Happy Monday, TMJ! Tonight"ns the last illustration the this season. So you understand wcap that means, it"ns every about what goes dvery own behind the scenes.

TV overview claims "the galns and also your families take a trip come L.A. Because that the "teenager mom 2" reunion; Jenelle and Barbara"ns onstEra feud leader come a backstPeriod blowout; and, after reconciling with Javi, Kailyn ins blindface by allegations."


Javns admits the the was tryinns come make Kaylin feeling the means that does after ~ the break up.

Kaylin emphasizes the your partnership ins no much longer around them but exclusively around Lincoln so hins behavior is only hurting that. Kaylin apologizes because that break uns with him ns means sthat go and also he apologizes for exactly how he"s been acting.

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Kaylin"s initially soptimal ins to Jenelle"s room come feeling she baby bump. Sthe goes to she very own dressing room.

She"ns talking come ns producer about Javi as soon as ns producer gets a text from Jenelle saying she"ns about to leave.

Kaylin"ns segment yes, really delves into she concern with V. Kaylin doesn"t thoctopus the sthe should have actually one opinion Due to the fact that she"s not one overly connected step-mommy come Isaac.

V apologizens come because that makinns Kaylin feel intimidated and states ins wasn"t her intention.


Leah has actually to be accepted to a university nearby. Leah sit down via Barb and also filling her in top top wcap ins going ~ above in she life.


Cole and Chelsea are enjoy it married life so far. She"s no emotion fine as soon as sthat come in LA. Sthe goens to check out Kaylin who ins yes, really excited come watch she baby bump. Adto be doesn"t display uns and also Cole does not want come be top top TV therefore Chelsea films her segment alone.

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Chelsea doesn"t feel good, she has a fever before the 99.7. Therefore she"s going home. They"re goinns come speak to she ~ lock end up through ns other 2 to watch exactly how sthe feels.


Jenelle ins nervous for the reunion Due to the fact that both Barb and Na보다 to be goinns come be there. Barb callns castle as they"re talking around it wonder wright here everyone is. There"ns a little sneak emergence of ns reuni~ above wbelow Barb and Jenelle hash the end the custody.

earlier in her room, Jenelle is worried the this ins the end that she relationship through Barb.

ns producer cons in come examine on her, one offers she the choice of lacking the team interview.

Jenelle doesn"t choose that idea Because she does not want to it is in exclude, but sthe additionally doesn"t thoctopus she deserve to perform ins without crying.

Davidentifier and also Jenelle to be heading turn off even though they haven"t swarm the initially segment. Sthat feels choose the present ins just maintaining she on so the castle have the right to movie Barb. Jenelle refprovides to movie the first component and also she triens come take Jace through her.

However, without lettinns Barb recognize the producers won"t lens ns automobile go. David come the end and tries to relocate ns security. The vehicle reverses and also leaves and also the producer need to speak to ns police.

Barb came down on ns hotel however she will not walk uns and they won"t lug Jace down. In the end it ins David that is bringing him down.

the police aren"ns in ~ the hotel and Barb keeps insisting the she"ns pinninns it all on David. Jenelle seens ns cameras and also now desires nothing come execute via ns display anymore.

Barb does not desire to push chargens against Jenelle yet the police cream will not lens her simply push chargens ~ above Davi would alone.

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