two different routes of travel through the lost flow and also both Lava Zones. They will it is in displayed in imaginative and also tell friend wbelow friend should go.

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Short Introduction

this are two approaches on traveling through ns shed flow and also Lava Zones. These will certainly it is in shown in imaginative for this reason friend understand just how come get there but no what girlfriend must carry out come gain tbelow (building vehicles and stuff choose that). Bort"s "lost flow and also Beyond" overview is a very great guide ~ above what girlfriend need to travel.ns will certainly attempt come protect against as many type of spoilers together possible for brand-new football player yet tright here will be a couple of essential ones prefer the locations.method Number 1 ins a longer, however safer, technique of travel the lost river. Her massive concerns to be Crabsquids, Warpers, and river Prowlers.method Number 2 ins short and also girlfriend don"t need to problem as much about Crabsquidns and Warpers, however you will have to go through a Gorganize Leviathan. Just brave or foolish civilization should effort this.

method Number 1: Entering the lost River

method Number 1 requires enterinns the lost river via the Blood Kelp Trench. HeAD Wesns indigenous her lifepod until girlfriend revery the Grass Plateau, bordering ns Dunes.
Folshort ns Blood Kelp Trench and walk as deens as friend can. Additionally friend can folshort it top top the surface and also when girlfriend reach this:
Dive down and also folshort ns Wall till you revery a big passEra causing the Bone Fields.If girlfriend take a passAge and also see this:
You"ve taken a wronns turn so turn about and also walk soon as you see ns giant skeleton.
Folshort the Wall surface top top the left side come avoid ns Ghost Leviathan.

strategy Number 1: Entering the Inenergetic Lava Zone

now the you"re in ns bone area continue following the lefns Wall till friend revery thins tiny skeleton.
Folshort that lefns and dvery own until girlfriend revery the Juncti~ above i beg your pardon looks like.
from tbelow friend have 3 means to go. Right and up leader to ns Ghold forest i beg your pardon leads out of the shed River. Appropriate leads toward the illness study Facility, i beg your pardon is great because that brand-new football player trying come understand ns lore, but other 보다 the serves no important purpose.that pipeline left towards the Ghost Tree. It"s exceptionally difficult to miss. Follow that passAge till you reach the huge drop and brine falls. Descfinish and rotate roughly and also follow ns appropriate tunnel until girlfriend reach the Inactive Lava Zone.right here to be part screenshots.
when you revery ns end of ns tunnetogether save going straight until friend revery the massive rocky castle. Folshort the basic about come ns best until friend discover a huge Eco-friendly door the looks choose this. Do not forget come watch out because that ns two Sea Dragon Leviathans.
Folshort ns inside tunnetogether and also Go into the alien thermal Plant

approach Number 1: Enterinns ns energetic Lava Zone

when friend have finimelted everything in tright here heAD earlier the end and also heADVERTISEMENT in the direction of the significant skeleton. Tbelow have to it is in a gigantic feet that girlfriend can walk inside and folshort come ns active Lava Zone. In ~ the finish you must watch this:
Aacquire watch out because that the Sea Drag~ above Leviathan. They"re really crude oil sometimes.
once you"re inside ns primary Containment Facility, however, girlfriend are for sure and deserve to end up the story.

method Number 2: Entering the lost River

Alternatively girlfriend can take it the shorter route, which if you"re capable the acquisition top top a Gorganize Levia보다 i recommend a lot more. Go come ns east side that hill Island.
confront east and also descend and also go forward. Girlfriend must start seeing these:
at ns end that that ins a huge cliff. Descend together much as you deserve to and also turn around. Follow the huge tunnel.
clock the end for the juvenile Ghold Leviathan. That has a temper.
Anymethods you should watch this large feet roughly ns Ghost Leviathan. It leads to the Inactive Lava Zone. The research facility ins a tiny More dvery own the tunnetogether if you want come usage the first.

technique Number 2: ns Lava Zones

native here ~ above it"ns pretty a lot the same. Uncover the big rocky castle. Tright here is another door top top ns side closer to you i m sorry have to be straightforward to uncover together it"ns alongside a skeleton. On her method tbelow girlfriend should have happen a big drop the leader right into ns energetic Lava Zone. Remember ns Sea Dragtop top Leviathans are swim around.
once friend to be finiburned through the heat plant friend are totally free come go come ns major Containmenns facility. Don"t forgain about thins ugly guy.

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collaborates and Ending

If girlfriend are having actually problem right here to be a perform that coordinates.Blood Kelp Trench entrance (-747 -156 -303)Bone areas (-983 -736 36)Junction (-607 -843 280)Inenergetic Lava Zone entrance 1 (-1216 -1000 426)extraterrestrial thermal tree enntrance gate 1 (-71 -1180 3)energetic Lava Za enntrance gate 1 (-268 -1329 -129)pear Zone Corridor entrance ()condition study facility (-229 -796 321)Inactive Lava Zone entrance 2 (257 -919 685)alien heat tree enntrance gate 2 (-18 -1184 211)energetic Lava Zone enntrance gate 2 (78 -1280 351)
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