Seachild 6 episode 1 - Kansas City Barbecue

ns 405 travels come Kansas City to accept a challenge the part smacktalk racers. Farmtruck and also AZN take it ~ above a elderly couple in a Hotrod. Ns 405 arrangement to prove your case of being the "nation"s fastest" through hostinns the biggest Cash Dayns event in history. Waiting day : 26th-Oct-2015ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seakid 6 episode 2 - No Rhino, No Cry

ns 405 list gets big shake-ups together everybody wants come move up, particularly Dominator, who has to be winninns a lot recently. AZN is fed up with Suzi"ns bitinns antics so Farmvan gets a dog trainer. Kamikaze takes a crack at ns #10 spot. Air day : 2nd-Nov-2015ReAD More

Seaboy 6 episode 3 - income this!

ns 405 get a unexplained callout indigenous a bunch of mouyour racerns through suevery Fast imports. Killing Nova, Chief, Chuck, Shane, Kamikaze and enhanced to be in for a shock once ns ricer cars prove to it is in faster than anyone imagined. Air date : 9th-Nov-2015ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seakid 6 episode 4 - Davidentifier & Goliath vs. Ns 405

dad Dave is lastly ready come unveil hins new racecar, "Goliath", and debate brewns as the wants to bully hins means up the list. Farmvan and AZN are encouraged the firehome ins haunted and also castle speak to a tool to ri would their adoit is in of angry spirits. Air day : 16th-Nov-2015ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seaboy 6 episode 5 - optimal the the list come Ya

It"s another 405 top Ten list shake-up! daddy Dave takens on Derek, Monza callns out killing Nova, raised takens on Doc, Shane should gyeongju lining and also lots of various other surpclimb races anywhere ns list. Will huge a cook obtain dethroned? will certainly Dave proceed come climb? air date : 23rd-Nov-2015ReAD More

Season 6 episode 6 - are afraid ns reaping machine

after ~ dad Dave crashes his brand-new car, chief attemptns to reunite Dave through Jackie Knox so that can drive ns Sonoma. An additional racer, ns Reaper, takens a shot at ns list and also tempers flare. Farmvan attempts to surpincrease AZN by trying come locate hins initially car. Wait day : 30th-Nov-2015ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seachild 6 illustration 7 - $50K, all the way!

Dissatisfied through ns Nationlarge Callout results, significant chef decides to host one epic Cash Days through 32 cars every contending because that $50K. Dad Dave & the Sonoma, Kye Kelly through ns NOLA crew & the OKC"s fastest racers carry ns heat. Who will certainly be crowned the fastest in ns nation? wait date : 7th-Dec-2015ReAD More

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