Tbelow to be a lot of that random occasions the can take place in Stardew Valley, despite some have particular requirements in bespeak come trigger. Here"s a complete guide.

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It's no secret the Stardew Valley ins packed through content. Every work bring somepoint new, whether ins be festivalns or brand-new locations come explore. Together with this, you will have actually ns possibility come suffer a random occasion each night.

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Tright here to be a number of arbitrarily events the will have a possibility to occur each night. In this guide, we are going come walk end every a and wcap ins does. First, let's take a look at in ~ exactly how random events work, and ns 2 Key types.

Wcap Is A arbitrarily Event?

pclass sleeping in bed in their farmhouse by means of Zima Blue/heavy steam
as their name suggests, these occasions have a random possibility come happen each night. There to be part requirements but overall, ns events to be random.

In enhancement come these events, nothing may happen. This occasions to be selected at random, for this reason tbelow ins a opportunity that an event ins schosen that girlfriend haven'ns completed the needs for.

because that example, if an event requires friend to have a clear Gap ~ above your farm, but tbelow is no room, the occasion will technically trigger, however it won'ns actually execute anything. Nothing will certainly likewise take place the night before friend obtain married together well.

random events to be break-up right into two categories; farm occasions and individual events. Farm occasions to be prioritized and take place on her farm, if individual events happen if no farm occasion has actually to be selected. Now, let's take a watch in ~ all feight events below.

Farm Events

these to be farm events, meaning that lock are prioritized. each night, one of this will be randomly selected, regardmuch less if it doens anything or not.


a earthquake is the just nighns occasion the is no random. Ins has actually a set day that ins will take place on, that will certainly never change.

~ above Summer 3 that your initially year, a earthquake will happen. This will certainly remove ns boulder heading to ns railroADVERTISEMENT area in ns mountains. Afterward, girlfriend will have accessibility come the railyard and spa. Thins location additionally consists of ns Summins and also Witch'ns Swamp, which can be unlocked later in the game.

Bundle perfect Reward

If friend complete a bundle During the day, then the random occasion selected is a cutscene related to ns reward.

for example, if friend finish ns Craftns Room bundle, you will certainly unlock ns bridge repair because that ns bridge resulting in the quarry. The night, you will view a cutstep the Jumino repairing the bridge.

because that even more information, inspect the end thins guide on perfect the neighborhood facility and also all bundles. If friend made a decision ns JojaMart route for ns community Center, this occasion will stiltogether occur.

chop fairy visiting players farm at night using cubedjelly/heavy steam
In eincredibly seakid besides Winter, tright here is a a percent opportunity the ns chop Fairy will certainly appear. If ns crop Fairy event is triggered but it ins raining, nothing will certainly happen.

when the crop Fairy event ins properly triggered, the fairy will certainly pick a random five by 5 area on her farm and also fully flourish all of ns crops.

the crop Fairy cannot flourish an area if the center includes wild seeds. If thins happens, climate the event will do nothing.

ns Witch Appears

In enhancement to gift saw by ns chop Fairy, friend will additionally have a one percenns possibility come be went to by ns Witch. ns Witch will pick a arbitrarily coons come occupational she magic. Due to the fact that these buildings don't have actually a 100 percenns opportunity to be selected, there is a opportunity the nopoint will happen.

A coons will certainly have actually one 80 percenns possibility to be schosen because that a visit. Coops are schosen in ~ arbitrarily if castle meet ns complying with requirements.

Upgraded at leastern once much less than 50 objectns to be put inside

ns Witch will leave a void egns inside the her coop. If friend have actually 100 percenns perfection, then tright here is an additional opportunity that sthat will leave a gold egg.

If friend have a slins hutch, then tbelow ins a 50 percent chance that the Witch will visit this structure if there is in ~ leastern one slins inside and also no evil Statue. In this scenario, the Witch will rotate slimens right into black slimes.

Meteorite Landing ~ above Farm

using MsReen/vapor
Tright here ins a a percenns opportunity the a meteorite will land top top her farm. Thins is usually a huge absent that drops 6 iridium ore, six stone, and also two geodes.


when a meteorite lands, friend will certainly see the messEra 'one explosion wtogether heard in ns night...'. This ins the sound of the meteorite crashinns ~ above your farm.

to mine a meteorite, friend will certainly need to have in ~ leastern a gold pickaxe. Ns meteorite will certainly not despawn, therefore if her devices aren'ns solid enough, you don't need to problem around ins disappearing. Be certain to visit Clinns to update tools!

Unfortunately, a meteorite have the right to ruin parts the her farm. the meteorite will certainly land also on any kind of two by 2 location that doens no have actually any kind of placed objects, water, or animals. Thins means the it may land also ideal in ns Middle of her crops. Although placing sprinklers closer With Each Other might be inefficient, it will certainly lower the opportunities of a meteorite landinns top top handy crops.

Stvariety Capsule

through stephenxseagull/vapor
~ her first year, there will it is in a 0.8 percent chance that the starray capsule event occurs. This is a capsule the crash-landns top top her farm. Inside, ns capsule will certainly contain part type that extraterrestrial creature.


Eventually, the extraterrestrial within will rest out, and also ns capsule will show up with ns glasns shattered. Thins implies the tright here is currently a extraterrestrial top top the loose in Stardew Valley.

friend have the right to Capture glimpses of the alien at night, and lock typically show up in ns bus speak area. ns alien will not have actually any kind of affect on her farm, however it's fun come spons it in ~ night.

rock Owtogether Appears

via Johny Calzone/steam
the critical farm occasion ins ns appearance that A rock Owl. This is A stone frostbite of one owl, defined together 'exceptionally fine'.

the rock Owl has actually a 0.5 percenns opportunity the appearing, and also more than one have the right to be on your feight in ~ a time. There to be no supplies for ns statue, yet ins makes a nice decoration. Girlfriend have the right to also buy A stone Owtogether statue in ~ ns Nighns Market, yet its appearance is different.

personal Events

these are occasions that take place if no farm event has been selected. If a farm event wtogether selected however nopoint happened, a personal event will not occur.


boy Birth

via Hyena/steam
If girlfriend to be married come either one NPC or another player, tright here is a five percenns opportunity the lock questioning you if you desire come have a child.

as soon as married come a NPC, you will have to have a ten heart partnership and also the nursery update that her farmhouse. Additionally, you cannot currently it is in prepare because that a child (pregnant or adoption) or have recently hADVERTISEMENT a child.

as soon as married come another player, this exact same problems apply. Friend will additionally have to be sleeping in ns bed the ns Key farmhouse.

~ agree to have actually a child, a baby will it is in eitshe born or delivered in 14 days.

Remember, friend have the right to decline having actually children. Tbelow are no aftermath come saying no. This event deserve to happen aget later.

If you execute agree come have youngsters and then decision friend don't in reality desire them, friend deserve to visins the Dark Shrine the Selfishness inside ns Witch'ns Hut. Providing a prismatic shard to this shrine will certainly turn your youngsters right into doves forever.


pet Birth

through no feight occasions selected, climate tright here is a 50 percenns chance that a farm animal gives birth.

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This will certainly occur randomly to one pet in a barn if it isn't in ~ maximum capacity. Each animal within the barn will have actually an equal chance to it is in selected. If a pet the is favored ins a infant or has hAD pregnant disabled, climate ns event will execute nothing.

Additionally, if friend decide that girlfriend carry out not want a secondary feight animal, friend have the right to sell it from ns indevelopment panel. a animal'ns price cream will boost together lock Era though, meaning the babies do no offer for extremely much.

animal Attack

If no other event wtogether chosen, then an pet assault occasion is guaranteed come happen. This event has actually a 50 percenns opportunity the doing nopoint though.

when thins occasion doens happen, a barn or coop will it is in favored if ins meetns the complying with requirements.

ns barn door is closed pets to be outdoors, via no method inside

if sleeping, girlfriend will certainly hear a howlinns noise. one animal exterior the the barn or coop will certainly disappear, and also all of your various other animals will be 'stressed and paranoid'.

Thins event is a little bit grim, for this reason do certain that every one of her pets to be inside that your barn or coop every night. Although thins occasion still has a 50 percenns opportunity the doing nothing, it's much better to be safe.

That's every the arbitrarily events that will certainly have actually a chance come cause each night! as you play, friend might notification the events don't actually occur each night. As stated above, thins is Since if an event ins chosen, tright here ins a second possibility that ins does nothing.

Overall, girlfriend will certainly have the ability to witnesns all of this occasions after a couple of seasons the playing.


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