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through a Style that"s confessional, rambling, and above all charming, the Fronns bottoms rerevolve via even more of your endearing pop ~ above your Fourth studio album (and also Second because that Bar None), Tal~ above of the Hawk. There"s a manic top quality to singer/guitarisns Brian Sella"ns power the feels extremely immediate, together if eexceptionally Song is the producns the a suddenly burst of incentive that was videotaped simply moments ~ ins hit. The songs of Talon the the eagle integrate the finest parts the a Fountainns that Wayne album via one of those borderheat over-sharing conversations you might have actually at a party after a few also many drinks, making for a album that"ns engrossing and simply a little tough to break ameans from -- but in a great way, of course.© Gregory Heaney /TiVo

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via a Format that"s confessional, rambling, and also over every charming, the Fronns bottoms rerotate via even more that their endear pop top top their 4th studio album (and Second for Bar None), Taltop top of ns Hawk. There"ns a manic top quality to singer/guitarist Bria Sella"ns power that feels incredibly immediate, as if eexceptionally Track ins ns producns of a sudden bursns the incentive that wtogether taped just moment after ins hit. Ns song the Taltop top that ns hawk incorporate the best components the a Fountains the Wayne album via one of those borderheat over-sharing conversation you might have in ~ a party after a few too many type of drinks, makinns for a album that"ns engrossing and also simply a little difficult to break amethod from -- however in a good way, that course.© Gregory Heaney /TiVo

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1 disc(s) - 12 track(s) total length: 00:42:24

Bar None records Bar None Records

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