Table of Contents

fifth ed., 1979


part One

Original Works



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2. who to be i ?
3. Spiritual Instruction


4. 5 Hymns come ( Stuti Pancakam)
 i. ns Marital Garland also that letter (Aksharamanamalai)
 ii. ns Necklens of nine jewel (Navamanimalai)
 iii. Eleven Verses come Sri
 iv. Eight Stanzas to Srns
 v. five Stanzas to Sri
5. ns significance the Instruction
6. truth in forty Verses (Ulladu Narpadu)
7. 5 Versens ~ above the self – ekanma vivekam
8. various Verses
i. Song the ns Poppadum
ii. Self-Knowledge
iii. top top the solemn event that Bhagavan"ns Birthday
iv. complain the ns Stomach
v. nine Stbeam Verses
vi. Apology to the Hornets
vii. answer to the Mother
viii. because that ns Mother"ns Recovery
ix. Ramana
x. the self in ns Heart
xi. Sleens while Awake
xii. 22 occasional Verses

component Two

Adaptations and also Translations

9. the Tune Celestial
10. Translation native ns Agamas
11. Translation indigenous Shankaracharya
i. hymn come Dakshinamurthi
ii. Guru Stuti
iii. Hastamalaka Stotra
iv. Atma Bodha

v. Vivekachudamani

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Drik Drisya Viveka
12. Vichara Mani Mala
note ~ above Pronunciation