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SynopsisSano Yuuji, a babsence agency employee, ins summoned to an additional civilization when finishing hins job-related in ~ home. Hins job in ns various other world, a Monster Tamer, is considered a job the provides it hard come come to be an adventurer. However, many thanks to part slimes he met, i m sorry reADVERTISEMENT a number of magical books, the gained magical powers and ns Second profession, Sage. Yuujns gained overwhelminns power, yet is that conscientific research of hins strength?thoughtlessly becoming unsurpassed and the strongest in the world!(Source: MU)


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first that all, this manga intrigued me Because ns synopsis and also part juicy story about exactly how the regulated come became a great probe together a monster tamer, yet seems prefer i wtogether expecting also much.the Key personality itself ins Usual jasupania Main who likens to assist civilization even strangers, yet thins male has no emovements in ~ all Due to the fact that that hins previouns job-related as servant firm i beg your pardon is fair but no yes, really something unique around it, because that ns atleast.the story too is kinda forced, coming out the nowbelow you obtain notice from her very own COMPUTER to live in an additional world, if friend dont price it ins implies girlfriend agree about that (in thins case, mc did not prize the notif), and then ns device (?) choose your class together a tamer without your Agreement like wtf ?? ns Many ridiculous thing about this manga ins once the mc mens slimens and uncovered mysterious house (i dubbed ins mysterious Because tbelow ins no explanation about the house), and also the slimens instantly adhering to friend and climate reAD ns magic books in the residence and also friend gain magical power, prefer serious ? WITHthe end DOINg LITERallied ANYpoint ??ns art is cool, and also Most that the fighns are pleased come watch, yea no bADVERTISEMENT at allin its entirety thins manga ins decent, if you not have actually any type of isekans story to read, offer this manga a shot, specifically for that not favor ecchi, harem and also just searching for adventure and also progression, and the later story goes, ns even more comedy friend will uncover out.