ns collected the Night-Bloominns Nonsuch for ns Love bird pursuit and headed right because that ns gate for the residence the ns Inventor quest. Ns Many recent search ns completed beforehand also wtogether ns Church if Sim~ above Says. Ns approached ns gate and also hit the box switch and also nothing happened. I make the efforts cshedding and also reopening the game, i come ago in ~ night, top top Delight and also off of joy, and in various outfitns and also nothing occurred every time. 

-PS4/construct v1.169541

exact same here. I guess ill save with mine other pursuits and also organize on thins one. Kinda lans conciderinns this a seems choose a Main story quest. Oh well it is wcap ins is.

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Guesns aid English Vice


If you have the Key pursuit the residence that the Inventor, friend should also have actually acquired a quest ns English Vice, try completing that one first.


If friend have actually the Key quest the residence of the Inventor, girlfriend need to additionally have acquired a quest ns English Vice, try completing that one first.

just how go friend uncover this quest? i’m having ns exact same difficulty together pointed out above and do not have the English vice quest. 

If you have actually discovered the place that Farawork in the Bobby HQ, top top leaving Arthur will speak about Bobthrough Hickinbothto be and where to find his credentials come cross the Megidcarry out Bridge. Home the ns Inventor and English Vice should trigger after ~ the monologue.

hello there,


to be you stiltogether encountering concerns triggerinns or completing ns pursuit "the English Vice"?

as ns user posted simply above, it should cause after ~ findinns Faraday"ns location and also exitinns the Bobthrough HQ.





girlfriend guys to be ns bestno thank you for this reason much because that the help. I didnt i found it that pursuit to it is in honest. Yet after ~ finishinns "the english vice" i. Was able to communicate via the bobby. Again thanks guys.

If girlfriend have actually uncovered ns place that Farawork in ns Bobthrough HQ, top top leaving Arthur will certainly speak about Bobby Hickinbotham and also wbelow come uncover hins credentials come cross ns Megidexecute Bridge. Home that the Inventor and also English Vice cream have to trigger after ~ the monologue.

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I"ve da thins and English Vice cream ins not triggered, simply house that the Inventor. Ns also have ns issue the not gift may be to speak come ns bobthrough top top the bridge. Xbox One.

good grief. Scrape that. Please neglect my over post. Ns have English Vice cream (and to be partially with it). I"m simply gift unobservant.