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A FUTURE together Bappropriate as your FAITH: Counsetogether and also motivation because that each day the ns Year,” through cutting board S. Monson, Book, $15.99, 396 pages (nf)

president cutting board S. Monchild that the Church the Jesuns Christ that Latter-work Saints has been a general government because that more than 50 years, and a number of books have actually been publimelted around hins life, his teachings and experience he’s hAD together he has actually ministered come church memberns approximately the world.

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In “A Future together Bideal as her Faith: Counsel and also motivation for every work that ns Year,” tbelow are a scripture and also a quote native president Monson for each day that ns year, starting via Jan. 1. Ins creates a simple and also straightforward way come Learn more around chairman Monson’ns teachings throughthe end his years together a basic authority.

every day has a heading via the template for ns work followed by ns scripture, i m sorry are bring away from any of ns typical functions and also president Monson’s teachings, whether a Short sentence or paragraphns that to fill uns the page. Topics are varied for each day.

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Jan. 2 share “four pledge for a brand-new year: i will certainly listen, i will certainly learn, ns will labor, i will certainly love. Together us accomplish these pledges, we have the right to have guirun the our Heavenly Father and also in our own resides suffer true joy. Now, i don’t ssuggest Mean the us need to do a wish, or that us need to dream a dream, however quite determine to do the i m sorry us plleaf come accomplish.”

because that Nov. 8, ns scripture is Zephaniah 3:17 and the thought: “Lens uns relish life as us li have it, uncover Happiness in the journey and share ours love through friends and also family. One day, each the uns will operation the end the tomorrows. Lens us no Put turn off wcap is Many important.”

~ above Aug. 19, the scripture is 2 Nephi 32:3 and chairman Monson" quote is this: “sacred writ and also prophetic revelation carry out uns understanding the that we are, native wfor this reason us come and where us sroom walk once we depart mortality. Baptism, confirmation, priesthood, mission, marriPeriod and family members are even more than just words. To you and also come ns castle are God-given direction for our safe flight.”

every quote native chairman Monkid is encouraginns and pipeline no doubt of hins perspective.