In A Prescription because that discovery Walkthrough of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, friend will visins a couple of clergymans come Find Out even more around ns Spartone women, friend will certainly likewise discover a cultist, yet it depends ~ above your choice whetshe come kill she or not.

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In ns last chapter, ns RoAD come the Symposium, after obtaining a proviso top top ns Sparta women and ns relying on ns choice girlfriend pick, you will certainly unlock brand-new pursuit in the Main pursuit menu. A Prescripti~ above for find is among them. In this quest, friend will certainly need to interrodoor a couple of clergymans in the area come Learn even more about ns Sparta women. In between, friend will also reveal the key the the first son who was thrown into ns river by the Spartone priest.

A Prescripti~ above for exploration Walkthrough

A Prescriptitop top because that discovery Walkthrough

In this chapter, you will be doing the majority of discussions with ns priest, and also that will certainly unlock ns supporting quest. Girlfriend will certainly must finish lock come revery the last point.

first execute No Harm

friend will be goinns to Argolis to locate Hippokrates’s clinic. That ins ns physician girlfriend are lookinns for. Once you revery ns city, shave the right to ns location because that his clinic. Friend will satisfy an old lady Chrysins and also a man, Sostratos arguing with every other. After talking come ns old lady, you will be talk through the man that will tell girlfriend the on-going issue. Friend deserve to soptimal to hns about the Hippokrates location. He will certainly ask you to take it part tools and also give it to the physician. Expropriate ns work, and you have the right to either fee or execute ins for free.

Tright here is a opportunity that girlfriend can get a cultist in thins area if girlfriend hADVERTISEMENT revealed its identity before, you can death ns target that will certainly assist friend in a Additional quest. Folshort ns objecti have marker, and you will certainly see a cutstep wbelow you will check out Hippokprices assistinns a patient. Questioning him around Spartan women. He will certainly asking friend come retrieve part notes.

ns doctor will check out girlfriend Now

Follow the objecti have marker, and friend will certainly satisfy Dymas. Tright here are many ways friend can pressure the physician come cons through you. If you walk in a sweet way, then girlfriend have to lug ba forceps because that him. Or else girlfriend deserve to take it hns forcecompletely also. If girlfriend pick come pay, climate friend need to offer him 10000 gold. Ns bone forcepns is situated in Fort Tiryns, i m sorry is a heavily guarded area. When you take it ns physician to Hippokrates, the will certainly tell girlfriend around the Spartone women.

ns clergymans of Asklepios

track down this search native ns Video Game menu, and also girlfriend will be travel to an ununcovered location. So initially heAD in the direction of the synchronizati~ above allude and upday ns map. You will certainly should investigate 3 objecti have markers till friend find a priest. Girlfriend will certainly unlock even more new searches in thins part. Talk come a outright priest, if you agree come help, friend will certainly unlock a quest – A Heart for a Head. Sdeserve to because that ns Second tarobtain in ns Epidaurons Sanctuary area, and tbelow girlfriend will certainly fulfill an additional priesns Timoxenos that is engraving on a stone.

the objecti have is all about talk and gathering indevelopment native miscellaneous clergymans in ns region. For this reason all girlfriend have to execute is discover civilization and talk to them. Timoxenons is the one who will tell friend around the Sparta women. The priesns will certainly teltogether you around Chrysis, who is controlling the area. However, ns priesns will certainly show friend the rock after ~ obtaining interfered through another priest if friend pick the initially choice “us were talking around mine mother,” that will certainly be murdered. Walk towards the Olive Tree the Herakles; shave the right to ns location come find the target.

friend will should fighns a couple of soldiers here. They will certainly be Levetogether 23 & Levetogether 24 enemies. After beating them, friend will it is in play a couple of more side quests prefer A Heart because that a Head, and also enough ins Enough. You will have to finish these quests come revery the endpoint. In sufficient ins Enough, friend will have to visins ns bathhome and also kill all the snake inside. Ns priesns who speak girlfriend to kill ns snakes knows nothing about ns Sparta women, and the will certainly laugh and also go.

In Hearts because that a Head, you will be going close to ns river wright here friend will certainly spons a white bull. Kill the adversaries approximately first and totally free ns prisoners. Friend will need to locate the heart of a sacred bull and also take it it come the priest. Tright here the priest will certainly questioning girlfriend to pick a native the farmer, the rich woman, and the Girl.

If girlfriend pick the farmer, that will thank girlfriend and also the girl will certainly stand up choose she wtogether faking sickness. If girlfriend choose the sick girtogether ns various other two will obtain upcollection and ns farmer will threaten you. If girlfriend pick ns woguy climate sthe will certainly give thanks to you and also the farmer will thrconsumed you.

ns priest, in ns end, will tell you around ns Spartone women. That will certainly teltogether friend to accomplish Mydtop top ns Elder Priest.

Stop No Evil

girlfriend will be interrogating ns yonsi priesns at the guest house. The servant will tell the Chrysins ins responsible for thins tongue. Simply pick ns first option, “ns understand why you reduced the end your tongue,” and also ns servanns will certainly offer even more info. In ns flashback scene, friend will check out Mydon called ns womales the her infant is dead. Save talking Additional and then accomplish Chrysis. Friend will certainly find Chrysis is a cultist, killing her will certainly provide friend a fragment.

Ashe is come Ashes

walk to the woodland altar, and friend will certainly find A rock via a deAD bird top top it. Next, follow ns next objective marker to help the cryinns baby. ~ choose “I’ll kill you,” Chrysins will burn come attempt come burn the child, friend have actually 2 options. Conserve ns baby or death Chrysis. If friend choose to conserve ns baby, climate there will certainly be a next search wright here you will follow Chrysis and also death her. If you pick to prevent the baby, climate the will die. If you choose the initially a to save ns baby, hins mommy will come and also justification his actions. And if friend walk through the Second one friend will fight with the cultist with 2 even more choices, in ns end, ns will certainly destroy ns Cult or ns will find the family. Whatever before friend pick, it does not change ns finish of ns quest.

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the thing end here, and friend have the right to choose another indigenous ns Game menu. Us chose Pirate Hospitality. Ins is a little quest. For more updays on the game, you can additionally inspect our Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Wikns guide.