while the decision version has a 2:1 ratio. Thins suggests that if you area 100 fluid fuel in her ship, friend will certainly have a total of 100 fuel. If girlfriend place 100 decision fuetogether in her ship, climate girlfriend will certainly have actually a total of 200 fuel. The fuel Basically doubles.


Mininns because that Fuetogether on Moons

player in mech mininns for fuetogether on ns moon
friend can find Erchiuns fuel top top eextremely moon. Moonns have no atmosphere, for this reason friend will certainly either require ns Breathing EPns or a mech.

you can craft a Breathing EPp native a anvitogether via 6x tungsten bars, 10x glass, and also 1x living root. Thins EPns will certainly enable you come breathe ~ above moonns and underwater.

If friend don't have actually ns Breathing EPP, you have the right to also usage your mech. come get your first mech, complete ns check drive quest, which deserve to be discovered in ns undergring percentage the ns Outpost. Talk come Dr. Akaggy (a penguin) to take a mech because that a test drive, and also you will get a simple one after ~ ns course ins complete.

as soon as friend have actually eitshe the EPp or mech, heADVERTISEMENT come a moon. Friend can choose any kind of mo~ above together castle all save on computer Erchius fuel.

~ trying out the moon's surface, girlfriend will certainly notice clusters that glfan pink ore. Thins ins ns crystal Erchiuns fuel. to mine the fuel, strategy ins through her mech and also right-click.


Tbelow will certainly it is in deposits that fuetogether along the surchallenge that ns moon, however friend will have the ability to discover larger clusters the fartshe undergring girlfriend are.

Underground, girlfriend might also encounter ns fuetogether in liquid form. to collect it, you will need ns liquid collection update because that her issue Manipulator. It's dangerouns to explore deens into a moon, for this reason it'ns definitely it"s okay if girlfriend simply desire to just skim the surchallenge the the world looking for ns crystal Erchiuns fuel.

Erchiuns Ghost

pgreat mining close to erchius ghold enemy
when you first land ~ above the moon, tbelow will certainly it is in no enemies. After ~ mininns ns initially decision Erchius fuetogether ore, a Erchiuns Ghold will certainly spawn, promptinns S.A.I.L. To warning friend about your presence. If friend travel come a mo~ above through fuel currently in her inventory, an Erchiuns Ghost will generate as well. This ins a pink, worm-favor gorganize the will certainly folshort you. this gmaster relocate incredibly Quick and also need to it is in avoided.


when collection fuel top top moons, move quickly, and also leave once girlfriend to be having a difficult tins findinns fuel. There are a lot of that other moons in ns cosmos to obtain even more fuel at.

Buying Fuetogether from Infinity Express

If girlfriend don't desire come visins moons to mine for fuel, you have the right to Acquisition fluid Erchiuns fuel from the Infinity Express in ~ the Outpost.

Here, one fuel will certainly price friend 5 pixels. Thins suggests the if girlfriend need to buy 100 fuetogether for one jump, it will cost girlfriend 500 pixels. As discussed earlier, thins fuetogether has a 1:1 ratio. It'ns not the best deal, but if you are stuck in a solar system via no moon, friend can teleport to the Outarticle come easily buy some fuel.

That's every there is come understand around Erchius fuel. Once girlfriend have actually sufficient fuetogether to travel, walk check out ns rest that ns universe!


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