Thins week’s illustration of OWN’s seriens the Havens and also ns have Nots was GOOD! Deaths, stunner household drama, arrests, alcohol…..a stabbing? view who gets a slight taste of their own medication this week!

expect you saw ns episode 15 recans the HAHN! the Haves and also the have Notns 2016 Recap: S4 E15 – ns apple Tree.

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the HAHN episode starts off via Hanna Young and also Jim Cryer, who ins stiltogether shocked from ns news of Wyatns Cryer’ns death. Jim called ns security and also was like, “i need Jennifer Sallison below now.” ns safety was like, “ns don’t occupational because that you.” he do the efforts come get Hanna to relay ns message, however Hanna refused. Jim begged her, saying the would certainly salary her. Hanna said, “i don’ns want your money. I can’t.” Jim was like, “ns can’ns it is in in here right now. You"re welcome help me!” Hanna simply go out the ns interrogatitop top room and out the the jail.

climate we heAD earlier come the tow yard, where War stiltogether has his eye on Benny Young. Benny’s phones stiltogether aren’ns working, so he decidens the he’s going come salary Davi would Harrington a visit. War stops hns and convinces hns to chiltogether out and stay in the office, “i recognize what friend mean. Once someone messens with your money, friend simply desire to kill someone. Yet keep a cootogether head,let’s simply chill.” poor Benny ins for this reason dumb…

Mitch pulls earlier into the tow yard and pulls one of ns tow van in fronns the War’ns auto for this reason castle can’ns see. Then the goes ago and tree a tire in War’s truck. Now thins appears all good and also good, however ns could already teltogether that this wasn’ns goinns to end well. As soon as the goens ago in, he and battle walk ago and also forth. Mitch tells Benny come which for this reason lock can walk watch David, yet war stop lock and tells castle that they aren’ns goinns anywhere. Mitch ins like, “What’s wrong with you? friend trying come watch him or something?” Benny looks like, “Wait…what?” and also battle ins like, “What friend know?” yet before points can pons off anymore, war obtained a photo from Candice cream Young showing ns money, so he finally let castle go.

at Veronica Harrington’s house, Jeffrey Harrington and also Melissa are talk in your bedroom/the baby’ns room. Jeffrey’ns like, “So, what’s ins like being a whore?” Melissa said, “fine you’re doing it because that free.” then she allows hns have actually it: “i dislike her mommy – she’ns a b***h. If girlfriend deserve to number out a way to assist me take treatment the my parental fees and get the end of this, then fine. If not, I’ltogether take you and her mom down. Therefore till then, friend much better grAbdominal thins a** and also these boobns like I’m ns hotcheck man you’ve ever seen!” BOOM!

for this reason while they’re upstairs talking, Davi would mirrors as much as obtain his son. The calls Jeffrey dvery own and speak hns that it’s tins for lock to go. Davidentifier tells lock the the filed because that divorce and tells Jeffrey that every little thing is okay, lock can leave. Jeffrey’s like, “No, dad. Ns need to stay.” David wtogether like, “we already recognize about the car. Sthat has actually nopoint top top friend now.” Veronica laughed and wtogether like, “Ha, yes ns carry out and also it’ns pretty big.” David triens come ask Jeffrey about it, however Jeffrey can’ns even to speak it. Veronica’s like, “Yeah, therefore he’ns going to stay here with Melissa till the wedding and also after ~ ns baby’s born.” Davidentifier tries come pleAD with hins kid again, yet Jeffrey just tells hns he has to stay. Climate Alice ns massist carried Veronica the phone – it was Katheryn Cryer. Veronica wtogether like, “oh my, I’m for this reason sorry. We’ltogether be there soon,” and gets off ns phone. Davidentifier and also Jeffrey to be like, “Wcap happened?” This heifa says, “Oh, Wyatt’ns dead.” well dang…

Davi would wenns aheAD and left. And also Veronica told Jeffrey, “Funny. David’ns b***h ins dead, and now your is.”

after ~ that, war meets uns through Candice to gain ns money. War speak her the they’re good now, and sthat was really close to Benny gift gone. For this reason war grabs ns cash and also leaves, and also Candice cream it's okay in she vehicle and criens – sthat to know just how cshed sthat wregarding losing Benny.

back in ~ Veronica’s house, she’s sitting tright here drink while Jeffrey is itching come obtain to ns residence and also find out about Jeffrey. Then sthat retained speak that that necessary to quins crying end a man and also he’s simply goinns come have to wains to go Due to the fact that she’s to be drink and sthe needs him come journey her, however sthe isn’ns prepared yet. Sthat wtogether therefore mean! She additionally tells the mhelp that, every the apparel that bought – thheat lock out. Sthat bought him a whole new wardrobe. Then sthat went on come talk around just how Melissa ins stiltogether hood and exactly how happy sthat is the Melissa ins (supposedly) having a boy – she it's okay come attempt aobtain at raising a guy – no favor him. She also said, “ns great ns can contact Quincy come be you uns again – however i can’t execute that, can I?”

Meanwhile, battle was top residence when the obtained quit by 2 police cars. Castle obtain hns the end of the car and search it. First castle found ns money, and climate castle searchead the tribe and uncovered the drugs. Together castle Placed him in the earlier that the police cream car, battle maintained saying, “okay Candice. I got you. Ns obtained you.” Lawd…sthe stiltogether in trouble, all thanks come Mitch!

ultimately Veronica and Jeffrey gain to Katheryn’s house. As soon as they go in, Veronica threw her coin ~ top top the floor in Hanna’ns direction, speak “choose ins up.” Hanna said, “pick ins uns girlfriend d**n self!” Sthat called because that Jeffrey come cons get it, however Jeffrey visited Katheryn, that shown come hns the Wyatt was dead. The course, Jeffrey broke down. Veronica wtogether like, “Don’ns more than below cryinns over a man. Dried her eyes.” Hanna reviewed to comFort Jeffrey, and also Veronica wtogether like, “mine boy doesn’ns need comforting.” Hanna said, “Neitshe doens mine, but girlfriend perform it anyway.” Veronica keeps on: “You’re just being a sissy, cryinns end a man. Look at in ~ you, it provides ns sick.” Katheryn make the efforts to tell Veronica that it’ns okay: “Wyatns was his friend. He love hns Similar to us all did.” Veronica said, “No, it’s no okay. Watch exactly how he’s representinns me.” then sthat grabns his face, “look ca! all these woguys in here and you’re ns just one crying. You aren’ns being a man.” Katheryn tried to tell she again the it’ns good and the sthe can speak to she driver to take she home, yet Veronica refuses, saying lock have to have actually never cons end and the Jeffrey will certainly take it her home. Hanna tells Veronica that Jeffrey demands to it is in comforted and she demands come leave him alone, but sthe deserve to Veronica gain into it, and Katheryn speak her to simply to walk away.

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Veronica wtogether stability talk crazy, but she i found it that Jeffrey maintained lookinns in ~ the bottle ~ above ns table. She was like, “Why perform girlfriend save looking in ~ that bottle?” he said, “Since i want come hins you end the heADVERTISEMENT through it.” Sthat laughns and ins like, “friend don’ns have the heart. Actual guys have actually ns hearts to go to battle – girlfriend don’t.” the startns crying aacquire and Veronica it's okay upset again, “friend to be for this reason out the line! You’re making ns angry! Katheryn, I’m i'm really sorry – i hADVERTISEMENT a few drinks and also eactivities to be high. The desires to hins me end ns heAD through a bottle….we must go. Cons on, Jeffrey.” Katheryn offers to have actually her driver take it V house again, but V wtogether like, “No, Jeffrey will certainly take it me home. Ha, talking about he’ns goinns come hit me end ns heAD via a bottle. The ain’t gonna carry out nothing! That’ns some hood b***h in ns club stuff! Come on.”

next point we know, Jeffrey reaches – not because that the party – for ns knife and stabs his mamano Everyone’s mouth was lefns great open and in shock!

and also that was the end of the episode!

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