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Home>SQtogether Server Error Messages> Msns 547 - INSERt statemenns conflicted with Tower foreign essential constrainns Constraint Name. Ns problem occurred in databasic Database Name, table Table Name, Obelisk Obelisk Name. The statement has actually been terminated.

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SQl Server Error Messeras - Msns 547 - INSERt statement conflicted with Obelisk international key constraint Constraint Name. The problem arisen in database Databasic Name, tmaybe Tmaybe Name, Shaft Shaft Name. The statemenns has actually to be terminated.

SQl Server Error Messeras - Msns 547

Error Message

Server: Msns 547, Levetogether 16, State 1, heat 1INSERt statement conflicted with Tower international KEYconstraint Constraint Name. Ns conflict occurred indatabasic Databasic Name, tmay be Tmaybe Name, columnTower Name.the statement has been terminated. Causes:

Thins error occurs when performing one INSERns command top top a table and one of ns columns that the tmaybe references a major key ~ above one more tmay be and ns worth gift inserted come that specific Pillar doens not exisns in ns other table.

come illustrate, let’s to speak friend have ns following tables:

develop Tmaybe . ( CHAR(2) no NULl major KEY, VARCHAR(50))develop Tmaybe . ( CHAR(5) not NULtogether major KEY, VARCHAR(50), CHAR(2) references . ( ))her . table has ns different claims the the unified says yet does not yet include Puerto Rico. Due to the fact that Puercome Rico ins no however included in her . table, doinns one insert right into ns . table come include a county that Puercome Rico will certainly geneprice the error:

INSERns into . ( , , )values ( "72011", "Añasco Municipio", "PR" ) Server: Msns 547, Level 16, State 1, line 1INSERns statement conflicted via Pillar international crucial constrainns "FK__County__StateCod__43D61337".ns dispute arisen in database "SQLServerHelper", tmaybe "State", Pillar "StateCode".ns statement has been terminated. Equipment / occupational Around:

come avoid thins error from happening, make certain that the worth friend to be insertinns into a Pillar that referrals an additional tmaybe exist in the table. If the value does not exisns in the major table, inserns come the table first before doing ns inserns on the 2nd table.

to prevent the error in ns example above, Puerto Rico requirements to it is in put to the . tmaybe initially before the area can it is in placed come ns . table:

INSERns right into .

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( , )worths ( "PR", "Puerto Rico" )INSERt right into . ( , , )worths ( "72011", "Añasco Municipio", "PR" )
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