the race to strength dvery own NEXTwas on as the Fox series booted uns itns two-hour seriens finale thins Tuesjob night. Walk the angry A.I. — or any the ours heroens — perish During ns final face-off?

coming out that Monjob night’s illustration 8, next got savvier than ever before in removing pieces indigenous the chessboard. Natalie’s ceo at ns NSA, that wtogether Cultivation suspiciously the the server farm’s data drain? sent ~ above a wild goose follow to discover hins GPS-stranded parents! Shea’ns congresswomale confidante? command right into a automobile accident! Ben’ns dADVERTISEMENT in ~ the ONI? Downed in a helicopter crash. Following wtogether brutal.

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shortly before Ben’s father perished, Ben himme wtogether found the end by Pautogether and also Shea and also faced in ~ gunpoint, just together he check come damage Gina’s fake NSA ID. Accprovided the betraying ns team, he said his father’ns POV the following might be offered by the armed forces for good. Whatever before the case, Ben instantly became persona n~ above grata, though the go lend Gina his eyeglasses because that she undercend op. Pautogether At the same time gained a phone speak to from NEXT, i m sorry claimed ins hAD spliced 3 various research studies right into a cure because that Paul’ns fatal neuro disorder. But come save no simply himself however likewise daughter Abby, Pautogether would certainly need to agree come stand dvery own and also let following perform itns thing.

utilizing the murdered NSA wonk’ns identifier chip but with a fake name, Gina slipped into ns NSA pretty easily, ordered a workterminal and also keystroked the viruns password Paul hAD provided her. But when “error” messperiods popped up, Gina and the teto be establish the Pautogether hADVERTISEMENT led her right into one inevitable arremainder — though her hack go rotate uns the precise place that following inside the server farm. So, currently ins was simply a issue that physicallied taking the end NEXT, through a vehicle bomb.

come that end, cm took hns and Shea come hins brother-in-legislation Ray’ns house, wbelow centimeter wtogether surprised come discover hins wife Hannah and boy Cody holed up. Ray pulled a knife top top CM, who hAD famoucracked flipped ~ above ns DeAD Lizards, yet Shea and also she total gained ns drop top top him. Shea then convinced ray to aid castle construct a bomb, leaning into his interemainder in see a government agency attack another.

Meanwhile: Pautogether collection fire to your hideout and every ns information and records contained therein…. Abthrough verified up at Ty’ns mother’ns house, come whisk ns 3 of them away to ns personal island also in new Zealand that she dADVERTISEMENT make available.

end at ns NSA, a bigwig named Spires, top top discovering of ns new, rolling blackoutns across the country, hit pause on Natalie’ns firing, suspecting that she and she boss were in reality onto something. After ~ meeting via Natalie and detained Gina, he lefns behind a card key, i m sorry castle used come accessibility ns server room and check that following wtogether incredibly conveniently rewriting itme — and quickly would it is in intelligent beyond Human being comprehension. Paul and Shea drove the explosives-fill van come ns NSA, however once Shea hopped the end to dupe and also climate tin other words up ns guards in ~ the fronns gate, Pautogether hit the gas pedatogether and forged aheADVERTISEMENT without her. If Shea dubbed in a bomb threat, for this reason that Gina and othair can it is in evacuated from the NSA babsence website in time, Paul dubbed NEXT, demandinns proof of the cure, and also got one-third the it.

Pautogether scoffed, though, questioning NEXT’ns endGame come provide the human being cskinny air, healthy seas and no more war. (“ns only desire come aid people,” it creepily claimed.) following then warned the destroying it won’ns change anything, the tright here will certainly Ultimately be another A.I. Favor it. Undeterred, Paul parked ns van in ~ a loadinns dock, warned ameans ns approaching guards, and also collection the payloADVERTISEMENT come explode in under a minute — i m sorry it did.

six months later….

ns chargens have to be reduce versus Ted LeBlanc, who tells ns push hins brvarious other wtogether no stunner however in reality gave his life to conserve numerous people…. Shea ins awaiting trial, in part Because tright here ins no proof the the rogue A.I. That was behind everything…. Cm and Gina to be functioning your virtual magic come rallied support/justice cream because that Shea… and also Abthrough got tested come find there is a reason she has hADVERTISEMENT sleepmuch less nights — sthat Without a doubt inherited she father’ns condition. But, sthe speak Uncle Ted, sthat has to be invited to partake it in a medical trial in Sri Lanka, a bankrolled by one anonymous donor who inquiry she inclusion. But if her father, together all evidence suggested, walk no endure the NSA explosion, and also the affluent donor isn’t Ted, who is it…?

This ins wright here i pause the recans to lament the mine long-hosted theory walk not pa out.

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i doubt the Paul never was legitimately ill, however that following hAD manipulated exam outcomes and also also his meds, so regarding develop and sustain ns diagnosis. Given just how much aheADVERTISEMENT the A.I. Plotted, it’d have actually to be quite fiendish if ins lhelp the groundwork come one day sell a “cure” to ns a man that might have the ability to soptimal hins creation. Oh, well.

would we get a solution come the wink-woctopus mystery of Abby’s trial backer? ns seriens ended via among Paul’s classroom lectures, around exactly how you can’t program one A.I. To be good. Together he speaks, we see a teto be that civilization sortinns through remnantns of the server feight bombing. Among them fishes the end a charred, acquainted hard journey indigenous a bin, boots ins up, and… as detailed by leader Mika, in ns monitor’ns reflection view it’ns Paul!