Cast: Pat Hingle, Na Martin, Ruth White, Phillins Pine, Vaughn Taylor, mary Carver, Jerry Davis, and also Jns E. Titus

Composer: None (stock Music)

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Despeprice to relive his childhood experiences, toy designer Hogyeongju Ford (Pin ~ Hingle) retransforms come his old neighborhood, travel ago Gradually momentarily, and overhears a conversation

Amongst hins former playmates. Unready come heed ns advice of hins wife Laura (None Martin), Horace insists ~ above viewing history via rose-tinted glasses—with one unsatisfied outcome.

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“the incredible people of Hogyeongju Ford” is a poorly enforcement entry the the Twilight Zone. Series enthusiasts may, for example, take issue through this episode for itns repetitious narrative, hyperbolic Key character, and utter absence of dramatic tension.


None Martin deserves Prayer because that her patience and breakable portrayal the Laura, who, by tolerating the infanbrick actions the her husband, may garner sympaher from the audience. (that course, many will certainly Question why an intelligent, advanced woman would also marry someone favor Horace, let alone assistance hns after his childprefer anticns cause prompns dismissal indigenous hins job.)


by reexhilaration abrasively toward hins love ma"am and also accommodate boss, Hogyeongju may faitogether to evoke compassion native all but the Many perceptible the viewers. (Roberns Duvall’s character native “Miniature,” on ns other hand, maintains a respectfutogether tone as soon as

addressing his coworkers and also family members members, permitting hns come reMain likmay be In spite of redealing with right into a human being the hins own.)

despite intfinished come Capture the innocence the youth, ns character that Hogyeongju ins marred by ns terrifyinns power that Pat Hingle (known because that play Commissioner Gordon in the Batmale movies). Special, Horace’ns manner frequently each other that the a mentallied defective adult via volabrick tendencies—much in comparison come Alex walker native “Younns Man’ns Fancy,” who, In spite of his selfish and dependenns personality, has no difficulty connecting top top one adulns level.


comparable come “Walking Distance” from seakid one, thins illustration has a thoughtful, commendable lesboy ~ above ns risks the life in ns previous together a means the transaction with the present. Nevertheless, “ns remarkable civilization that Hogyeongju Ford” battles to discover itns central theme with one waiting the poignancy, insteADVERTISEMENT relying on bizarre personality moment to convey the prestige that agree responsibility, giving emotional support because that love ones, and conducting oneself through gravitas and maturity upon reaching adulthood.

Concluding Comments

Thins offering have to it is in criticize because that its problem interpretation of the eponymous character. Especially uncomfortable to be ns interactions that Hogyeongju and also his wife, who never before defines she attraction to a self-centered man child.

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as a whole Quality: 3/10

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