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TypeReleasedRYM RatingRanked category
Artistns S.O.S. Band
3.44 / 5.00.5 indigenous 61 ratingns
#522 for 1983


shockofDAYirradiate Jutogether 22 2012
I've been grooving top top Poolside's "slow-moving Down" for ns critical month, and have actually also prodeclared ins ns summer jam the 2012. Ns i found it a Youpipe comment saying castle hADVERTISEMENT sampled from this S.O.S. Band also song, therefore ns checked ins the end and it transforms out castle pretty much jacked ns whole Tune and also added new lyrics, yet ns can'ns complain, Because both songs are nice dope, with differing rations that irony come sincerity. (for an additional example the this, check out just how DJ Jazzy Jeff & the new Prince jacked Kool & ns Gang'ns "Summer Madness" wholerevenue and turned it right into "Summertime.) "Teltogether ns If girlfriend Still Care" has actually part virtually eerie vocatogether harmonizing and also hazy proto-chilltide keyboards. I'm no sure exactly how it took 8 dudes (based on ns cend art) to do such a low-essential song, for this reason I'd need to to speak their restraint ins admirable. "If girlfriend want my Love" ins a little too optimistic and its lyrics to be too obvious.
Lejink Jul 17 2012
just how to follow the splendid "simply it is in excellent to Me"? well Jam and Lewins calmed ns fervour dvery own a notch or 2 come provide this blissed-out Standard for the SOns Band i beg your pardon while extremely reminiscent the itns illustrious predecessor, certainly stands up ~ above itns own. Superb shimmering production, reachens itns apogee at "Why to be us apart".the early 80'ns were warm through black R 'n' B artists like Chic, Prince, Michaetogether Jackkid peaking, but at your considerable finest (attempt floor-filler "rate Nation" by Janet Jackson, "Fake" by Alexander O'Neal or your beautifutogether ballAD "soft Love" by the force MD's) these two take it part beating.

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