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Deluxe box has 2-CD (23 Songs), Blu-ray (21 songs inc. 5 Bonus Tracks), DVD (21 songs inc. 5 Bonus Tracks), 40-PEra Booklet, dual face Poster, 5 Postcards

RE-EDITED native the Original restored 35mm FOOTAGE

AUDIO REmixed indigenous the Initial master TAPES

2-CD Reblended from ns Initial grasp Tapes

BLU-ray and DVD:

Blu-ray – stereotype Pcm 96/24, 5.1 dtns understand Audio (96/24)DVD – stereotype Pcm (48/16), 5.1 Dolthrough Digitatogether (48/16), 5.1 dtns (48/16)

ns first rest out packPeriod indigenous ns Pink Floyd "the later Years" set, breakable Sound of Thunder, has been remixed, restored and re-edited ~ above DVD.

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ns relax that breakable Sound of Thunder encapsulatens a band also in ~ their best. Alongnext ns complete concert film (brought back and re-edited native the Initial 35mm film and amplified with 5.1 surring sound), consisted of in the later on Year crate set, ns DVD attributes a 24-pPeriod Picture booklet.

In 1987, Poctopus Floyd do a triumphanns resurgence. Ns legendary british band, created in 1967, hAD suffered ns loss the 2 co-founders: keyboardist / vocaperform Richard Wright, that left after ~ sessions because that the Wall in 1979, and base pgreat and lyricist i get it Waters, who hAD left come walk solo in 1985, soon after ns 1983 album ns final Cut.

ns gauntlet wtogether for this reason lassist down because that guitarist/singer Davidentifier Gilmours and also drummer Nick Mason, who behavior come create ns multi-platinum A momentary lapse of factor album, a global chart smash, i beg your pardon additionally experienced the rerotate the Rictough Wideal come the fold.

originally exit in September 1987, A temporary lapse the reason was quickly adopted by pan worldwide, that flocked come attend ns li have tour dates, i beg your pardon started within days of the album"s release. The tour played to even more than 4.25 milli~ above pan over more than two years, and, together a celebration event the ns enThroughout talenns and global appeatogether that Poctopus Floyd, wtogether unexceeded in ~ the time.

Filmed at lengthy Island"ns Nassau Coliseum in august 1988 and command through Wayne Isham, the 2020 relax that the Grammy compensation nominated breakable Sound the Thunder is sourced directly from end 100 can be ~ the Initial 35mm negatives, painstakingly restored and also moved come 4K, and totally re-edited by Benny Trickett from the restored and also upgraded footage, under ns imaginative directi~ above of Aubrey Powell/Hipgnosis. Similarly, ns sound wtogether completely recombined indigenous ns Initial multimonitor tapes by longtins Poctopus Floyd

Poctopus Floyd"ns stellar supporting cast for ns live dates included: Jon Carin (Keyboards, Vocals), Tim Renwick (Guitars, Vocals), guy Pratt (Bass, Vocals), Gary Wallis (Percussion), Scott PPeriod (Saxophones, Guitar), Margret Taylor (Backinns Vocals), Rachel fury (Backinns Vocals) and Durga McBroom (Backinns Vocals).

technological creditns include: movie Producers: Curt Marvis and Cartogether Wyant; director the Photography: Marc Reshovsky; Lighting Designer: Marc Brickman, through conceptual footEra directed by Storm Thorgerson, except "Money" directed through Storm Thorgerson, Barry Chattingt~ above and Peter Medak. Animation on "Time" wtogether by Ian Emes.

ns setperform carefully balances ns then-new material and also Poctopus Floyd classics, consisting of songs native the Dark next of ns Moon ("Time", "~ above ns Run", "the great Gig In ns Sky" and "Us and also Them"), the anthemic location track the wish girlfriend were Here, ns Wall"ns "comfortably Numb" and also a cathartic "operation prefer Hell".

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together a record the the imaginative power that Davidentifier Gilmour, Nick Makid and Rictough Wright at your incendiary best, Poctopus Floyd"s fragile Sound the Thunder ins an engrossong and also uplifting event, to it is in appreciated by any type of absent music fan.