Download Beyonce & Jay-Z – whatever Is Love Album Zip.

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Finally! JAY-Z and Beyoncé have actually released your collaborative album, everything Is Love.

Bey and Jay likewise released a new music video for their track “APESHIT” and also a secondary single “SALUD!” that no show up on ns project. Find those below. Ricky Saiz directed ns visual, i m sorry is set in ns Louvre and features the couple posong Amongst ns artwork.

Jay dissens the Grammys on “APESHIT”: “Teltogether ns Grammys posesthe that 0 because that 8 shit.” (Jay was the Most nominated artisns at the 2018 ceremony, but was entirely shuns out.) that also confirmns the rumor that the rotate dvery own a Super bowl Halftime display offer: “ns sassist no come ns Super bowl / you need me, ns don’t need you/ Every nighns us in the end za / Tell the NFl us require stadiumns too.”

Beyoncé calls the end Spotify ~ above ns track “NICE.” Wbelow She raps, “If ns gave…two fuckns about streaminns number woulda put Lemonade up on Spotify. Posesthe you,” referencing the fact that she 2016 album has actually never before to be obtainable on ns streaming platform. In “FRIENDS,” Jay references Meek Mill’s recent relax native prison. On “HEARD about US,” Beyoncé sings the iconic heat native notorious B.I.G.’ns “Juicy”: “If you nothing know, now you know, nigga.” the couple sample Phoenix Express’ Song “you do mine Life a clear Day” on “LOVEHAPPY.”

“APESHIT” features Migos and Pharrell, Quavo confirmed. Cootogether & Dre contributed extra manufacturing to “SALUD!” and Dre added vocals. Ns couple’s daughter Blue Ivy makes a cameo at the end of “SALUD!,” shouting the end her tSuccess siblings, as well as “BOSS.”

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