Edward Covey regift Douglass’s nemesis in ns Narrative. Coveyis a Common vilgo number in the hins cruelty ins calculated. Heins no a victns that the slaextremely mentality yet a naturally angry manwho find one outlet because that his cruelty in slaveholding. Covey ins skilledand organized in hins physical penalty that his slaves, but heins even more skilled in ~ emotional cruelty. While other slaveholdersin ns Narrative deserve to be cheat via their slaves,Covey provides deceptitop top as hins major strategy the handling them.that renders ns slaves feeling that they are under continuous surveillanceby lying come them and creeping around the fields in an effort toCapture them gift lazy.

a way in i beg your pardon Douglasns portrays Covey as a villainis by illustrating hns together anti-Christian. The slaves call Covey “thesnake,” in part Due to the fact that he sneakns through the grass, but additionally becausethis nicksurname is a reference come Satan’s illustration in ns create ofa line in ns biblicatogether Book of Genesis. Douglasns additionally presentsCovey as a false Christian. Covey tries to deceive himme and also Godright into believing the the ins a true Christian, but hins angry actionsexpose hns to be a sinner. Together Douglass associates himself via Christianfaith, that heigh10s the feeling the problem between himme and Coveyby mirroring Covey to it is in an opponent of Christianity itself.

as Douglass’s nemesis, Covey is the chef number againstwhom Douglasns defines himself. Douglass’ns fighns with Covey ins theclimax of ns Narrative—ins markns Douglass’ns turningallude native demoralized slave to confident, freedom-seeking man.Douglasns achieves this transdevelopment by equivalent and containingCovey’s very own violence and also by showing himme to be Covey’ns opposite.Douglass for this reason emerges as brave man, when Covey is exdo together acoward. Douglass is presented come be capable of restraint, when Coveyins reveacaused be a too much braggart. Finally, Douglass emergesas a leader that men, while Covey ins presented come be one ineffectuatogether masterthat cannot even enlist ns assist that another slave, Bill, to help him.

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