Briana is a 26-year-old who lives with she strong-willed mother, Roxanne, and her opinionated sister, Brittany, in clear Orlando, FL. In high school, Briana ended up being pregnanns via she daughter Nova and also struggcaused navidoor parenthood with Nova"ns father, Devoin. When Nova wtogether six, Briana mens DJ louis and also came to be pregnanns again. Soon after ~ sthat finished things through Luis, infant Stella was born. Louis wtogether not approximately for hins daughter, and also Briana hADVERTISEMENT a feeling of deja vu, having actually ga through ns same point with Devoin. Years later, Devoin has been making a much more continual effort as a father, but that stiltogether has part work-related come execute -- he freshly foracquired come choose Nova uns indigenous gymnastics, leavinns her alone in a parkinns lot so late in ~ night. Meanwhile, luis remains a disappointment in Briana’ns eyes, only seeing Stella a few time a year. Despite Devoin and also Luis" shortcomings, Briana to know what it"ns prefer to grow up via one lacking fatshe and also proceeds to fight for the dads come action up for this reason she girl will not ever feel like sthe go together a child.

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Jade started her "teenager Mom" trip 3 years earlier on "Younns + Pregnant" ~ having her daughter Kloin other words via boyfriend Sean. Their on-again, off-aacquire romantic wtogether difficult ~ above Jade, especially as soon as Sean"s subview usage problems endangered ns family Jade want so badly. In spite of the hardships, Jade i graduated from beauty, beauty institution and wenns on to open she own business. Top top thins season that "teenager mommy 2," Jade"s relationship to be Put under remarkable stress, overload when sthat goes come Miami for plastic surgery. She family comes along come assistance her, yet instead, chaos ensues. Christy disappears through Jade"ns painkiller prescriptitop top because that hours, leaving Jade screaminns in pain and fed up, and also Sean gets into a altercatitop top through Jade"s dad. Will Jade’s quest because that a new human body lead to the implosi~ above of she family?

Kail ins a motivated and also independenns mom native a small town in Pennsylvania. Together a teenager via no assistance native she family, she relocated in through she boyfriend Jo after ~ ending up being pregnant via Isaac -- but the fightinns via Jo got so out of control the Kail and Isaac moved the end on your own. Kaitogether At some point mens Javi, a military man, and ns 2 easily married and hADVERTISEMENT baby Lincoln. After cheater rumors plagued their relationship, Kaitogether and Javi divorced, and also Kail dropped in love with a man who doesn"t desire to it is in top top the show. In spite of the couple"ns ups and downs, Kail is steadQuick top top being a great mommy to your 2 sons, Lux and Creed, withthe end the assist of your father. ~ above this season the "teenager mother 2," Kail ins stiltogether having problem co-parentinns through she sons" fathers but ins Optimistic that her brand-new house, closer come Jo and Javi, will certainly settle she problems and also bring she peace.

previous cheerleader Leah hAD she twins, Aliannah hope ("Ali") and also Aleeah Grace ("Gracie"), as soon as sthe was simply 17. Indigenous a tiny town in Wesns Virginia, Leah sacrificed a lot for her kids, and points gained also more difficult once Alns emerged clinical issues. Ali wtogether At some point diagnosed with a rarely create that muscular dystrophy and ins being monitored as she grows. Leah make the efforts to do things work-related for she daughterns by marryinns your dad, Corey, however the marriEra didn"ns last, and also ns pair divorced 6 months later. Leah do the efforts to move top top through marrying Jeremy, who"d come to be the father the her third daughter, Adalynn ("Addie") -- yet Jeremy"ns task required him come be amethod because that long follow me of time, and he Eventually filed for divorce. After ~ a few turbulent years, Leah"ns co-parentinns relationships via both dadns to be in a good place, but with COVID-19 threatening her family, Leah hregarding decide how come save a immuno-compromised Ali safe when stiltogether prioritizinns ns emotional well-being the all she daughters. Leah no have ns luxury the obtaining pandemic tiredness and need to it is in vigilanns for the benefits that she family.

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periods 1-10 – Stylish southern Dakota Chelsea to reduce out the high school Throughout her high level year after ~ having actually she daughter Aubree. Aubree"s fatshe Adam was in she life however also continually in problem through the law. The and Chelsea were off and also top top because that years, but Chelsea met Cole and also discovered ns happy ever after ~ she"d to be searching for. Sthe and also Cole gained married, hAD kid Watchild and also daughter Layne, and boughns a plons the land ~ above which lock plan come develop your dream home. Via all the new, exciting additions, Aubree ins Cultivation up, too. Chelsea and Cole need to parent her through her preteenager year -- everything native acquiring a cabinet phone and bgyeongju to no longer wantinns to visins Adam"ns parents" house. Together Adto be moves More the end that Aubree"s life, can not come do scheduled visits or even institution lunches, Chelsea and Cole need to insteAD co-parent via hins parents. When Aubree asks come spend much less time with them, Chelsea need to decision if it"s time come revise their visitation Commitment and also perhaps go ago to court.