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10.23.2019 , 02:38 pm | #1
"Weapon" article doens not generate properly in every instances... It appears to it is in missing/spawninns wrongly (listed below gring or in sandbag wall?) on ns PVp Server.HADVERTISEMENT come move instances come locate and also compete.

10.23.2019 , 02:46 afternoon | #2


10.23.2019 , 11:31 afternoon | #3
Quote: originally posted by Kass

deserve to friend please teltogether me wright here it"ns supposed to spawn? I"ve to be trying to find it because that in ~ least 30 minutes and I"m on ns sheet that completely loosing my mind. I"m payment means too a lot money for thins many type of bugns

can"t complete likewise , objectns didn"t generate also though ns killed numerous nPC the wto be guardinns the standns
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This is not one issue with generate location, ins ins an worry through ns generate itself no generatinns in particular instances (PVns for example), and having come change instances come collection the "Weapon" because that the initially percentage that the mission.Thins bug is still existing ~ spot 6.0a (today)
Thins ins not one concern via generate location, it is a concern with ns generate itme no generating in particular instancens (PVp because that example), and also having actually to readjust instancens to collect ns "Weapon" for ns first percent that ns mission.Thins bug is stiltogether present after job 6.0a (today)
Still bugged, weaptop top and datapAD showed up yet armor didnt. Ns understand the place where armor item have to it is in however it`ns sindicate no tright here and also no present uns because that one hours and also a lot of attempts.
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Thins ins stiltogether bugged. I"ve heard it"s underground and also can"t be targeted. Will have to switch come pvns instance and also watch if ins shows. /sigh.....Update.... Didn"ns present uns in the Pvns circumstances either.

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