you can remain for 4-nightns in ~ ns new Stella Di Mto be Dubans Marina native just £649pp i m sorry contains one-of-a-kind sell flights, one upgrade to half-plank at ns hotel and also ticket come ns Dubai Fountainns Show!

Certified Platinum: only ns exceptionally best, award winning properties will attribute here. Ins ins not a pre-requiwebsite for this many hotels come it is in expensi have however tbelow will certainly be no price spared.

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STELLA Dns Mto be DUBAi MARINA Dubai, UAE 4 nights, other durations available half board PackAge Offer: Hotetogether only obtainable ABTA & ATOl regulation & Protected

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Grand also opened market indigenous Going luxury one-of-a-kind offer Flamp consisted of Dubai Fountainns present consisted of update come half board contained Executive Rerotate move contained large Spa & wellness center cost-free Wi-Fi

we have actually a good schoice the Dubans & UAE Holidayns and Tours that have the right to it is in tailored come her needs. Call ours experts via li have chat, email or telephone with your needs and lens uns Placed Together her perfect itinerary.

ns luxury Stella Dns Mto be Dubans Marina ins a area in the UAE that will meet every your needs. Ns 369 roomns to be decorated in a lover Art-Deco Format and are draft to accommodate your eexceptionally requirement.

STELLA Di Mare DUBAns MARINA – us continually get one-of-a-kind provides for thins exciting property. Get in touch with us through live chat, email or phone come check the recent offers for her vacation requirements.

the Stella Di Mto be Dubans Marina Hotel ins the one location that meets every your needs, whetshe friend are visitinns for organization or leisure. Ns 369 rooms to be decorated in arts Deco Layout and to be designed come accommoday her eexceptionally requirement. Stella Dns Mto be provides An array the culinary delights, regardless of i beg your pardon restaurant friend choose. Leonarcarry out provides Italione food through a distinct twisns and La Fontana provides you through a international buffet. The Orphic lets friend enJoy yes, really Italia coffees through some deliciouns pastries. Skyland also – among the Few rooftop barns in Dubai, ins situated top top ns 31st floor, wbelow you deserve to be safe through one of our exclusi have cocktails in hand, when watchinns ns beautifutogether sunset. JBR Bevery ins a 10 minute walk indigenous Stella Di Mare. The Hotel provides totally free spaceship come JBR Beach and Dubans Marina Mall. Dubans global Airport ins a 30-minute journey away.

Going high-end distinct market What’ns Included

Rerevolve Flights via 23kgns organize Luggage

4-Nts Stella Di Mto be Dubans Marina

Deluxe Room

upgrade come Half-Board

Executi have Rerevolve Transfers

Dubai Fountains Show

totally free Wi-Fi

ATOl Certificate

when to travel to Stella Dns Mare Dubans Marina

Departurens indigenous £649pp

take a trip select September, October & June days because that the best prices with many other days accessible from small supplements.

various other dates/duration available, you"re welcome usage our live ccap business or speak to our trusted travel torture for even more detailns and also come book.

Stella Di Mto be Dubans Marina Review

the Stella Di Mto be Dubai Marina Hotel is the a location that meets all your needs. The 369 roomns to be decorated in art Deco Layout and also to be designed come accommoday eextremely requirement. Stella Dns Mare promises the highest level the personalised services in order come encertain girlfriend to be constantly left via i can not forget memories. It ins conveniently located Among ns hubns the ns Jebetogether Alns totally free Zone, Dubans Media City and also Dubans Internet City. The hotel is just 10 minute to walk come Jumeirah Beach. Well-known attractions, consisting of ns Emirates Golf Course, ns Mevery one of ns Emiprices and ns Dubai Marina Mevery are all closeby. Dubans Airharbor deserve to be got to in 35 minutes by car, while Abu Dhabns Airport ins approx. 90 minute away. You"re welcome click or contact because that more details.

Dubai Fountainns Show


Witnesns ns world biggest dancing fountain!

watch ns fountain indigenous the Burj Lake, against a backdrons of the world greatest skyscrapers.

This intuitive spectacle provides 6,600 lights, 25 coloured projectorns and also 22,000 gallons that airborne water!

suffer a stunninns choreography that irradiate and also water synced with classical, Arabic and world music.

the spring reachens heightns together high a 45-storey building! located ideal beside ns inwell known Burj Khalifa, ns Dubai Fountains have the right to it is in watched for mile and also miles in the distance. Set in sync with classical, Arabic and civilization music, the water fountains’ show-preventing performance ins absolutely not one come be missed. Make certain come have your cam at the ready, together thins is one power you don’t want to miss!

searching for somepoint else? acquire in touch and also lens us find her perfect getaway. We have accessibility come numerous other vacation deals, part not even noted on our site yet!

Stella Di Mare Dubai Marina assures the greatest levetogether that personalised services in order come ensure you are constantly left with i can not forget memories.

basic Description:ns spa hotetogether Stella Dns Mare Dubans Marina is situated in ns vicinity the a sandy beach, linked every 2 hrs through a cost-free spaceship service. At ns beach, there to be sunlight umbrellas for a fee. Ns city Sharjah City is approx. 48 kilometres away. Ns nearest shoppinns framework to be located approx. 1 kilometres from the hotel, a supersector deserve to be reached after roughly 12 km. In the evening, girlfriend deserve to go dancing in a nightclub in ns hotel’s surroundings. Additional entertainment framework such together a cinema and a theatre are approx. 1km or approx. 12km away. There ins additionally a spaceship to Marina Mevery native 10:00 – 18:00.

Amenities:the 31-storey 5-star hotetogether is composed that a Key building and a adjoining building, and has 369 rooms in total. It ins equipped with a 24h reception (check-in indigenous 14:00, check-out till 12:00), a lobby, a lift, an wait conditioning, a coiffeur, a parking area (wright here applicable, because that a fee) and a money transforming facility. Because that the meals, there to be 3 restaurants. WiFns is obtainable because that free. Furthermore ns hotetogether has 2 conference roomns through a full 300 seats, one Internet accessibility as well as a caterinns service. Because that guest dependent on a wheelchwait ns hotetogether has actually a wheelchwait obtainable lifns and also a variety of wheelchwaiting easily accessible bathrooms. Concierge business ins cost-free the charge. Room service, laundried / ironing service and also medical service to be accessible for a fee.

Pool:In the outdoor area of the hotel friend will certainly discover a pool. Here, there to be sunlight umbrelras because that totally free available. A bar at the swimming pool provides guest refreshinns beverages.

sports and Leisure:sporting activities and entertainment: Tennins (where applicable, because that a fee) and fitness. A golf food is approx. 22 km indigenous ns hotel. Whirlswimming pool free that charge. Spa location obtainable for a fee. Vapor bath and also massages easily accessible (wright here applicmay be for a fee).

additional information:extra fees may apply because that certain facilities, amenitiens or activities. Some solutions depfinish top top the local climatic problems and also ns season. Languperiods spoken: English, French, Italian, Russian and Arabic. Welcomed methods that payment: Amerihave the right to Express, visa and also Euro / MasterCard.

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at Goinns high-end us have 7 reasons WHY you should Publication her next holiday come the well reregarded Stella Di Mare Dubai Marina with thins one-of-a-kind offer.