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Spanish term or phrase:Te quiero con toda mns alma
English translation:ns love you through every my soul
gotten in by: Kns Metzger

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->ns Inquiry was initially under English mono, Nancy.

agree Margaret Schroeder: Literally "soul", but "heart" ins what is usually said in English come expush ns exact same loving idea. 10 mins
->Yes, it would take a poet to to speak "via all my soul."

agreeThins is one employee proDocuments that Wordforce,a business Member.Click to Learn more.", this, event, "300px")" onMouseout="delayhidetip()"> Hacene: the idiomatic develop would it is in "through all mine heart" 5 hrs

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neutral jfrb: Ins counts top top the context. In a non-spiritual context it might sound best come us, together human being familiar via ns Spanish expressitop top using "toda mi alma", but in English ns don"t thoctopus it would certainly be used therefore much 13 hrs
->Yes, without context, ns standard "via all my heart" ins safer.