recording FIRE ns Hunger Games Book 2 Suzanne Collins component i “the SPARK” i clasns ns flasking between mine hands even though ns warm native ns dare has lengthy Because leached into ns frozen air. Mine muscle to be clenched tight versus ns cold. If a fill the wild dogs were to appear at this moment, the oddns of scalinns a tree prior to castle struck are no in my favor. Ns have to obtain up, move around, and job-related the stiffness native mine limbs. However insteADVERTISEMENT ns sit, together motionmuch less as ns rock in ~ me, when ns dawn begins to lighten the woods. I can"t fight the sun. Ns can only watch helplescunning as it drags ns right into a day the I"ve to be dreading because that months. By no~ above lock will certainly every be at mine new residence in the Victor"s Village. The reporters, ns cam crews, even Effin other words Trinket, my old escort, will certainly have actually do their method to district 12 indigenous the Capitol. I wonder if Effie will still be wearing that silly poctopus wig, or if she"ll be sportinns part various other unherbal shade specifically because that ns Success Tour. There will certainly be others waiting, too. A staff to cater to my every require ~ above ns lengthy train trip. A prep team come beautify me for windy appearances. My styperform and friend, Cinna, that designed the gorgeous outfits the first made ns audience take it notice of me in ns Hunger Games. If ins were as much as me, i would attempt come forgain ns Hunger Gamings entirely. Never speak the them. Pretfinish they to be nopoint but a bAD dream. However the Victory tour provides that impossible. Strategicallied put virtually midway in between ns annual Games, it ins ns Capitol"ns method the keeping ns horror new and also immediate. No only are we in ns districtns required to mental the stole grins of ns Capitol"s power each year, we are forced to celebrate it. And this year, i am among the starns the ns show. I will certainly need to take a trip from district to district, to stand before the cheerinns crowdns who covertly loans me, to look at down right into the deals with the ns family members whose kids ns have actually killed... The sunlight persists in rising, so ns make myself stand. All my joints comLevel and my left leg has actually to be asleep for therefore long that it takes numerous minute of pacing come bring the emotion back right into it. I"ve remained in ns woods 3 hours, but as I"ve make no actual attempt in ~ hunting, i have nopoint to show for it. It doesn"t matter because that my mommy and bit sister, Prim, anymore. Castle can afford to to buy butcher mein ~ in town, aldespite none of us likens ins any kind of much better 보다 new game. Yet my finest friend, Gale Hawthorne, and his family members will it is in depending on today"ns hautogether and also i can not let lock down. I begin ns hour-and-a-half trek it will certainly take to cover ours snare line. Earlier as soon as us were in school, us hADVERTISEMENT time in the afternoons come check ns heat and hunns and gatshe and also still acquire earlier to profession in town. But currently the Gale has actually gone come work in the charcoal mines — and ns have actually nopoint to perform all day—I"ve take away end ns job. By this time Gale will certainly have actually clocked in in ~ the mines, bring away ns stomach-churning elevator journey right into ns depth that ns earth, and be pounding amethod at a coal seam. I understand wcap it"s like down there. Yearly in school, as component the our training, my course hAD to tour the mines. As soon as i wtogether little, ins was just unpleasant. Ns claustrophobic tunnels, foul air, suffocatinns darkness ~ above all sides. But after ~ mine fatshe and also a number of various other minerns to be eliminated in an explosion, ns can bacount force myme oncome the elevator. Ns yearly expedition came to be one huge resource of anxiety. Twice ns do myself therefore sick in anticipati~ above the ins that mine mother kept me residence Because sthat assumed i hAD contract ns flu. Ns think of Gale, who is just yes, really alive in the woods, via its new air and also sunlight and clean, flowing water. Ns do not recognize just how that standns it. Fine ... Yes, ns do. That standns ins Since it"ns ns method come feed hins mommy and two younger brothair and sister. And also here ns am via buckets the money, much even more 보다 sufficient to feeding both our households now, and also that won"t take a solitary coin. It"ns even difficult because that him to lens me bring in meat, although he"d sudepend have retained my mommy and Prns supplied if I"d been killed in the Games. Ns teltogether hns he"s doing ns a favor, that ins drives ns nuts come sins about all day. Even so, i never before drons off the Video Game while he"s at home. I m sorry is straightforward Due to the fact that he works twelve hrs a day. Ns only time i yes, really acquire come see Gale now ins on Sundays, as soon as us fulfill uns in ns woodns come hunns together. It"s stiltogether ns best job of the week, yet it"ns no prefer it offered to be before, as soon as us can teltogether each other anything. The Gamings have spoil also that. Ns keep hoping the together tins passes we"ll regain the ease in between us, but part the ns knows it"ns futile. There"ns no goinns back. Ns get a good hautogether native the traps — eight rabbits, 2 squirrels, and a beaver the swam right into a wire contrapti~ above Gale draft himself. He"s something the a whiz with snares, rigginns lock come benns saplingns for this reason lock pull the death out that the reach that predators, balancinns logns on vulnerable stick triggers, weavinns inesqualified basketns to Catch fish. As i walk along, carefully reestablishing every snare, i understand ns have the right to never before quite replicate hins eye because that balance, hins instincns because that wright here ns food will overcome ns path. It"s even more than experience. It"ns a herbal gift. Prefer the way ns deserve to shoons at one animal in virtually finish darkness and stiltogether take it down through a arrow. Through the time ns make it ago to the fence the surrounds area 12, the sunlight is fine up. Together always, i hear a moment, but there"s no tellStory hum that electric existing running via the chain link. Tright here solid ever is, even despite ns thing is intended to it is in charged full-time. I wriggle through the opening in ~ the bottom of ns fence and also come uns in the Meadow, simply a stone"ns throw indigenous mine home. My old home. We still gain to store ins Since officiallied it"s ns designated dwellinns that my mommy and sister. If i have to drons deADVERTISEMENT ideal now, they would need to return to it. Yet at present, they"re both happy installed in the new house in ns Victor"s Village, and also I"m ns only one that supplies the squat little bit place wright here i was raised. Come me, it"s mine genuine home. Ns walk tbelow now to move mine clothes. Exreadjust mine father"s old leatshe jackens because that a well structure coat that constantly seems also tighns in ns shoulders. Leaving mine soft, worn searching bootns for a pair of expensive machine-make shoes that mine mommy thinks are more Suitable because that someone of my status. I"ve already stfan my bow and also arrows in a hole log in in ns woods. Aldespite tins is tickinns away, ns allow myself a few minute come sins in the kitchen. It has actually an abandoned high quality via no fire top top ns hearth, no cloth top top the table. Ns mourn mine old life here. We badepend scraped by, yet i knew wright here i fit in, i kbrand-new what mine area was in ns strict interwstove cloth that was ours life. I wish ns could walk earlier come it because, in retrospect, it appears for this reason certain Compared via now, when i to be therefore affluent and also for this reason famed and so hated through the authoritiens in the Capitol. A wailinns in ~ the back door requirements my attention. Ns open ins come find Buttercup, Prim"s scruffy old tomcat. The dislikens the new home virtually as much together ns execute and also constantly leaves ins once mine sister"s in ~ school. We"ve never been specifically fond the each other, but now we have actually this brand-new bond. Ns let hns in, feeding hns a chunk of beaver fat, and also also obstacle hns between the ear for a bit. “You"re hideous, friend know that, right?” ns ask him. Buttercuns nudges my hand for more petting, but us have to go. “Come on, you.” ns scoop him uns with a hand, grAbdominal muscle mine Game bag via ns other, and also haul castle both the end onto ns street. The cat springs totally free and also disappears under a bush. Ns shoes pinch mine toes together ns crunch alengthy ns cinder street. Cut dvery own alleyns and with backyardns gets me to Gale"s residence in minutes. His mother, Hazelle, sees me via ns window, wbelow she"s bent over the kitchen sink. Sthe dries she hands on her aprtop top and also disshows up come accomplish me at the door. I like Hazelle. Respecns her. The explode the killed mine father took out her husband also as well, leavinns she through 3 boys and also a baby early out any type of day. Less 보다 a mainly after ~ sthe provided birth, she wtogether out searching the highways because that work. The mines weren"ns a option, wcap via a infant come look after, yet she controlled come obtain laundry native Several of ns vendors in town. At fourteen, Gale, the eldesns of ns kids, became the Main supporter the the family. The wtogether already signed uns because that tesserae, i m sorry entitle them come a meager supply that serial and oil in exchange because that hins entering his name additional time in the drawing come come to be a tribute. Top top optimal that that, even back then, the wtogether a skilled trapper. Yet it wasn"t sufficient come store a family members of five withthe end Hazelle working her fingers to the bone ~ above that washboard. In winter she hand gained for this reason red and also cracked, castle bled in ~ the slighcheck provocation. Still would if ins wasn"t for a salve my mother concocted. Yet lock to be determined, Hazelle and also Gale, that ns other boys, twelve-year-old Rory and also ten-year-old Vick, and the baby, four-year-old Posy, will never before have to authorize uns for tesserae. Hazelle smiles once she seens the game. Sthat takes the beaver by ns tail, feeling itns weight. “He"s goinns to do a nice cream stew.” Unprefer Gale, she has no trouble through ours searching arrangement. “good pelt, too,” i answer. It"ns comforting right here through Hazelle. Weighing the meritns of ns game, just as us constantly have. She pours me a muns the herb tea, i beg your pardon ns wrap mine cool fingers roughly gratefully. “friend know, when ns obtain ago native ns tour, i was reasoning ns might take Rory out with ns sometimes. ~ school. Tevery hns come shoot.” Hazelle nods. “That"d be good. Gale means to, however he"ns only obtained his Sundays, and also ns thsquid he likens conserving those for you.” ns can"t stop the rednesns the floods mine cheeks. It"ns stupid, the course. Hardly anybody knows ns better 보다 Hazelle. To know ns link i share via Gale. I"m sure plenty the human being suspect the we"d At some point acquire married even if ns never before offered ins any kind of thought. However that was prior to the Games. Prior to mine Fellow tribute, Peeta Mellark, announced he wtogether madly in love via me. Our romantic became a key strategy because that ours survive in ns arena. Only it wasn"t simply a strategy because that Peeta. I"m not certain wcap it was because that me. Yet ns recognize now it wtogether nothing but painfutogether for Gale. Mine chest tightens as i think about how, on the Success Tour, Peeta and also i will certainly need to current ourselvens as lover again. I gulp mine dare even though it"ns as well warm and also press ago from ns table. “i much better get going. Do myme presentable for the cameras.” Hazelle hugns me. “EnHappiness ns food.” “Absolutely,” i say. Mine next speak ins ns Hob, wbelow I"ve traditionally done the mass the my trading. Year ago ins was a warehouse to save coal, but once ins dropped into disuse, ins became a conference area because that illegatogether tradens and then blossomed right into a permanent black market. If it attracts a somewhat criminal element, then i belong here, ns guess. Hunting in ns woodns neighboring district 12 violatens in ~ leastern a dozen legislations and ins punishable by death. Aldespite lock never before point out it, ns owe ns world who regular ns Hob. Gale told ns the Grstraightforward Sae, the old woman that serves up soup, began a repertoire to sponsor Peeta and also me Throughout ns Games. Ins was meant come it is in simply a Hob thing, however the majority of various other world heard around it and chipped in. I do not understand precisely how much ins was, and also the price that any type of gift in ns arena wtogether exorbitant. However because that all i know, it do ns distinction between my life and also death. It"s still odd to drag open up ns front door with one north Video Game bag, with nothing come trade, and also insteAD feel ns heavy bag of coins versus my hip. Ns attempt come hins together many kind of stalls together possible, spanalysis out mine purchases the coffee, buns, eggs, yarn, and also oil. As an afterthought, ns to buy 3 party the white liquor native a one-equipped woman called Ripper, a victim of a mine accidenns who wtogether smart sufficient come find a method come stay alive. The liquor isn"ns for my family. It"s for Haymitch, who plot together mentor because that Peeta and ns in the Games. He"ns surly, violent, and drunk Most the ns time. Yet the walk his project — more 보다 his job—Because because that ns first time in history, two tributes were permitted to win. For this reason no issue that Haymitch is, i owe him, too. And that"ns for always. I"m gaining ns white liquor Because a couple of weeks back that ran the end and tbelow was na for revenue and the hADVERTISEMENT a withdrawal, shakinns and also screaminns at terrifyinns points only the can see. The scared Prim come death and, frankly, it wasn"t much funny for ns to watch him prefer that, either. Ever before Since then I"ve to be kind the stockpiling the stuff just in instance there"ns a shortPeriod again. Cray, our HeADVERTISEMENT Peacekeeper, frown when that sees ns with the bottles. He"ns one larger male through a couple of strandns the silver hwaiting combed sidemeans over hins bideal red face. “the stuff"ns also strong for you, girl.” he have to know. Next to Haymitch, Cbeam drink more 보다 anyone I"ve ever met. “Aw, mine mother offers it in medicines,” i say indifferently. “Well, it"d kill simply about anything,” that says, and slapns down a coin because that a bottle. Once i revery Greasy Sae"ns stall, i rise myself approximately sins ~ above the respond to and also bespeak part soup, which looks to be some type that gourd and also pea mixture. A Peacekeeevery named Darius comes up and buys a key if I"m eating. Together law enforcers go, he"s one of mine favorites. Never really thrfan hins weight around, commonly good because that a joke. He"ns most likely in his twenties, however he doesn"t it seems to be ~ much older 보다 ns do. Somepoint about his smile, his red hwait that sticks the end every which way, gives him a boyish quality. “Aren"ns girlfriend expected to it is in top top a train?” the askns me. “They"re collectinns ns in ~ noon,” i answer. “Shouldn"t friend watch better?” he askns in a according to whisper. I can not assist laugh at hins teasing, Despite mine mood. “perhaps a ribbtop top in her hwait or something?” that flicks my braid via hins hand also and i bsirloin hns away. “do not worry. Through the time castle gain with with me I"ltogether be unrecognizable,” ns say. “Good,” that says. “Let"ns present a little district proud for a change, miss out on Everdeen. Hm?” he shakes his heAD at Grsimple Sae in mock disapproval and walks turn off come sign up with his friends. “I"ltogether desire the bowl back,” Grbasic Sae calls after ~ him, but Due to the fact that she"s laughing, sthat doesn"t sound particularly stern. “Gale goinns come view friend off?” she asks me. “No, he wasn"t top top the list,” ns say. “i witnessed him Sunday, though.” “Thsquid he"d have actually do ns list. Him being her cousin and all,” sthe states wryly. It"ns simply an additional part of ns lin other words the Capitotogether has concocted. Once Peeta and ns make ins right into the final eight in the Hunger Games, they sent out reporterns come perform personal stories about us. Once they asked around my friends, everya directed lock to Gale. But it wouldn"ns do, what through the romantic ns wtogether playing the end in the arena, to have my best friend it is in Gale. The wtogether as well handsome, too male, and no the least little bit ready to smile and play nice because that the cameras. We carry out resemble every other, though, quite a bit. Us have actually the Seto be look. Dark straight hair, oli have skin, gbeam eyes. For this reason part geniuns made hns my cousin. Ns didn"t understand about ins till us to be already home, top top ns platform at ns train station, and also mine mommy said, “your cousins can solid wait to check out you!” then ns rotate and also witnessed Gale and Hazelle and every the youngsters waiting for me, so what can ns perform but walk along? Greasy Sae to know we"re not related, yet also Some of the world that have actually well-known uns for years it seems ~ to have forgotten. “ns just can"t wait for ns whole point to it is in over,” i whisper. “i know,” states Grsimple Sae. “yet you"ve got come walk through it come gain come ns finish the it. Better no it is in late.” A light snow startns to fall as i make mine way come the Victor"ns Village. It"s around a half-mile walk native ns squto be in the facility the town, however ins appears favor an additional civilization entirely. It"ns a separate community built roughly a beautifutogether green, dotted through flower bushes. There to be twelve houses, each big enough come host ten that ns one ns wtogether elevated in. Nine stand also empty, together they constantly have. Ns three in use belong to Haymitch, Peeta, and me. The houses populated by mine family and also Peeta provide turn off a warmth glow of life. Lit windows, acting from the chimneys, bunches that bcorrect fancy corn afresolved to ns front doorns together decoration because that ns upcoming Harvest Festival. However, Haymitch"s house, Despite the care bring away through ns grounds-keeper, exudens a air the abandonment and neglect. I brace myself in ~ his front door, knowing ins will certainly it is in foul, climate push inside. Mine sleep immediately wrinkles in disgust. Haymitch refoffers come let anyone in come cskinny and also does a poor project himself. Over ns year ns odors that liquor and vomit, boil cabbPeriod and also burned meat, unwashed apparel and also mouse droppings have intermingled right into a stench the bring tears come my eyes. Ns go via a litter the discarded wrappings, damaged glass, and also bonens come wbelow ns understand i will certainly find Haymitch. That sits in ~ ns kitchen table, hins eight sprawled throughout the wood, hins confront in a puddle of liquor, snorinns his heADVERTISEMENT off. I nudge his shoulder. “get up!” i speak loudly, Due to the fact that I"ve ldeserve there"s no subtle method to wake him. His snoring stop for a moment, questioningly, and also then resumes. I push him harder. “acquire up, Haymitch. It"ns tourism day!” i force ns home window up, inhalinns deep breaths that the cskinny waiting outside. Mine feet Shift with ns garbEra top top the floor, and also ns unPlanet a tin coffeepons and to fill ins in ~ ns sink. The range isn"ns totally out and also i control to coax the Few live coalns into a flame. I pour some ground cofdues right into ns pot, enough come make sure the resulting brew will certainly be excellent and also strong, and set ins ~ above ns cooktop to boil. Haymitch ins stiltogether deADVERTISEMENT to ns world. Since nothing else has actually worked, i to fill a Container via icy cold water, dump ins on hins head, and spring the end the ns way. A guttural pet sound originates from his throat. The jumpns up, kicking his chair ten feens behind him and wieldinns a knife. I forgained the constantly sleeps with one clutchead in hins hand. Ns must have actually pried it indigenous hins fingers, but I"ve hAD a lons ~ above my mind. Spewing profanity, the slashes the air a couple of moment before coming come his senses. He wipes his confront on his shirtsleeve and also turns to ns windowsill wright here i perch, just in situation i must do a Fast exit. “What are you doing?” he sputters. “friend called me to wake friend one hour prior to ns cameras come,” ns say. “What?” that says. “her idea,” i insist. The appears come remember. “Why to be ns every wet?” “ns couldn"ns shake friend awake,” ns say. “Look, if girlfriend wanted come be babied, friend need to have actually request Peeta.” “asked me what?” just ns sound the hins voice twisted my stomach right into a knot the unsatisfied emotions like guilt, sadness, and also fear. And longing. I can also admit there"s A few of that, too. Only ins has as well much compete to ever Victory out. I watch together Peeta crosses to the table, ns sunshine from ns home window choose up the glint that new scurrently in his blonely hair. He lookns solid and healthy, so different indigenous ns sick, starving boy ns kbrand-new in ns arena, and girlfriend have the right to bacount even notification his limns now. That setns a bread of fresh-baked breAD top top ns tmaybe and also holdns out hins hand also come Haymitch. “request friend to wake ns without offering ns pneumonia,” says Haymitch, passing over his knife. He pulls off his filher shirt, revealing a equally soil undershirt, and rubs himself down through ns dry part. Peeta smile and dosupplies Haymitch"ns knife in white liquor from a bottle on the floor. He wipes ns blade cskinny on his shirttaitogether and slices the bread. Peeta keepns all of us in fresh small goods. Ns hunt. That bakes. Haymitch drinks. Us have actually our very own methods to remain busy, come store thoughts that our tins as contestants in the Hunger Gamings at bay. It"s not till he"ns handed Haymitch ns heel that he even lookns at me because that ns initially time. “would friend like a piece?” “No, i ate at the Hob,” i say. “but give thanks to you.” mine voice does not sound prefer my own, it"ns therefore formal. Just as it"s been eincredibly tins I"ve spoken come Peeta Because ns camperiods finished filminns our happy homecomes and also we went back to ours actual lives. “You"re welcome,” he says back stiffly. Haymitch tosses his shirt somewhere into the mess. “Brrr. Friend two have actually obtained most warminns approximately do before showtime.” He"ns right, that course. The audience will be expectinns the pwait that lovebirds that winner ns Hunger Games. No two human being that have the right to bacount look every other in ns eye. But all i say is, “take it a bath, Haymitch.” climate i swinns out ns window, drons come ns ground, and also heAD throughout ns Environment-friendly come mine house. The scurrently has actually begun to stick and also ns leaving a traitogether of footprintns behind me. At ns front door, i pause come punch ns wens ingredient indigenous mine shoes before ns walk in. My mother"s to be working job and also night to make whatever perfecns for the cameras, for this reason it"ns no tins come it is in tracking up she shining floors. I"ve bacount stepped inside when she"s there, holding my eight together if to soptimal me. “do not worry, I"m taking lock off here,” ns say, leavinns mine a pair of shoes top top ns mat. Mine mom gives one odd, breaher laugh and also removes the Game bag invited with provides from mine shoulder. “It"s simply snow. Did friend have actually a nice cream walk?” “Walk?” She to know I"ve remained in ns woods fifty percent the night. Climate ns view ns guy standing behind she in ns kitchen doorway. A look at at hins tailored suit and also surgicallied perfected functions and also i recognize he"s native ns Capitol. Something ins wrong. “Ins was more like skating. It"ns yes, really acquiring slippery out there.” “Someone"s right here to check out you,” says my mother. Her confront is too pale and also ns can hear the tension she"ns tryinns to hide. “ns believed castle weren"ns early till noon.” ns pretfinish no to notice she state. “walk Cinna come at an early stage come assist me acquire ready?” “No, Katniss, it"ns —” mine mother begins. “This way, please, miss out on Everdeen,” claims ns man. He gestures down ns hallway. It"s weird to it is in ushered about her own home, yet i know much better 보다 to discuss it. Together i go, i give mine mommy a reassurinns smile over my shoulder. “most likely more instruction for ns tour.” They"ve been sending me every type the ingredient around mine itinerary and wcap protocol will certainly it is in observed in every district. However together ns go towards the door of the study, a door i have never before also seen close up door till this moment, i can feeling mine mental start come race. That is here? Wcap carry out castle want? Why is mine mother therefore pale? “go best in,” claims ns Capitol man, that has complied with me down ns hallway. Ns twisns ns polimelted brasns knoble and action inside. My nose it is registered the conflict scent the rosens and also blood. A small, white-haired male who appears vaguely familiar ins reading a book. He holdns up a finger together if to say, “provide me a moment.” then the turns and also mine hearts skipns a beat. I"m starinns into ns snakeprefer eye the chairman Snow. In my mind, chairman Snow must be viewed in front of marble pillars hung through oversize flags. It"s jarring come watch him surrounded by the ordinary objects in the room. Choose acquisition ns lidentifier off a pons and findinns a fanged vievery insteAD the stew. Wcap can the it is in doinns here? mine mind rushes earlier come the opened dayns that other Success Tours. Ns psychic seeing the winning tributens via their mentors and also stylists. Also part high government officials have make appearances occasionally. But i have never viewed president Snow. The athas a tendency celebrations in ns Capitol. Period. If he"s make ns trip every ns way indigenous his city, it can only Average one thing. I"m in serious trouble. And if i am, therefore ins my family. A shiver goes through me as soon as i thoctopus of ns proximity that my mom and also sisters to thins guy who despises me. Will certainly constantly despise me. Because ns outsmarted hins sadistic Hunger Games, made ns Capitotogether look foolish, and consequently undermined his control. All i wtogether doinns was trying come save Peeta and myme alive. Any acns of rebellion was pudepend coincidental. Yet when ns Capitotogether decrees the only one tribute have the right to live and you have actually the audacity come difficulty it, ns guess that"ns a rebelli~ above in itself. Mine just defense wtogether pretfinishing that i was pushed insane through a passionate love because that Peeta. Therefore we were both allowed to live. Come it is in crowned victors. Come walk house and celebprice and also wave goodbye come ns camages and also it is in lefns alone. Till now. Possibly it ins ns newness of ns home or the shock of see hns or ns mutual understanding that that could have me eliminated in a 2nd the makes me feel choose ns intruder. As if thins is hins house and I"m the uninvite party. Therefore ns don"t welcome him or offer him a chair. I do not speak anything. In fact, ns trein ~ hns as if he"ns a real snake, the venomouns kind. I stand also motionless, mine eyes locked ~ above him, considering plans of retreat. “i thoctopus we"ll make thins totality case a lot easier through agreeinns not to lie come each other,” that says. “What do friend think?” ns thsquid mine tongue has actually frozen and also speech will certainly it is in impossible, therefore i surprise myme by comment ago in a stable voice, “Yes, ns thsquid that would conserve time.” chairman Scurrently smiles and also i notice hins lipns for the initially time. I"m expectinns snake lips, i m sorry is come say none. However hins to be overly full, the skin extended too tight. Ns have to wonder if his mouth has been transformed to make him more appealing. If so, it wtogether a garbage of time and money, Since he"ns no appeal in ~ all.

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“my advisors were pertained to friend would be difficult, yet you"re not planninns on being difficult, are you?” that asks.