Tao Feng: Fisns of ns Lotuns is an Xbox-exclusi have fightinns Video Game design through Mortatogether Kombat co-creator john Topredisposition ~ departinns Midway come create Studio Gigante.

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Tao Feng is collection in metro China, wright here there ins a raginns dispute Among two factions; ns Pale Lotus and the Babsence Mantis. Both factions are fighting over two tablets the have the area the the treasures of the Pale Lotuns temple inscriptions on them. Whoever posses ns treasure of the Pale Lotus temple have the right to then it is in granted immortality through the god in exadjust for the treasures.


Tao Fenns boastns many kind of functions never before before viewed in any kind of fightinns game.

Lifechoose Fighting:

battle aircraft construct bruises, damaged bones, and also cuts in real time throughout ns fight. Hittinns a pclass in a specific body sufficient times will rest the ba weakening the personalities ability to fight back. Personalities clothing also display damage over ns course of tins via cuts and tears.

Interactive Environments:

players will have the ability to interact through the stages and use lock together a weapon. Football player will certainly have the ability to throw enemies through doors, glasns cases and also also the floor. Players have the right to also use ns environment come escape, flippinns turn off walls and climbing uns polens deserve to help a trapped pgreat escape.

Chello Attacks:

players deserve to develop uns Chi Throughout ns fight then unleash it in an effective attack, Or If the player has actually damaged bonens and other bruises lock can use the gathered Chello come cure their wounds.


Pale Lotus

Black Mantis

the final boss in ns Video Game is Zhao Yen.


environments in Tao Fenns to be distinctive in that each setting holds 2 stages. Some steras to be accessed via knockinns a player via a wall or hitting lock via the floor or ceiling, when others have the right to simply be gone into by walkinns come ns edge of the screen.

metro China Pier.

Stages: Boardwalk, Arcade.

subway China

Stages: Rooftop, Street.

Museum that herbal History

Stages: eight & Armor Hall, Main Lobby.

Heidone Sanctuary

Stages: Courtyard, Training Room.

Yone Lo Tower

Stages: Key Lobby, Penhouse

Souther Pole

Stages: Archaeologiacal Dig, Shipwreck.


to unlock the stPeriod Etheactual airplane that Immortality ns pgreat must complete advance training Setting with any type of character.

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to unlock playmaybe Zhao Yen the pgreat need to finish pursuit Mode via all members that ns Pale Lotus and Black Mantins and defeat Zhao Yen.