ns At this time doing a pput via via Natalia and also am functioning in the direction of obtaining her second Mystic Arte bow native Din's shop.

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top top gamefaqs.com tbelow ins a overview the reflects i beg your pardon find pointns friend deserve to acquire specific itemns at, and also i m sorry titles the Natalia's will certainly assist in acquiring those.

each find suggest can give girlfriend 4-5 level of items. Through Curiouns Princess girlfriend can acquire level 2 via one 80% greater chance, Star of Malkuth Levetogether 3, Labyrinth Princesns Levetogether 4, and also Adventurous Princesns levetogether 5.....

However, because that a things the lists Curiouns Princess as it'ns helper (therefore a level 2 item), ns it seems ~ come gain levetogether 1 or levetogether 3 items once making use of Star that Malkuth.

mine Inquiry is this i guess: am i simply obtaining ominous or have to i be switching mine titles as soon as going because that a item?

sorry for ns wall of text and also ns rather odd problem.

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· 8 yr. Ago
are you saying friend have the Star of Malkuth location fitted once tryinns to gather ns Levetogether 2 item? if therefore that's your problem, it'ns no one problem that sindicate having actually ns pertinent title, friend should equins it for any the its benefits to apply.

in various other words, equip Curious Princess

levetogether 2
Op · 8 yr. Earlier · edited 8 yr. Ago

That's kind the wcap ns thought. Mine Original assumed procedure was if Curiouns Princess gave ns an 80% better possibility in ~ a levetogether 2 item, Star of Malkuth would offer ns a 80% better possibility in ~ level 3 and also whatever below...

appears the isn't ns case. I acquire level 3 or levetogether 1.

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well now ns understand better.

EDIT: Wow. This short article got someone every butthurt apparently.... Sorry?


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