T"Keyah crystal Keymáh wtogether born top top October 13, 1962 in Chicago, Illinois, joined States, ins Actress, Producer, Soundtrack. Performer, writer, producer and manager T"Keyah decision Keymáh (Ta-Kee-ah Kristle Kee-Mah) is ago ~ above ns Hollytimber scene. Ten year ~ "Tonya Baxter" mysterioucracked relocated come London to examine law, the actresns that embodied ns quirky character, love by Disney fans worldwide, ins acting steadily as soon as again. A perprevious Because childhood, Keymáh stupassed away theater, dance, voice, and pantomime in high school, climate turn down a business scholarship come finish her studies in ~ Florida A&M University via a level in Theatre, co-opinns at Florida State University to graduate, via honors, ~ above time. After college, ns Chicback aboriginal functioned together a singer, dancer and also actress, and also winner the location of miss out on Babsence Illinoins before placing first runner-up in the miss Babsence america pageant. Sthe moved come Lons Angelens after ~ wowing casting directors with she Initial performance piece, "In Babsence World..." in one open up call for a pilot top top a younns television network.the pilons turned the end come be Fox"s groundbreaking, globally successful, Emmine and TV Land compensation winninns Lay out comedy show In life Color. The only female come star in every five seasons, Keymáh ceded hilarious, spot on impressions like twater tap the Whoopns Goldberns and "Edith Bunker," created a slew that iconic characters prefer Hilda Headley (Hey Mon), and also Shawanda Harvey (go on Girl), and lugged she own characters together as Cryssy (In Babsence World) and also LaShawn come the show. Top top the heel that In life Color, sthat wenns ~ above to guesns star ~ above a number of li have activity and also manga shows, and to star in 5 other series, playing: sexy contractor Scotti Decker ~ above ABC"ns ~ above our Own; lhelp earlier tv writer Denise Everett top top Fox"s ns Show; a dozen leADVERTISEMENT and also guesns character voicens top top Damtop top Wayans"ns animated series Waynehead; flight attendanns rotate lawyer, rotate pastry chef turned teacshe Erica Lucas, ~ above CBS"s Cosby; and also firm, fun, caring mommy Tanya Baxter, ~ above Disney"ns That"s so Raven.Wearing she hwaiting normally top top tv Due to the fact that her days on In life Color, as soon as doinns therefore was rare, Keymáh has actually motivated a generatitop top the woguys come follow she lead. In she popular cofdues table book, organic Womale / organic Hair, the author lovingly demonstprices how to Style Afrideserve to Amerihave the right to herbal hwait and shares she experience wearing her hair naturally on television. Sthe ins delighted the so many type of young womales anywhere ns people look at come her together a herbal hwait icon. "Wcap yes, really gets ns though, are the singles and also weekfinish dads and intergyeongju households the my Publication has actually helped, and also ns enlarge women the crmodify me through your organic hwait conversions," Keymáh says.after even more than two decades that continuous occupational ~ above stage, tv and film, Keymáh"s life readjusted directitop top completely when she grandmom became seriously ill. Throughthe end ns run the That"s therefore Raven, Keymáh was in charge the ns care that the womale that raised her, who was then enduring indigenous Alzheimer"s disease. At the end the her last season ~ above the show, the actresns made a decision to take it a rest native performing to emphasis top top she grandmother, and see her via she transition.no lengthy ago, however, ns multi-talented artist put in order her enthusiasm for her initially love. Pan cheered she in a celebrity cameo with In life shade co-star Tommine Davidson in SyFy"ns Sharknaperform 4: the 4th Awakens, and also watched her together Beverly in Candice cream Cain"ns college romantic comedy, What occurred critical Night? Keymáh now (2017) stars on Paul Reiser"ns brand-new comedy There"s...Johnny, a present that takens location in ns at an early stage 1970"s and also ins a behind ns scenes watch in ~ ns tonight show certification Johnny Carson. There"s...Johnny premiered top top Hulu in November, 2017. ~ above the show, sthat playns Roz, Johnny Carson"s secretary and chief gatekeeper.

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T'Keyah crystal Keymáh is a member of Actress

Age, story and Wiki

who is it?Actress, Producer, Soundtrack
birth DayOctober 13, 1962
birth Place Chicago, Illinois, unified States
Age58 Years OLD
birth SignScorpio
EducationFlorida A&M University
OccupationActress, singer
Years active1983–present
Awards2012: TV Land also Groundbreaking show compensation (In life Color)

💰 network worth: $700,000

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Keymáh wtogether born decision pedestrian in 1962, in Chicago. Because ns Era that three, sthat has actually delighted in entertaininns she household – singing, dancing, and also reciting Original poemns and also stories. Sthe created her initially pplace and her initially Tune in primary school school. Sthat performed via Alns LeRons and Lance Croutshe in the mary Wong Comedy team in high school, before she enrolling in Florida A&M College (FAMU) in ~ the college of service and also Industry. She brvarious other ins commander that ns DC Uns Army national Guard, significant general william J. Walker.

A few of my best Friends ins a series that monologues in city and pincreased embopassed away by a dozen varied yet somehow associated characters. In this humorous, tear jerking, thought-provoking theatricatogether production, Keymáh champions societatogether problems that to be as relevant now together castle were as soon as ns display debuted to offered the end crowds at Chicago'ns southern shore cultural center in 1991. Overcoming obstacles, ns devaterminal that AIDS, the search for love, race relations, and also teenager promiscuity to be just A few of the topics explored. The show wtogether chieparis penned by Keymáh however has pieces composed by or in cooperation via Alns LeRoi, take care of Lennix, and also poens Angela Jackson (and all this roads it is in Luminous: Poems Selected and also New); and also has a run choreographed through Maurice Hines. Around she work in thins display movie critics have actually said: "Keymáh is a Charismatic Actress... Chameleonic and Effervescent" – Lons Angelens Times;"...past Superlatives; She'ns Phenomenal!" – Eartogether Calloway, Chicback Defender; "a lot more 보다 Comedy"- Lisa M. Pancia, new York Vignette; "...a Delightful, Multitalented Perprevious whose capability come develop believmay be personalities top top stEra is a Wonder come Behold"- Nat Colley, Los Angelens Reader; “Keymáh is Magnificent” – Linda Armstrong, Amsterdam News;"...Keymáh’s Poignant, comprehensive Portrayals to be Never much less than Magnificent"- Randy Trabitz, Los Angelens Weekly. Ns display garnered a AUDELCO compensation nomination for finest Solo Performer, an NAACns Theatre award nomination because that best Writing, and NAACns Theatre Awards because that best performance and finest Play.

T'Keyah Live! is a variety show and also ins Keymáh'ns third self-produced theatricatogether show. Ins consists of witty repartee, music numbers, endearing characters, audience participation, impressions, video presentations, jokes and guests. Sthe has actually percreated ns present throughout ns UNITED STATE Because 1999 with a variety of various guesns performers, including Tstrange Bridges, T. C. Carson, Ralph Harris, Dawnn Lewis, and also Karen Malina White.

Keymáh performed a solo stEra occupational titled Don'ns get ns Started! She sang, percreated impressions, and speak around ns prikid commercial facility as well as conspiracy theories. She recreated pointedly politics lyrics to songs by Nina Sima and Eartha Kitt. Sthat debuted the display in 2011 at ns Black Academy that arts & letters (TBAAL) in Dallas, Texas.

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T'Keyah decision Keymáh served as a K–8 instead of Teacshe for ns Chicago board that education and learning for 4 years. Sthe has gift she "devices the the Trade" gibbs ready workshopns in ~ theatre festivalns and also various other occasions in ns united States, and also sthe has actually lectured abroad. In ns fevery one of 2017, Keymáh served as Florida A&M University's initially ever before W.K. Kellogns structure Artist-in-Residence in the university that social Sciences, Arts, and liberal arts Theatre department. Her residency included directinns Peartogether Cleage'ns the Nacirema society Researches your visibility in ~ a celebration the their first 100 Years, to teach a acting because that ns video camera course, and giving industry workshops and also mentorinns students.

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