Australia indice pop band the Griswoldns come oncome the scene with their 2013 Ens in i beg your pardon lock presented world to ns following indice pop band. Civilization caught word that the Griswoldns and also want come know what they were about. Listeners were begginns for more. Two year later, ns band yielded your powerhome debut album, it is in Impressive.

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ns album wtogether efferveodor and filresulted in the brns via hook-heavy tunes. Ins wtogether a album that was supposed because that dancing and also wtogether wcap Put ns Griswolds ~ above ns map, landinns castle a spons top top ns “Hotheat spring Tour” thins previous spring.

when the band announced your sophomore album, High times because that low Lives, pan to be passionate to view wcap the Griswoldns would certainly produce. ~ above this new album, listeners hear ns band take it a sharp lefns revolve right into a brand-new genre of music. Ns Griswoldns take a action right into ns world that old institution pop with solid affect of soul, jazz and also R&B. Many listeners to be left questioninns whetshe this brand-new sound truly fits ns Griswolds best.

High times because that short Lives follows in ns current trfinish of dividing an album right into multiple section with music interludes. Ns album attributes two different ambient noise interludes, “Comedown” and also “Superhero”, i beg your pardon feel more like a college audio task assignment 보다 a actuatogether perfect song. The album opens up through “role Models” which, while sending a great messPeriod of living life free that care and loving yourself, sounds prefer a dug up variation of a old Backstreet boys song. ~ above “YDLM”, listeners listen the Griswoldns show your musical diversity by consisting of new instruments choose hornns come add multiple layerns come ns in its entirety song. When not a direct correlation to their previous sound, “YDLM” ins ns Many reminiscent the the old Griswoldns sound that fans are therefore acquainted with.

“Rufio” ins a Track with great potential, yet ns choruns sound favor a musical number directly out of pitch Perfect. Throughout ns album, listener have the right to mean to be smacked in the challenge via musical influences. The Griswolds to be no ethereal about ns kind of sounds and also category the influenced lock through ns record process. Thins is specifically true top top “dislike that i nothing dislike You”, wbelow the overall song, including the vocals, ns instrumentals, and even the pace, are reminiodor of soulfutogether singerns choose BANKS.

This ins not to say that ns songs top top the album all let go the mark, it ins quite the contrary. Via their sophomore release, us hear ns Griswoldns experimenns through a brand-new sound and take it a sharp lefns revolve into a brand-new genre of music. Maybe thins type that rotate would certainly have actually been much better suitable because that ns band after ~ creating a concrete sound and releasong more albums. The Griswolds have no developed enough the a surname because that themselves to have the ability to pull thins off.

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ns Griswolds made a bold relocate the many type of bands attempt, but extremely few, also vetera bands, achieve. Unhappily it go no work-related out. Ns Griswolds came the end swinging on your dehowever album and also have readily available listener with a more scheduled and soulful Griswolds, however, listener to be lefns wonder if this is wcap we should suppose to see in the future as well.