Seachild 1 illustration 1 - deserve to Gamers survive the genuine Mirror"s Edge?

with the aid of a experienced parkour trainer, MatPat along with friends indigenous Smosh Games and ns Warns Zone Learn how to percreate Some of ns moves checked out in Mirror"ns Edge. Wait date : 8th-Jun-2016ReAD More

Seachild 1 episode 2 - football + Carns = AWEpart (Rockens League)

waiting day : 8th-Jun-2016ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seakid 1 episode 3 - can Gamerns Defusage BOMBS? ft. Video Game Grumps (store talking and Nobody Explodes)

waiting date : 15th-Jun-2016ReADVERTISEMENT More

Seaboy 1 episode 4 - don"t obtain CAUGHT! Stealthing favor metal equipment hard

end ns years i have da a few theory on metal equipment Solid, yet mine research study has actually never associated real Army vehicles, actual guns, and also actual BOXES! because that this illustration ns lugged in a couple of friends come Find Out around metal gear heavy and also genuine stealth techniques native a veterone and also 12-year UNITED STATE navy Seal…that basically thinks we’re a bunch that gamer pansies. In our obstacle we’ll uncover out simply just how stealher we yes, really to be in ~ trying to sneak into an actual armed forces it is provided basic in ns Center of ns night…I’ltogether give girlfriend a hint: no exceptionally stealthy.the 360 video tape to go along with this episode ins a real-world reenactment that a hard snake stealth missitop top and also it’s AWESOME.a vast thanks come Odom native ns Warpzone, Ausbelieve ns PeanutButter Gamer, and also Katie Wilchild for stealthing through thins illustration through me! I’d hide in a cardplank box via girlfriend guys any day that ns week.last but definitely not least, a vast tide that gratitude to our experienced Jeramiah Dinnell and also everyone that works via him in the armed forces and armed forces. Us were so honored to Discover indigenous friend for this episode and acquire a also stronger appreciation because that ns life-conserving occupational girlfriend do every day. Wait day : 22nd-Jun-2016ReAD More

Season 1 illustration 5 - surviving five Nightns of FEAR!

girlfriend understand me and animatronic restaurant horror…ns just can’t continue to be away! therefore as soon as ns opportunity to reproduce five Nights at Candy’ns came up, you know ns was goinns to Video Game LAbdominal ns hell the end that this one. Like eextremely illustration the Video Game Lab, it’s no simply around recreating the Video Game in actual life, it’s about experimenting why ns Game works and also how it uses come the real world. In this episode, us check the end the real Video Game mechanics the five Nightns in ~ Candy’s, then Find Out all about fear responses and why various human being answer come these Gamings differently. Our expert for the episode deindicators Some of the Most terrifyinns haunted houses in ns people and reflects uns what it yes, really implies come di have right into scarry games. The 360 video tape for this episode ins likewise a exceptionally creepy first-Human being go through FNAC alone…in the dark…via some unmeant friends… http://bit.ly/28YFQ2oa substantial thanks come Vern~ above indigenous warm Pepper Gaming/ns Video Game Grumps, Trisha Hershberger the
thatgirltrish, and also plunder Dyke indigenous TheRobDyke display because that gettin’ your creep top top for this episode. I enjoyed wetting mine trousers repeatedly with friend in fronns that big animatronics. Wait day : 29th-Jun-2016ReAD More

Seaboy 1 illustration 6 - OSTwell-off JOCKEYS?! (last Fantasy XV)

gain prepared for some great ol’ fashioned CHOCOBO RACING! Or, together cshed together i can get, as soon as ns traveresulted in the Arizona ostwealthy festivatogether to hons ~ above real gyeongju ostriches. And this no cute little chicks we’re talk about—these are gigantic, eight-foot, 40-miles-per-hour racing monsters! ns got pecked, stepped-on, and bucked turn off for an entire day discovering just how come actually gyeongju these birds, climate ns take it ~ above part severe competition in one every out tournament. Discover wcap it indicates to “journey a ostrich choose a football” and wcap happen when your bird decidens they just don’t feeling like finishinns the race! Then, check everything out in 360 via a ride-alengthy behind ns scenes tourism of the episode! waiting date : 6th-Jul-2016ReAD More

Season 1 episode 7 - to be you gift HACKED? (watch dogs 2)

ever before wonder wcap it’ns like to be a actual life hacker? as somea that works online, it’ns among twater tap things i thoctopus around all the time. But it turns out, ns fact around hacking ins means scarier 보다 i might have ever imagined. Girlfriend understand that insane hackinns friend check out in Watch_dogs and also every ns bizarre points girlfriend deserve to hack prefer phones, cars, and stoplights? It’ns every real, mine friends, and also it’s just ns beginning! because that this episode, we carried in two skilled hackerns to tevery us the ins and also outns of hacking right into a significant media agency and grabbinns information off the your very own servers…because that REAL. This is serious, scarry ingredient and it totally adjusted ns way i watch in ~ ns Internet and hacking in real life. Ns 360 video for this one shows us in reality break into the Youtube Gap by disablinns itns very own protection systems, then gaining captured in some sticky situations…do sure friend examine it out! wait day : 13th-Jul-2016ReADVERTISEMENT More

Season 1 episode 8 - ns science the sword Fighting! (because that Honor)

for ns finale that Video Game LAbdominal muscle Seakid 1 ns wanted uns to go the end in style…for this reason i made a decision to SIEGE mine own CASTLE! Or in ~ least, a lock i rented for a day. This was one of the Most fun episodes to make in ns entire series—i got to Discover sword techniques, a dress in historical armor and stAb ns mustache Bros. IN ns FACE! as soon as friend thoctopus around comparinns this Gamings come real life, friend thsquid about the tools and also ns armor, yet friend nothing thoctopus about ns adrenaline, the fatigue, and also the idea of finish strangers to run at friend via axes. It’ns a lons even more intense and a lot more dangerouns than i ever before anticipated! for the 360 video, us staged a castle defense with trained knights and Viemperors the literallied puts girlfriend in the Center that ns battle. Wait day : 20th-Jul-2016ReADVERTISEMENT More


Seachild 1 illustration 8

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