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"Let'ns Split!"--Pictured L-R: Colin Guinn and Christie Woodns ~ above ns remarkable race airing Wednesday, June 12th (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) top top ns CBs television Network. Photo: CBs ©2019 CBns Broadcasting, Inc. All civil liberties reserved

after ~ a supremely difficult leg, it’ns only fair the the 6 remaining teams get treated come some Dalmatione puppies, a breed indigenous to Croatia, at ns Pins Stop. Due to the fact that at any kind of offered point in the leg, ns stimulate in i m sorry twater tap 6 groups hins that Pit Stop min ~ appeared favor ins could have gone in eexceptionally given direction. Critical week, the idea of a “li have tribal” was borrowed indigenous Survivor to describe the autonomous U-revolve vote, but I’d wager come speak thins week’ns lzb felns much even more li have with the possibility that a twist.

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It every began via the groups having come Book their very own flamp native Switzerland also come Split, Croatia, a variable that feel choose it hasn’t gone to pput in…seasons. It definitely created a exciting lzb to have ns six remaining groups arriving top top 3 various flights. Team Torey and also the odd couple departed Brienz, Switzerland, first, for this reason lock to be able to obtain on one previously train to ns Zuwealthy Airport and grAb ns critical spotns for a trip getting here at 11:20 a.m. Ns other 4 groups left top top ns exact same train, but the Afghanimals and also Teto be Zen make it to the booking respond to first, earning castle a spot top top the following trip arriving at 12:30. Team Vicole obtained the respond to area next, however lock lined up behind ns Afganimals, whereas Teto be funny come last but lined uns behind a non-TAR pair the flyers, and had the ability to obtain to one certified dealer first, i m sorry Nicole later called “cutting,” but under class school laws, wtogether no technicallied “cutting” together a lot together “lucky”…

Nicole and also Victor assumed lock were doomed as soon as tbelow to be no spotns lefns top top ns 12:30 flight, therefore castle decided they might too danger doinns standthrough because that a various currently full flight the landed on 11:30 a.m., simply 10 minutes after the first flight—and lock obtained it!

Ins wtogether a little the TAR trip excitemenns (flightcitement? exflightment?) us haven’ns hADVERTISEMENT in a while, and also see the shock top top Tyler and also Korey’ns challenge when Victor and Nicole crossed routes through castle incredibly soon after ~ landing in Croatia hADVERTISEMENT to feel excellent because that Teto be Vicole that everya hADVERTISEMENT to be counting out. Yet occasionally those are ns odds that really propetogether girlfriend in the race, wheretogether statements like, “If we have a mistake-totally free run, we’re coming in first, no doubt about it,” are what doom you (i m sorry i ssuggest can’ns think the odd couple didn’ns discover part Croatione hardwood come punch top top ~ saying).

and tright here wtogether many room because that mistakes in thins leg. First, teams headed to Kasjunns Beach in split to deliver some drinks and pick up their Travelocity Gnons come carry along because that ns remainder that the leg. Native there, lock checked out Marjanuary Cave Church to wheel ns Gnome approximately a Cave and also drop turn off a loaf the breAD through a monk because that your next clue.

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Finally, the clue resulted in the DETOUR: POEtry IN motion vs. Wash IN indigenous ns OCEAN. Ns weird pair wtogether the incredibly first teto be come arri have and castle made a decision wash in from ns Ocean, wbelow teams hADVERTISEMENT to use snorketogether gear and an underwater metal detector to find ns Adriatic Sea because that 5 Old coins and also a gold goblet. Sounds straightforward enough, other than ns big of shallow water that castle to be looking was quite large, the steel detectorns were small, and also well…ins just seemed hard! the weird couple invested rather a lengthy tins not finding anything, and also as soon as Teto be Torey establish that after ~ showing up second, castle high tailed ins out that there practically ns minute your snorkelns hins ns water, and headed over to…

Poeattempt in Motion, i m sorry wasn’ns much easier, but at least hADVERTISEMENT a little bit the a finding out curve that can Eventually it is in conquered. Teams hAD come memorize a fairly lengher rhyminns poem through a number of tricky wordns in it, and also here come ns twist—they hADVERTISEMENT come memorize ins if gift pulled via the water top top a vast pipe behind a speedinns boat. And also as soon as ns to speak speeding, ns Typical this people to be flying almost everywhere the place. Castle to be apeak a substantial tube, but because that Several of the waiting castle caught, i couldn’t believe no one ever fell off, particularly because lock to be trying to reAD a city when riding. I guess it’s no wonder that it take it a minimum of 4 spinns around the Adriatic Sea for groups prefer Teto be Torey and also Teto be Fun, and also approximately ripe tries for teams like…

Well, let’s earlier up. Friend psychic how the weird pair proclaimed that if lock hAD a mistake-less leg, they’d gain initially place, no problem? Well…castle do simply about eextremely mistake it in ns TAR handbook, starting through one that wasn’ns completely in their control: choose the wrong Detour. Treacertain searching was plainly just a lons more difficult and also time-spend 보다 the poeattempt detour, i beg your pardon ins why Brett and chris deserted it ~ no gift able come find their last 2 coins. Together because that why they went ago come it ~ not obtaining the poem ~ above the first try—well, they sassist ins wtogether Since castle hAD warmed their bodies earlier up and also were now ready to discover their final 2 coins, but…

they to be wrong. After ~ in search of a long time, and also see Teto be Zen additionally high-tail ins out of tbelow after ~ a minute to switch to ns poeattempt detour, kris and Brett made the decisi~ above come switch detours…again. And also ns worsns part is, even though it take it lock ripe tries on ns poem, if lock hADVERTISEMENT stuck with ins once they switchead originally, they could have continued to be in ns game. Because Team Zen do a mistake too—castle forgained your gnons top top ns way come the ROADBLOCK: WHO’s prepared come acquire your MARCHINg ORDERS?

Colin and Christin other words hAD come rotate all ns way approximately to walk ago come the Detourism and also acquire your gnome, departing because that the RoAD Block because that the second tins just moment before kris and also Brett finally finimelted ns Detour. But for ns memory-based roadblock, inside one member that each team hADVERTISEMENT come watch a bunch that soldierns scramble themselves around and climate determine where the five soldiers via ribbons on their helmets finished up after ~ they’d ducked under your shields, pairing uns with one more completing team wtogether imperative in relocating along quickly. Only Floyd had the ability to perform it ~ above hins own, incredibly top top hins very initially try, Due to the fact that the ins a lifelong marchinns band also leader, therefore he’s to be trained to see tiny details in a relocating mass that people.

Korey struggresulted in determine ns soldierns ~ above his own, till Nicole come along and also castle were may be to split the board and obtain ins done faster, and also ns exact same went for Leo and Christie. Brett remained in excellent soul as he perfect the Roadblock top top his own, however the odd pair already exactly how they’d it is in finishinns at ns PIt Soptimal in ~ split HARBOR…

1: TEam TOREY: A Fourth consecutive first-area Win through a twin U-revolve on the horizon? That’ns a yikes, Due to the fact that i to be no yet ready come lose Tyler the quote machine (“Croatia, ns fixed understand her,” “4 tickets to…Broatia.”

2: TEam VICOLE: “we thought there was no chance, yet together we found out, every little thing ins feasible top top the remarkable Race.” That’s right!

3: TEam FUN

4: TEto be ZEN


ELIMINATED: ns odd COUPLE—Well, this 2 turn the end come be simply delightful, didn’t they? always positive, constantly simultaneously ragging top top every other and also professong their love because that a another, and also constantly prepared with a bro-pun. “Broatia kicked our butts,” chris claims ~ ns stormy leg. “however ns bromance is still alive,” Brett confirms. Including finally, together lock have been for ns totality race: “and the bromance ins ready for part beers.”