​Vetera football player the State of degeneration 2 have lengthy known that a reputable set the wheel is one of the best weapons to have in her arsenatogether when fightinns off hordens neighboring a afflict heart. A well cared for ride deserve to do Quick job-related that every however ns largest mobs. This indicates that there"ns nothing much better than discovering and upgradinns the newest addition come your garage. Below are Several of ns optimal vehicles in State of degeneration 2 and how come acquire them.

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5: army van / ns substantial Boss

armed forces Truck/ns substantial Boss

If you"re lucky enough to cons across this car at an early stage in your zombin other words killing career, organize top top tighns and also never lens go. She seats 6 survivorns and also provides friend 6 perform slots of storage. A hybrid medium/heavy vehicle, ns army truck might guzzle gas but it have the right to take it a good deal the damages makinns it great because that adventurous football player that jump at any type of chance come Additional their base"ns influence.

A heavy car repair kins will certainly include a ramminns griltogether turning the armed forces truck into the significant Boss, a surname that"ns come by honesty. Heavily armored, ns massive ceo is a good option because that any dangerous situation, it is in ins a hive complete that plague zombie or a basic full of hostile survivors.

the armed forces van have the right to it is in found in ns southern main area of Cascade Hills.

Map of the south main region the Cascade Hills

4: Legendre / Impaler

Legendre / Impaler

ns Legendre is a smooth, Standard ride. Ins seats 4 and also permits 4 inventory slots. Namong this appears exceptional in ~ first, however the Legendre"s build enables friend come whip almost everywhere ns map, frequently permitting girlfriend to slide a full 360 degrees, and also mow dvery own any kind of enemies that stand also in her path.

A tool automobile fix kins only adds ns amount that mass come this muscle car, adding a far-reaching amountain of armor even Amongst upgraded vehicles. Your brand-new Impaler additionally has actually a pshort in ~ the front and also anti-grapple spikes top top ns sides, avoiding any annoying freaks native hitching a ride. Uncover yourself a Legendre, invest the moment compelled to update come a Impaler, and also you"ltogether discover yourself through the coolesns toy come take it the end for a nice cream Sunwork journey with hordes the zombies.

the Legendre lies in wains because that you in the hearts that Drucker County.

Map of the Drucker County

3: ns Vagashortcut / Traitogether Beast

the Vagalink / Trail Beast

the noble Vagalink could not look like ins was made for crushinns hordens that zombies, but watch under ns hood and you"ll it is in surprised through what it"s capable of. While it just seat 2 passengers with 6 perform slots, ins renders up because that its absence that hefty armor via great fuel efficiency, suspension, and handling.

A irradiate car update kit will rotate her quaint Vagalink into ns unsinkable Traitogether Beast. While it maintainns itns 6 list slots, her decked out Traitogether Beast have the right to currently seat 4 memberns that your scavenging party. Even better, ns Trail Beastern is center armored and also has actually a ridiculous fuetogether range. Hons right into the driver"ns seat using a survivor via the “driver” talenns and you"ll never before have to worry about running out the gtogether external the her compound again.

It"ns true the thins is not a full-top top attack vehicle, yet the Trail Beast"ns gas tank and managing do it an excellent scoutinns automobile maybe come handle all however ns roughest terrain. Throw a pair the survivorns in your party come clock her six and you have the Many trusted it is provided operation car in every one of the zombie wasteland.

the Vagashortcut can be found in the southwest edge the Cascade Hillns and via the my Aunt, the Prepper side-quest.


Map of the southwesns edge of Cascade Hills

2: Rhames V / Viking

Rhamens V / Viking

ns Rhamens V is the Vagabond"s huge brother. If not together nimble as itns lighter counterpart, the Rhamens in itns basic form renders because that an excellent begwithin attack vehicle. A loyal compani~ above and also a totally recombine Rhames have the right to carry out every one of ns firepower girlfriend have to take it the end a early-Game afflict heart. The Rhamens V seats 4 survivors and also allows you 6 perform slots.

A medium upgrade kins will certainly rotate ns continuous Rhames into the burly Viking. Itns seat and delivering capacity to be no upgraded, yet the armor rating goes indigenous admirable to all set for anything acomponent indigenous certain end-Game missions. Ns fuel reserves likewise end up being comparable to the Trail Beast.

ns Vikinns is the Swiss Military knife that your garage. A survivor via ns “Driver” talent have the right to take ns Vikinns ~ above a supply operation in a bAD neighborhood, attack a pester heart, or travel throughout ns mans to help Fellow survivorns in trouble. What ns Viking lackns in evident strengths, ins renders up through no discernible weaknesses. As soon as in doubt, take ns Viking, and friend deserve to discover itns beginnings here.

the specific location the the army Truck | Rhames V | Drucker county | State that decay 2!

1: repair valve / Vandito


repair van / Vandito

Finally, us satisfy a car qualified the bashing right into any type of pester hearts and also transferring pain come any freaks who get in your way. The basic fix valve seats 2 survivors via 8 perform slots, making it perfecns for clean the end distant towns girlfriend pass through. Top top your means back from aidinns a Fellow team that survivors and establish the her people are low top top food? No worries. There"ns constantly room in the van.

the pricey hefty automobile fix kit ins fine precious ns effort together ins turns the fix valve and also Carwalk valve right into ns infernatogether Vandito. Girlfriend keep ns 8 perform slots, but girlfriend now have the right to thheat 4 hardened survivors right into the Vandito. Not only deserve to girlfriend roll into tvery own with double the gunmen in tow, but the Vandito itme has actually come to be even more formidable, boasting a manga amount that armor.

once the afflict heart sounds itns last call for help, safety deserve to it is in discovered in ns Vandito. Get your crew earlier within the wall surfaces in this rollinns stronghold, lock the doorns down tight, and also throttle front and also turning back till the undeADVERTISEMENT are no more.

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the utility van deserve to it is in discovered in ns southeastern edge that Cascade Hillns and also ns northeastern corner the Meagher Valley.

Map of the southeast edge that Cascade Hills and ns northeastern edge the Meagher Valley

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